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VS and Christmas is here! December 6, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well, back from shopping. The tree is all set up and there’s presents under it that the wife says I can’t touch.  I’ll be sneaking candy canes later after we put the boy to bed though ;)

We raided Venril Sathir last night for our first real shot at it.  15 pulls and he never died :-/ I think we learned a lot though and should get it next time assuming everyone can pay attention. I hope so, it’s the next update for my myth ;)

Our problem really seems to be people watching their power. For those that don’t know how this raid works, I’ll give a brief rundown. When you enter VS, there’s two statues you have to kill before you start the real event. They die fast and are really not worth mentioning. Then starts the real event.

First you need to have a couple of people with the Soulcube from Thuuga. One person with it to click on the statues and one person to be able to click it when VS reaches 65% health. It’s better to have a few extra as well. We had plenty. The designated statue clicker (or clickers), last night it happened to be me, runs up to VS to activate him. Then he remains at VS spawn point to click two statues that light up at random times during the event. Should the clicker miss a click on one of the statues, an add spawns and kills the raid. I did fine clicking the statues, we only died to an add once the first time I went up there as I’d never done it before. The only difficult part about this is there’s a chance for the statues to activate when VS hit’s 90% health and if they aren’t clicked before he hits 89% health an add spawns and kills the raid. You can get around this by timing a statue click to be around 92% health on VS then burning to 89% before they can activate again.

Meanwhile the rest of the raid is killing VS. When VS hits 65% health, he starts monitoring the power of the entire raid and if anyone drops below 35% power, or rises above 65% power during one of his checks, an add spawns and kills the raid. Also, VS has a chance to either A. drain the mana of a random person in the raid or B.) fill the mana of a person in the raid and if that person isn’t quick to rectifiy the situation, you guessed it, an add spawns and kills the raid. It’s imperative everyone in the raid keeps their power at 50%. This was the struggle for us. It only takes one person casting a spell at the wrong time, reviving at the wrong time, or not sprinting at the right time, and the entire raid wipes.

It’s a frustrating event, but definitely doable for us if we can get all our stuff together. We had him to 40% health on a few pulls, but inevitably, someone wouldn’t watch their power closely enough or listen to the raid leaders and we died. Hopefully soon, usually after we beat something once we can repeat it fairly easily.

I dusted off my Paladin after the raid as Anep and Sass were out doing family stuff and we ran Scion of Ice. I wasn’t as rusty tanking as I expected to be. We drug a low level guardian guildmate through it as well and he got a nice master from the run. All in all was fun. We called it a night after that as it was late.

Tonight is Leviathan farming. I don’t think we’ll attempt a real pull at him as we need to bank some fluids. I’ll fill you in on our attempt tomorrow!



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