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Last night’s raid… December 5, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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..was Shard of Hate. I think it was the fastest clear through Sisters we’ve ever done at a little less than two hours. I don’t think we had more than 3 deaths the entire night. Unfortunately the zone was stingy with the good loots, although ended up being an OK night for Second String. Sass won the Lycanthropic Helmet off of sisters (why oh why couldn’t it be the Wicked Wand of Malice charm? I hate you Snappe!!) Anep’s dirge won a nice bard only earring and Vexthorne. Usually we are one loot and out guild, but Vexthorne was gonna go to an alt, and since Anep’s bard is his main raid toon, he was awarded it. The rest of the loot for the night went to alts or was transmuted. Poor night for loot. 

I felt for the poor swashies/assassins/brigands. Lifespike has dropped twice for us and twice has gone to bards.

I know there have to be some people in the guild that are tired of hitting SoH. I think we need to be hitting it every week though as it’s one of the better zones for loot for us. There’s still several nice pieces several guildies need from there, shuddering earring, Master P’Tasa’s hat, Lifespike, Axe of venom, Wicked Wand of Malice, Scout/tank pants….still lots of loot from there. It’s all gear we will need to progress past T3. We, as a guild, are currently working VS and Leviathan.

After the raid the crew grouped up to hit a couple of instances before we called it a night. We started with Anchor of Bazzul as Anep wants some damn shield or something from there. I have all the good casters loot from that zone, so I told him to screw off, but we still had to go. No shield :( We did get a guildie pick up the nice fabled caster earring though, +5 Spell Crit -1 Hate and nice stats. Very nice caster earring. We generally try to run the first two void zones every night if we can. They are fast, easy, and have a decent chance of dropping some of the better loot.

We then decided to hit up The Crucible in Everfrost again, as the first time we tried it the zone bugged on us. There’s a named script where you have to engage 3 mobs at once, beat them down to 50% when they become invulnerable. Then you drag them over the appropriately colored square and they are chained in place while the real boss spawns. Unfortunately the first time we were in the zone one of the three didn’t shield himself and we killed it. We couldn’t proceed any further in the zone after that. So, last night we went back planning on just evaccing during the script if that were to  happen again, which it did, and we evac’d. We came back re-engaged congratulating ourselves on how smart we were, and the boss spawns in the middle of us locking down the three again, kills one of them, then refuses to activate after that. So, once again, the zone bugged out and we were unable to proceed. Frustrating.

We then decided to go clear the Anathema again since we were already in EF. That went smoothly although there were no exciting drops the entire night.

All in all, a good night. I love when raids go super smoothly like that, it’s relaxing and fun. Unfortunately we have our second shot at VS tonight and our first shot at Leviathan tomorrow, so I don’t think it’ll be a relaxing raiding weekend ;) Here’s to beating them though!



1. rao - December 5, 2008

Sounds like a fun and productive evening. Sure beats my night last night.

Good luck with VS nd Leviathan.

2. Snappe - December 5, 2008

Yeah, SoH is where it’s at! I want Masta P’s hat! You all did Anchor before the raid though, cause Wronged went duh!

3. castillion - December 5, 2008

Thanks Rao ;) and trust me I understand the frustrations of trying to ‘keep up’. I got lucky finding a group to hang with when I’m online (that and I can bribe them with my wife playing a healer). It would be MUCH more difficult if I wasn’t…uh….blessed?…with friends like Snappe.

Speaking of.

I KNOW it was before the raid Snappe, I altered time to make it flow better, duh. (That and I already had typed out the raid stuff before moving along to group stuff, bite me).

4. Sinn - December 5, 2008

Wait your wife plays eq2, LUCKY GUY! :P

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