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Hump Day (really, that should be renamed) December 31, 2008

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New Year’s Eve!

Last night we eased back into our raiding schedule hitting RoK T1. We ran Protector’s Realm, Pawbuster, and Thuuga and cleared all three in under two hours. We even saw some of the rarer fabled pieces and a few people got upgrades. All in all it was a nice smooth run. I am looking forward to getting our raids rolling back to normal after the holidays and moving away from T1.

I still need VS damn it. We need to kill him. Hell, at this point I’d go with anyone but no one does VS more than once really because it sucks.

I’m not bitter.

I was really planning on just chilling after the raid and skipping grouping as I was pretty tired, plans changed though.

Sinnir and I sent all of Second String Christmas gifts. It wasn’t anything big and maybe I shouldn’t post it here….but what the hell! We sent them all shots of moonshine (don’t tell anyone). So, as luck would have it we were all on vent last night and we all toasted the new year.

Afterwards my belly was warm and my throat was on fire, so felt like a great time to do some grouping. We hit up OOA for Sin’s shield (No, it didn’t.) and then ran on to the Crucible as it’s nice and quick. No loot worth mentioning dropped, but doing a little more research on the zone and there’s some nice stuff from there. We’ll have to run it more.

It was a pretty tame night although I did move Castillion’s Citizenship from Freeport to Neriak and bought a 5 room house. Castillion needed it as he was still living in a roach infested one room in the Scale Yard. I wanted to spend some time getting things organized last night but didn’t get the chance to do anything but makes sure my moving crate had been delivered. On one hand, I am very excited to get a nice place for Castillion. On the other hand, decorating is not my forte by any stretch of the imagination. My paladin Saynt has a very nice 3 room in South Qeynos that was decorated for him by friends. I think I am going to dismantle it though so I can move some of the rare house items I have there over to Castillion’s new pad, plus I need furniture to fill it. I am hoping to get to that this weekend and the wife has offered to decorate, so I’m excited to see what it will look like.

Tonight, there are no raids planned, but Second String has plans ;) It appears most of us will be online except for Snappe, so we’ve all planned to get annihilated and run instances and ring in the New Year together. You know, times are changing. It’s like gong to a party at a friends and playing games and drinking there all night, but this way no one has to drive and we can all puke in our own toilets. I think I am loving this idea of a New Year’s party.

It should be fun!


NO, THE SHIELD HASN’T DROPPED! December 30, 2008

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Fun night last night!

We gather up with Sinnir, Me, Anep, Taylona, Snappe and Kizzie to hit a couple of zones.

We started with OOA. Sinnir is really getting frustrated with this poor shield. I told her it could take a while and that I had to run Maidens 200 times to get the Gi for my swashbuckler, but for some reason I don’t think that helped. I guess we’ll continue running this until she gets it, luckily we can 3 box it now and I think Sin and Anep have duo’d the last guy. It will drop eventually babe!

We then went on to Anchor of Bazhul as Kizzie hadn’t been there and Anep wants some boots or some other useless piece of tank crap. I can’t be bothered to remember. It was a nice fun run and Kizzie won her first master!

Snappe and Kizzie were supposed to log off after Anchor, but we are too much fun and they couldn’t resist so we headed over to Veksar as it’d been a while since we’d been there. Another nice uneventful clear, although the zone was greedy with the loot.

After that Snappe and Kizzie logged and Taylona decided to call it an early night as well. So we kind of idled and did some quests. I got a tell asking if I could come help some guildies and friends finish up Mystmyr Manor (yesterday’s daily double) as they were having some issues clearing the last couple of named. So I ran over there and we cleared the zone, although the ceiling got us a couple of times ;)

Once I finished up there, Anep, Rhesus, Sinnir, Me, Xorlin and an illusionist friend rand the Najena’s Hollow Tower to try for Rhesus’ charm item. Unfortunately it didn’t drop either, but it made Sin feel better she wasn’t the only one ganked out of loot for the night.

We then hit the last named in ooa again with Xorlin and I outparsed him…hahaaahahaha Xorlin . (Ok, so I’ve done the mob 45 times and I know exactly where to stand to weather knockback and exactly where Anep is going to pull and I probably got a 5 second jump casting on the mob, but I still outparsed you Xorlin!)

In all seriousness Xorlin still beats me soundly on the zonewides, but he should as he is a mythical’d wizard in VP gear or better ;) I am, however, very happy with how I am parsing and I pulled a 6700 DPS parse on the last named in OOA on the final kill last night. That’s not bad for a non-myth non-raid gear coercer. I’m really coming along with Castillion.

On Sunday, when we ran the Book of Thex HQ, I played Cilantro my swash to get an extra spawn of the named. It was sad really. Cilantro was my main for a long long time and has several pieces of fabled raid gear, but I still outperformed him on Castillion. It was kind of a kick in the ego as I always felt I was a pretty good swash ;). I always felt swashes were my calling until I started Castillion and now I know I could never play another class and get the same enjoyment that I get with the coercer. I guess it’s all about finding your niche.

Weekends are a blur. December 29, 2008

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Wow, busy weekend. So busy, I can barely keep straight what we did all weekend and what days we did it on. I guess I am going to have to start keeping notes so my Monday blog can be accurate for the weekend’s events ;)

We didn’t really try anything new this weekend. There were no raids scheduled, so we pretty much just ran shard instances.


Anep was back and gasp! so was Sasspanz! We had been missing her in Second String while she’s been away from the game. Anep had read my Guk: Lower Corridors blog and wanted to give it a shot. I will spare you the gory details, but it was almost a play-by-play repeat of my earlier post and we were unable to kill frenzy and the king. I will say this about Guk, and the Frenzy encounter specifically, I hate it. I don’t find it fun at all and not just because it is difficult. There are just too many hoops to jump through.

He ports to random member in group and AEs, so you constantly have to be moving around if he ports to you to avoid the AE. He is constantly jumping around the room so you have to use the item that you harvest in his room to stop the porting and, oh yeah, the item is one use so you constantly have to be harvesting this piece and timing the root. Assuming you DO get him rooted, you have 5 seconds to do any DPS before the whole thing starts all over again. It’s too much of a pain in the ass for me to enjoy. I like difficult fights but, good god, he stays rooted for 5 seconds? At least let us get SOME dps in before we have to do the whole thing again.

I am sure we will eventually beat this zone but I personally don’t care if we ever go back there.

So, anyway, after trying Frenzy a few times we decided to head to Necrotic Asylum and Halls of the Forsaken. I was excited as we had only been to Halls of the Forsaken once, and I remember enjoying the script and ambiance of the zone. We cleared through Necrotic Asylum pretty easily, laughing joking and drinking. Lots of Drinking. In fact, by the time we got to Halls of the Forsaken, the entire group was pretty..uh…unfocused. Poor Sass, she hit it a little too hard for her first night back from her break I think ;) We had a complete blast as always though.


Wow, we did a lot of stuff Saturday. I don’t even remember it all. I think that’s mainly because I was still hung over and because we stayed up till 4 AM Saturday night goofing around ;) I know Sass over did it on Friday as she didn’t log in again on Saturday or Sunday ;) (We miss you Sasser)

The day started early with a run of OOA (we did this so many times this weekend) and Anchor of Bazhul for my Chapter 6 and a chance at some loot for Anep and caster friends of ours. Then, Anep, Sinnir and I did a quick run through shard of fear for The Name of Fear HQ and some AA. I had never been in Shard of Fear on Castillion (although I have on my other 80s) so I was really wanting to get the AA. We killed Terror on his first run through and guess what he dropped? Right! The Bloodthirsty Choker , every DPS and healer knows what this item is ;). I had sworn I’d never get it on Castillion as it would end up jut killing me multiple times as I had seen it do to so many other people trying to win the parse….but hey it dropped so, what the hell right? Well…it did give me a decent jump in DPS and hasn’t killed me yet. That’s only because Taylona, Rhesus and Sinnir are such awesome healers though, I am scared to see what happens the next time I do a P.U.G.

Later in the day, one of the guildies organized a run on the RoK contested Domini. They were all up. So we saddled up and helped kill them. They all dropped pretty easily (barring one wipe on the KJ mob as they use a different strat for him than I am used to).

Anep was offline taking a break, and there were members of Second String wanting to group, so I dusted off my pally and we headed to Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken. Now, our group was Me 80 Pally, Sinnir 80 templar, Rhesus 80 Warden, Taylona 80 Fury, kizzie 79 Warden and Snappe 80 Warlock. Dps heavy….no we weren’t. 4 healers, 1 Pally and a Warlock. Yeah. That zone took forever…ever…ever…ever..

After that we worked on quests until Anep logged on later in the evening. We then did Evernight Abbey and a few other zones I don’t remember. I am sure we did lots of stuff though as Sin and I didn’t log off until 4 Am when we fell into bed.


Well, still being pretty tired from Saturday night, we made Sunday a pretty calm day.

We started with running Deep Forge and Najena’s Hollow Tower. Then, we finished up The Book of Thex HQ for Sinnir, Taylona and me. Afterwards we ran The Crucible and The Anathema and called it an early night.

I can’t tell you how many times we ran OoA this weekend trying to get Sinnir her shield. According to my ACT, we’ve killed the last guy in OoA 42 times and have seen the shield drop once. Poor Sinnir, I can’t even bring myself to poke fun at her.

Christmas in The Ruins of Guk: Lower Corridors December 26, 2008

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So…late post…but I hope everyone had as merry a Christmas as I did!

I did manage to squeeze a couple of instances in over the holidays. We ran quite a few last night, starting with OOA (no shield for Sin), then Anchor of Bazhul, followed by our first real run of Guk: Lower Corridors (more on this later), OOA final named again (no shield again), and the Crucible.
That’s right, we were able do the last mob in OOA twice in one night. When we did Lower Guk, I was able to get my final update for Chapter 5 of the TSO quest. I zoned back into OOA to destroy the anchor and finish that step of the quest and imagine my surprise to find the last named up again. I assume there’s some bug with the quest and a cleared instance.

Guk: Lower Corridors

We had formed up a group to do some instances last night and decided on the Lower Corridors as most of us had not been in the zone before. The group was half SS (me – 80 coercer, Sinnir 80 Templar and Talyona 80 fury) and half guildmates (Zarhn 80 Brigand, Stormraven 80 Shadownight and Mizana 80 Illusionist).

I will preface this post with saying that this zone is tough and, while we killed several named in the zone, we were not able to clear the instance. We could not kill the boss or one of the other named. I welcome comments if anyone has a good strat for the king or the frenzy.

We zoned in and began clearing through the mobs. The trash does not seem to be incredibly difficult but they do have a wide aggro range and pulling is an exercise in patience. We cleared down to the first named:

The froglok Krell Vruup. He sits down below the entrance to the zone in the middle of a pool of shallow water. He’s a very simple tank and spank mob. There’s really no special strat to him and we just burned him down.

We continued clearing and stumbled upon the second named, Aruze Vleese. He’s a minotaur setting back in his own little cave. He has a nasty knockback AE and some damage AE, but with proper positioning he poses little threat.

We then fought a third named Gorscha Gahh, but I don’t remember anything about this named at all, so I am assuming he wasn’t anything to write home about. edit: the named is a troll sitting off in his own room. He’s not very tough and was just a burn fight outside of the fact that he likes to target the healers and try to kill them

Hoptor Thagglor was next. This is the mob needed to advance the TSO signature quest as well as quite a few other quests. When you engage him he spawns to hand mob adds, The Crusher and The Burner. We just mezzed the adds and killed Hoptor. I had expected him to be quite a bit more difficult than he was. Of course, at the time we mistakenly though he was the ‘end’ mob and was supposedly the hardest mob in the zone. Boy were we wrong.

On to the next, the Reanimated Hand. He’s kind of a bastard. He charms, fears, spawns adds, aes and is generally an asshole. We tried him a few times but kept wiping as soon as the tank got charmed. We finally got him down by starting the fight with a pet to eat the first charm, then burning hard while mezzing the adds and praying he didn’t charm the tank again.

That led us to Furdip the Frenzied Ghoul. This encounter is a total pita. He has a HORRIBLE ae and crazily ports around the room targeting random people in the group. To combat this, you have to harvest a piece of lichen from the blood alter in the middle of the room and use it on him when he says he has to rest. Supposedly this roots him in place and you can DPS him down. In practice it’s incredibly hard to time the root, harvest the lichen and DPS before he kills the group off through direct targeting the members or with his AE. We never got him down past 50% and I certainly welcome comments on his strat. We tried forming a circle around the tank, running the aggro back to him, while attempting to root him. It didn’t work obviously.

The last named was King Vroak Vripp. He hits pretty hard and constantly summons waves of 6 or 8 adds. We tried burning him while mezzing the adds, that just ended up with us having 25 adds and wiping as he continually summons them. We tried ignoring the adds, which just saw the adds picking off members of the group before we could get the king down. We also tried burning the adds but I think we were too like on the AE DPS to accomplish this as well as we could not keep up with the spawns. We eventually gave up on him as well and, again, I welcome ideas on how to kill him. We think we’ll come back with an AE heavy group and give him a shot.

That was my adventure in the Lower Corridors. It’s a very tough zone and I am thinking that it’ll be a problem till we can gear up with mythicals and raid gear, but we aren’t giving up yet ;)

Sometimes, it’s nice to die. December 24, 2008

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Good Morning and Merry Christmas Eve.

There’s not a ton to report today as I am sure many of us game bloggers will be saying. It’s that time of year where we all turn away from our monitors. I think tonight we’ll be wrapping the last of our presents, watching Christmas movies and drinking Hot Chocolate (that I forgot to buy yesterday damn it).

I did manage to finish The Means to an End HQand get my Dark Mail gauntlets, which are just awesome for a caster.

Afterwards, we got as much of the Crew together as we could, grabbed a guildie and a non-guild friend and ran through Najena’s Hollow Tower and The Crucible. The zones were easy and uneventful but we had a ton of laughs last night.

One of our regular out of guild friends, Xorlin 80 Wizard, is in an Uber Guild (ok THE uber guild on Mistmoore). That’s relevant to this story because we, in Second String, parse every fight and we enjoy a little mini-game of trying to beat each other on the parse. It kind of keeps old encounters exciting. Now, we do parse very well for our level of gear (no mythicals or hell Castillion isn’t even wearing any raid gear at all) but it’s incredibly hard to outparse a Mythical/VP wizard (although we did manage to do it, 5 – 10% of the time, but still hahahaha). So, as you can imagine, we weren’t having much luck winning our little mini-game.

We fought all the way down to the the dragon at the bottom of Hollow Tower that ports you around into lava pits as you fight. There, we conspired to beat Xorlin on the parse, and beat him soundly. We decide that Anep will FD Xorlin on the pull. We know he’ll just stand up and curse us but it will be good for a chuckle.

So, we line up in front of the dragon. Anep begins his incoming count down, “Incoming in 5…..4……3……2…..1… BAM! FD On Xorlin and we all engage the named.

5 Seconds later, Xorlin’s health is dropping like a rock (he was ported into the lava) and we hear him shout in vent “What the HELL!! I am stunned and can’t move and I don’t even have a detrimental on me!!!”

Of course, we fill vent with roars of laughter.

“Why are you guys laughing!!!” Xorlin screams into vent as the lava finishes him off. Then, ever so slowly, as realization begins to set in, “OH MY GOD YOU GUYS SUCK!”

We end up laughing so hard that the named wipes the group and he outparses us on the next pull anyway. It was so funny though.

I do apologize to our guild mate guest for all the deaths we had last night. All of Second String I think was just more interested in goofing off and laughing than actually getting too much done. Thanks for putting up with us though ;)

If I don’t see you guys tomorrow…

Merry Christmas!

Who designed Leviathan? December 23, 2008

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Well. I am not flagged for VP. Damn it.

We were not able to kill Leviathan last night. We had enough suits/vials for two pulls on him. We got him down to 8% on the first pull and 5% on the second pull before the wheels fell off. There were issues both times with people getting suited. My frustration level was very high at the end of the night ;)

I think the real issue was that we, as a guild, took the event for granted. They have been used to one-pulling Leviathan without any real ceremony and winning that they really did not plan well for success last night. The communication and planning regarding who had suits and who was to use suits when was sorely lacking. On the second attempt, they had someone suiting up and going in that did not have any vials due to the confusion. Then vent got all crazy and unorganized and things just went from bad to worse after that.

I was really frustrated.

The funny part? We decided to farm more vials for an attempt next week. The whole time we farmed vials there were no miss-suits and we farmed for half an hour with no issues. Why couldn’t we perform like that when we were actually trying to kill him?

Did I mention I was frustrated?

We headed over to Protector’s Realm after the Leviathan debacle to get another Greenmist Orb for the next attempt. It literally took us less than 30 minutes to clear the whole zone. I mean holy crap that was the fastest clear I have ever been on and there were no issues at all.

So, why couldn’t we have our stuff together for Leviathan like that?

OK, I think the horse is dead ;)

It was actually probably a good thing. A wake up call to say, “Hey, we’ve had some changes in the guild and we really need to focus on our organization, planning and leadership in our raids.” Sometimes it takes a kick in the ass to remind us to get back to basics.

After the raid I spent some time talking to one of the other guild coercers about spell casting order, gear and raid buffs. It was a good conversation and I always like talking shop.

I did manage to almost complete the quest for the Dark Mail Gloves. I only have the instance left and we should be able to knock that out tonight.

BTW, do you think the game designers purposely design mobs to look like giant penises? Leviathan isn’t the only mob and EQ2 isn’t the only game that does this. I think there’s some kind of wicked agreement amongst graphics guys that there has to be at least one giant penis monster in every game.

Weekend fun in Guk: Halls of the Fallen December 22, 2008

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Monday and back at the grind after a great weekend.

Friday night found us logging in and Anep wanting to get enough shards to finish out his T2 TSO legendary set. We didn’t try any new zones on Friday, but holy crap did we get a lot of shards. It’s mostly a blur of zones after zone, and I was drinking so that doesn’t help my memory.

Saturday afternoon we had Kor-Sha raid zone scheduled. We knocked it out faster than I think we’ve ever done Kor-Sha in just a little over an hour. We formed up Second String (minus Sasspanz who is still busy reading the Twilight series) and knocked out a few zones. We also decided to go back to Ravenscale Repository and try to finish it as last time we didn’t have time for the last two named. Refer to my previous post for our luck with the first few named, but I’ll briefly talk about the last two named here.

Ravenscale Repository

The pvp encounter is just hard. We were able to beat it the first pull on Saturday but we got lucky and only had 4 named spawn there. We did it the opposite of how we did it last time. I mezzed the DPS, we killed the tank, then the healer, then the DPS. Last time we tried leaving the monk till the end and I think he was just ripping us up.

T’Lon the Powermonger is the final named in the zone and he’s a total bastard. He sits back in the middle of a pit on his own little floating platform, which already hints that he’s gonna have a knockback to try to knock you off it and kill you. On top of the knockback, he also hits VERY hard, debuffs you, has a nasty AoE and mana drains. Oh, also, at 20% life if you don’t burn him in something like 15 seconds he heals to full. Fun Stuff. The strat we used was to cure the detrimentals, float back down to the middle of the platform when he knocks you back, and burn burn burn. It’s not an easy encounter at all, and it took us quite a few tries to finally get him down.

Anep did get enough shards to finish out his T2 legendary TSO set.

Sunday was kinda of a lazy day. Anep’s brother, Theonee 80 wizard, was back online after his recent marriage and itching to try out the new expansion. We took him through OOA (no shield, at all this weekend, it’s fair to assume we run it everyday) and the Crucible. Now, while we were doing the Crucible a VERY nice fabled robe dropped. Who do you think won it? The two who run these instances everyday, Snappe or Me? Or the guy who hasn’t played in two months, Theonee? I’ll leave it to your imagination. P.S. Theonee sucks.

Following the Crucible, we decided to run a zone we haven’t tried before. That pretty much only leaves the Guk zones, so we decided to start at the beginning and run Guk: Halls of the Fallen.

Guk: Halls of the Fallen

We were a little nervous with Guk as we have heard horror stories, and the other two Guk zones have whipped our asses pretty soundly every time we were cocky enough to zone in. I personally like the ‘feel’ of the Guk zones. I know they are not for everyone but, undead froglocks, c’mon!

We cleared down to the first named a lot more easily than I expected. The first named was a giant mushroom man named an Ancient Fungoid. This was a simple fight and he died pretty easily.

We continued clearing until we ran into the next named, our first named froglock, Rideepa the Prideful. He is also pretty easy. Adds do spawn during the fight but they aren’t really anything to worry about and you can ignore them or AE them down.

We roll up on the fourth named in the zone, Froppit the Everliving. I say roll loosely because in actuality getting to him is a little bit of a pain in the ass. You really can’t ‘clear’ to his area because the mobs constantly respawn. The easiest (only?) thing to do is train all the mobs down to the named area, have someone in group FD and then rez the remaining members of your group. I hope you have an FD class or a tinkerer in your group, otherwise it could be hairy. We then engage Froppit at the top of his little stairsteps. He has an AE that is relatively short range and spawns a METRICASSTON of adds during the fight. The strat is stay ranged if you can, AE burn the adds as they come, loot chest.

The fourth named mob was neat. Molinap the Destructor, a dragon sitting on top of a treasure hoard. why have we not seen dragons sitting on treasure hoards in EQ2 before? It should always be so! Now, clearing down tot he dragon we had clicked on a statue and been given a Shiny Golden Trinket. Anep, having been in the zone before, told us to click this every time it was available. He wasn’t sure why, just that he thinks is prevents an AE or something….ooookkkkkk, I generally do what the tank says though so, I clicked. It gives you a buff called “Goldlust” and you are supposed to keep it up the entire fight. We engaged and burned him down. I am still not sure what happens if you don’t click, but if you don’t tell Anep I won’t click next time and we’ll know.

Up to this point, I am wondering why people have said this zone was tough. I’ve been through enough of these new TSO zones to know that an easy clear on hard zones means that the last named is going to be one tough mofo,  so I’m starting to get a little concerned.

We cleared on down to the last named killing two minor named along the way Ghoul Ursurper, who we spawned by putting some Ghoul bodies on an altar, and a named crocodile who we had to pet pull from the bottom of a cavern. There wasn’t anything special about either of these named though and they pretty much died like the trash mobs.

On to the final named, Lord Kurpep. This guy is super tough. He summons adds during the fight, ports a random group member to a random spot in his room in the middle of a bunch of adds during the fight (His room is large and some of the spots he ports you to are VERY far away, casters will have trouble making it back alive), has a nasty noxious ae and mana drain, and randomly charms someone. Fun huh? We died about 10 times before finally winning. The strat is to have a tank that is good at grabbing AE aggro, burn adds as they come, have people who are ported run directly back to the tank, cure yourselves with nox pots and have healers curing charm from the tank if he gets charmed and hope you get VERY lucky.

I detest these kinds of fights really. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you are unlucky and your tank gets ported twice in a row then gets charmed, you lose. Period. A lot of this last named in Halls of Fallen is luck with getting the right people charmed/ported at the right times. It’s just incredibly difficult (impossible?) if your tank gets a port/port/charm and I don’t like encounters where they are unbeatable under the right conditions.

We did end up killing him and clearing the zone however. There wasn’t any real loot worth mentioning as we didn’t get any exquisite chests, but here’s to next time!

So, all in all a good weekend, ran/finished some new instances, got a few AA, advanced some HQs, raided, and generally had a lot of fun. We run Leviathan tonight so maybe I will be VP flagged by the end of the night. Here’s to hoping :)

Kor-Sha (the instance) and more December 19, 2008

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It’s Friday! Finally! I really look forward to weekends since I’ve started the new job. I love my job, but previously I worked  from home so I could stay up late and sleep in everyday, things are different when I have to actually go into the office ;).

Today is a bad day. I woke up this morning and discovered I’d lost all the money I had invested in my retirement plan. I don’t have any idea what I am going to do now, but it’s depressing. 4 dollars down the drain and I really thought I had picked the right numbers this time.

I kid!

Last night was not a raid night, and Anep was still 35 or so void shards away from being to get the upgraded set of legendary TSO armor, so I knew we were in for some instances. He’s upgrading the entire set at once as he doesn’t want to lose his set bonus upgrading a piece at a time.

So, as it was Anep, Sinnir and I from Second String as well as Elonias, a wizard from the guild who outparses me on raids but still wants us to twink him in instances. Bastard. Elonias only had an hour before he had to log, so we decided to hit Befallen: Caverns of the Afflicted as it is a nice and quick run. We hit up guild and got an 80 Berserker and then chat channel and got an 80 coercer (yes I am a coercer too, but, meh, it’s Befallen how hard can it be, right?) So we end up with 80 SK, 80 Coercer, 80 Coercer, 80 Templar, 80 Berserker, 80 Wizard. It’s not the most balanced group, but again, it’s Befallen right? Right.

We zone in and Anep pulls the first group of 38.6 mobs and we all die. WTF? We pwn those mobs! That must have been a fluke, Anep, go do it again. So, Anep pulls again and we die. Wow, we are not making a good impression on the pickups we have in group. I guess Snappe’s warlock AE DPS is useful after all because we are certainly missing him right now. We sheepishly apologize to the group and then clear the zone with normal size pulls…for the most part anyway.

Afterwards, Elonias logged and our pick up coercer ran away as fast as he could. We decide to reform as Second String and do OoA for Sinn’s shield. (Yes, AGAIN.) This time though, just to mix it up, we decide to try to 3 man it with Anep, Me, and Sinnir. That’s right, we’re bad. Rhesus, Second String 80 Warden logged in right as we zoned into OoA, so we invited him. We’re still bad if we 4 man it right? I think so. Then, right as we got to the first named in the zone Taylona, Second String 80 Fury logged in, so we invited him. Well shit, now we aren’t bad because there’s nothing special about clearing it with 5. Thanks for logging on and hanging out with us and ruining it, assholes.

We cleared the zone. I won’t mention the shield that didn’t drop for Sinn so we have to run this zone again.

So, now we have a group of Anep 80 SK, Me, 80 Coercer, Rhesus 80 Warden, Taylona 80 Fury, and Sinnir 80 Templar. One short of a full group…what should we pick up..we were thinking a chain healer because we were definitely light on healers……

Allright, well by most standards we may not have the perfect group set up. Unfortunately, Emperor Atrebe’s Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha, which is supposed to be a tough zone is the daily double (or single as it turns out). None of us have ever been there, but it’s rated as hard. Anep has only even tried the first named before and his group wasn’t able to kill it. We decide to pick up a DPS and try it anyway. We secure a swash from channel chat as we really didn’t need anymore heals ;) and head over to Atrebe’s Lab.

Emperor Atrebe’s Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha

Zoning in and getting a feel for the zone for the first time, it does have that “Kor-Sha” atmosphere that the raid zone has, and it has the same wandering Dog + Guard patrollers throughout. A neat little touch. It is a completely different and unique zone than the old Kor-Sha though and I was suitably impressed.

We cleared down to the first named. A HUGE golem standing in the middle of a room with no apparent exits named Sanedrac the Lost. This is the mob Anep has attempted and this is the mob that spanked his last group in here. We know that the mob has a nasty reflect ability, so if you debuff the mob, those debuffs transfer to the tank, at least that’s what Anep feels. We engaged and killed him after a long fight being careful not to cast debuffs/stuns/stifles/manadrains while we did. I did manage to drain Anep’s mana several times, but I filled it back up, so get off my back man.

We continued clearing through and stumbled into a huge room filled to the brim with Sarnaks. We were laughing and joking and slaughtering Sarnaks until there was one left, and man he was hitting hard…oh wait that’s a named, crap! That’s how we found the second named, Selgrak the Monster. He wasn’t too tough, but has has an AoE Stifle that your healers/casters need to be out of range from and he summons adds about every 20% that we just burned down.

A little more clearing brought us to the third named, Sannik the Unfinished. We had heard the strat for this named. Periodically, while you are fighting him he will put a ‘bomb’ like thing in your bags that slows you. You can avoid this by having full bags. So, we all split up our stacks of potions until our bags runneth over. He was pretty simple after that, although he has a hard hitting AE.

On to the fourth named, Guard Captain Kelkrin. He was just tank and spank, nothing special although he hits pretty hard. I think I heard Anep crying, but I tend not to pay too much attention to him. You can’t get rid of a tank if you pay too much attention to them, like stray dogs.

We were feeling pretty confident by this point. We hadn’t even had a death yet. Korsha hard? Pfft.

Then, we found the last named, Ka’El Ka’Vrish. We buffed up and engaged, BAM AE and we’re all dead. A few more deaths and a few more trial and error and we figured it out. He has a point blank AE that will kill melee that he tosses out occasionally, he has an AE elemental dot that has to be cured or it’s deadly, he has a huge nasty knockback that also does a shit ton of damage, and he hits like a truck. The strat we used was melee jousted his weapons AE, range DPS burned him down, curers had to cure the hell out of the group. We beat him but barely as I was the only real ranged DPS in the group. My suggestion would be to have at least two ranged DPS and two healers for him, stay at ranged and burn him down while healers spam group heals/cures.

He dropped a cool looking hat with 2 spell crit, 2 heal crit and some other nice stats which Taylona won.

Afterwards, we decided to hit the Crucible again because Anep wanted to (I suspect there is some piece of gear in there he wants). That went fairly smoothly although we were all pretty pooped by the time we got to the last named so we died a couple of times to him before finally getting him down.

It was a very fun night and our pick up Swashy ended up being a pretty cool guy as well. I’m looking forward to more tonight!

Get back on topic! December 18, 2008

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I’ve been reading articles about MMORPG addiction today and about recruiters being told not to hire WoW players because they are too ‘addicted’ and are never truly logged out of the game. I am an addict. My wife is an addict (although she’ll tell you differently). We joke about it and play it off but we spend way too much time online. Or do we?

We are, what I consider, normal people. I go to work everyday, come home and push the kid around for a bit, eat dinner and log on. We spend much of our free time on the weekend playing EQ2. I spend too much time when I am not playing, thinking about playing and things in-game, hence the blog.


Who or what am I hurting? What is the difference between playing an MMORPG or scheduling your free time around TV shows you want to watch? Standing around the water cooler the next day talking about who got voted off the island? The wife and I aren’t world travelers, nor could we afford to be if we wanted. We are middle-class workers trying to make ends meet while keeping ourselves entertained.

EQ2 is our social interaction and our chosen method of entertaining ourselves. Why do others think this is somehow worse than going to your neighbors to play bridge? Is it because we can do it from the comfort of our own home?

Would traveling to Europe be better for us as people? Sure it would. Seeing history and exposing ourselves to culture (hahaha, exposing) would be wonderful. Unless my readers are going to start funding a travel blog though, the only foreign soil I will be describing probably has troll poo on it. I am not going to Hong Kong for 15 bucks a month.

Maybe I will compose my thoughts on this and speak on it more in the future.

Anyway, the above poorly constructed and completely random wordspew did not contain enough in-game references. My hands are starting to shake….I..just..let me type EQ2 once more…oh my…that’s good..

Last night was a fun and productive night in the land of Norrath.

When I logged on Anep wanted to run a quick instance before the raid. We decided on Najena’s Hollow Tower. I like this zone. I had a whole write up about it, but my post was too lengthy so I got rid of that part. I’d be happy to discuss our strat for the zone with anyone in comments.

The raid planned for last night was Tomb of the Mad Crusader again. I think it’s good we’re hitting this zone as much as possible to get the fabled TSO loot, even if it is just the first two named for now. We wiped SEVERAL times on the first two named in the zone again. It’s a struggle every time for us to beat them, but we do beat them ;). The fabled bracer for Coercer/someotherlesserclasses dropped. I lost the roll, of course. I’ll get geared up whenever every other frickin’ mage in the guild is geared up with my damn dice. (OK I am totally bitching for no reason, while I may not wear any raid fabled I have a lot of fabled and Castillion is definitely luckier than most toons I know with winning his masters) A VERY nice healer item dropped as well, and the nice melee Double Attack/Melee crit item that dropped last week dropped again. Was a nice run all in all.

After the raid we took a guildie through Anchor of Bazzhul as it was the daily double and they needed the nice mage drops from there. Wow was he ever lucky, he got both the fabled mage hat and the fabled mage earring from the one run (I already had them both). He was already outparsing me on the raids (but he is a wizard and I am but a lowly enchanter so..) Now I will NEVER catch him. You owe me buddy!

After Anchor we did OoA for Sinn’s shield and, you guessed it, it didn’t drop. I wish the damn thing would just drop already so we can stop running that zone.

Then it was off to the land of dreams for me. The next two nights are off nights for raids although I beleive I will be helping Stormraven get his update in MMIS tonight or tomorrow.

Until the morrow!

VS is BS December 17, 2008

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Well, I wish I had better news, but Venril Sathir still lives. He killed us countless times last night but we could not get him down. This event sucks and SOE sucks for making it a requirement for my mythical. I am quitting EQ2 now over this BS. (OK I’m totally not quitting EQ2, but from reading the Everquest II forums I think that’s the best way to get attention)

In all seriousness, the event is tough but I expect us to get him down soon. I feel more for one of the other coercers in guild who ONLY needs Venril to have her mythical epic. I am sure she wanted to throw her computer out the window last night. I still need Venril and VP updates so I can still be aloof and unconcerned with all of my deaths to VS. When I am in her position and VS is all I need, my blogs will be filled with more spit and venom.

We did run a few instances last night, starting out with a quick Veksar: The Sunken Theatre run before the raid. Wow, we really have this zone down now that we figured Garudon out. I didn’t even die during the run. We didn’t get any cool fabled gear but had 3, count’em 3 masters drop, 2 that our Fury could use and 1 that Sinnir could use. It was an awesome run for masters.

Obelisk of Akhzul was the daily double, which is good as Sinnir wanted to run it AGAIN for her STUPID purple shiny shield. So, we blasted that out right fast. Again, no shield and no other loot worth mentioning. However, as it was the daily double I got two shards and I got……

My new mount! The Dire Spell bear, 65% run speed, 3% reuse, and 250 power. It also actually looks cool as hell and I will magically edit a pic into here when I get home. It was 50 shards well spent.


After that we hit up the Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted instance for a couple more shards and called it a night.

It was a good night. :)

I hate VS.