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The winds of change… December 9, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Last night, we left guild.

It was time for a change for us. Some members of Second String were unhappy, some just wanted something different, and some just went to be with friends.

I was a hard decision for me as I am kind of naturally loyal, sometimes to a fault and leaving a guild is never easy. It was especially difficult as we were part of the raiding core and it will take them a little bit to replace us and recover (although they’ve done it before and will do it again with success).

Still, there’s guilt.
Is it bad to want a change? Is change in itself a bad thing? I don’t think so. I mean, if you are not feeling fulfilled at your job, do you feel guilty for getting a new one?
No, and for me, this is kind of just like “hey time for a change of scenery”. I wasn’t mad at my old guild and I am not mad at my old guild (besides one person).
Just wanted to see something new I guess, but see it with friends.
Perhaps I am just trying to rationalize my decision and make it easier to leave friends and people I care about. I know if there’s guilt associated with a decision, there’s probably some reasons for it ;) I know this hurts people and I know it will hurt my previous guild. I guess maybe I am a selfish asshole (as I was called last night) for making the change, but damn it it’s my time and I want to try something new with it.

Maybe the grass will be greener or maybe it will be all dried up and crinkly, but it will be new grass.

So,while I’m still sad for my old guild, I am excited for the future.

There was really only one person that things got ugly with, and the funny thing is he is trying to divide the guild from the inside. What I don’t understand is why this guy felt brave enough to send my wife tells calling her a cunt (pardon me please, for the language) but wasn’t brave enough to initiate tells with me? I had to send him a tell after he called my wife those names to confront him. I really expected more from him as we had supported him while we were in the guild and stood up for him.

I  just think it’s lame for him to call my wife the names he did last night instead of just initiating the conversation with me. I had to send him tells as he didn’t have the stones to call me the names he was calling her. All in all, cowardly man and I expected more.



1. rao - December 9, 2008

Changing guilds has always been hard for me too.

It sucks that some people can be jerks like that guy… and then to only have the courage to attack your wife? That’s just pathetic.

Just out of curiosity, what server are you on anyway?

2. castillion - December 9, 2008

We’re on Mistmoore. Which makes these things even harder as it is one of the more low population servers so word gets around. It’s like a small town, everyone knows everyone.

Yeah it was pathetic. I think he was more pissed we wouldn’t be around for his internal mutiny more than us leaving though. Life goes on ;)

3. Kilanna - December 9, 2008

Oh boy I hear you!!!

I really cried tears when I moved Killy from her first guild into her current guild. The very thaught of not having “my boys” around fills me with dread.

I will never write about it (hence why I stopped blogging for a year) but when Real Life has sucked – being able to kick back and have a laugh with the troops has been just the therapy a gal needed.

I detest bullying and cowardice – it is a shame that one person can affect the enjoyment of so many

4. castillion - December 10, 2008

Yeah it was definitely difficult. It was much easier since our entire little group went though.

You’re right, nothing is better for a bad day than hanging out with friends running instances ;)

5. Sassy - December 10, 2008

It was a hard choice for me too, and I cried afterwards, but sometimes things just need to happen. Just wanted to say that (speaking for myself) I felt the exact same way, but now I feel alot better about our decision. Seeing that “one person” act the way they did when we left was the turning point with how I felt about it. I no longer felt regret, I felt stronger that I finally was able to break away from the dictatorship-like atmosphere.

All I have to say is that I am thankful that we all did this together and were able to support each other!

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