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Venril Sathir is a jerk. December 8, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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No Leviathan after all. We decided to finish VS. Unfortunately, VS finished us :p Another dozen pulls on him and another dozen deaths. We did get him to 20%, but ended up getting statues and wiping. It’s only a matter of time, but damn is that fight frustrating.

After the raid on Saturday we got the crew together for some late night instance runs. We hit Scion of Ice as it’s fast, the went into the Crucible as it was the daily double…and yes we are gluttons for punishment. We zoned in and crossed our fingers we wouldn’t get bugged on the master again. We cleared to him, picking up our pages for the daily double on the way (more on this later), got to the master and started the event…one mob chained….two mobs chained…three mobs chained…woot we are not bugged! We had to back our DPS down some as I think we were causing the mobs to ‘jump’ over their event point and never spawning their ward and we were killing them. However, this time we got them and the master died pretty quickly. We had never fought him before so we weren’t sure what to expect. He had some kind of spell reflect ability but I had a few drinks in me from the raid and my self-preservation instinct was chasing the pink elephants so I never stopped burning ;) Thank god we have great healers.

The Codexicon was next. The zone boss. Luckily both Anep and I had read some strats on him, so we knew exactly what to do. Engage the Codexicon and every 20% health he summons some books that have to be burned using the torches on the wall. Snappe and I decide we’ll burn the books and we engage… HOLY CRAP you have to burn those books fast or that AE kills you. We revive and realize, man he was dying fast. I think my alcohol fueled confidence was contagious because someone said “I bet we can just use tortoise shell to block the ae’s, stun him, and burn him in 30 seconds before tortoise shell drops” Sounded like a great idea really. I mean, I DPS better when I’m half in the bag, right? LET’S DO IT!….yeah so 4 deaths later we decide to try to do the script as it was intended and Snappe and I burn the books…he died that time.

He had a VERY nice exquisite chest. Anep got his fabled shield. I don’t remember the stats exactly but it was 3 melee crit, 3 spell damage, shield block 3 and some very nice stats, tower shield only useable by crusaders. It was nice! I got Asylum (Master 1) and some new gloves. The gloves were legendary but were 3 spell crit and 50 Spell damage….I finally got rid of the freaking level 73 legendary quest reward from KJ. There just aren’t many glove options out there pre-VP.

OK so we decided to call it after that as it was really late at that point. I really need to type these blogs from home so I can include links ;)

So..back to the Daily Doube (extra shard quest from the erudite in Moors). The quest was for the Crucible and all it involved was picking up some pages off the ground while we cleared the zone. It was difficult as the Crucible is difficult, but two shards and one plat is a nice reward. So I wake up Sunday morning and remember that the Crucible is persistent….could I get the 2 shard quest for my other level 80 characters, zone them into my cleared instance and they can loot the pages and get free shards?

The answer is yes you can. We got shards and a plat for each level 80 alt we had, and you can zone your friends in as well. Free shards for everyone! I can only guess that soon the extra ‘daily double’ quest will be kill 15 mob type fo quests only ;). It’s silly to  have a collection quest like that for a persistent zone. Shards are easy enough to get without having this ability, although it’s very nice for those of us with alts ;)

I don’t  think there’s any more shard armor I need. I have the upgraded set of arms, which are very nice with 4% base damage and 5% resistability decrease to my spells. I also have the regular version of pants and hat (the hat more for looks) in my bags. I am back to farming fabled drops from zones, like that freaking robe that never dropped for me in maidens ;)

Sunday ended up being a quiet day. I was able to do quite a few of the Moors quests finally and got a couple of AA for 153 total. The wife and I decided to log early so I could beat her ass at Scrabble. She distracted me with Ghost Hunters and guilted me into letting her win though. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it).



1. rao - December 8, 2008

I haven’t advanced far enough yet to try VS, but I have heard plenty what a pain he is. That definately sounds like a frustrating couple of nights.

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