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This is the dawning of the age of.. December 10, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Wednesday…and party at work today. Wow lots of food that everyone brought in plus we are having a catered lunch. I am going to eat  until I am miserable I think. The wife should be nice and jealous by the time I get home.

So, last night was first raid with new guild. Kor-Sha was on the schedule and we cleared the zone.

They definitely have a different raiding style. I am used to hearing the raid/guild leader explain each event for the umpteenth time for 30 minutes before each pull. These guys pretty much say, this is what you do, then pull it and kill it. Everything in the zone was killed on the first pull outside of the OverKing. The Overking the first two pulls were bad then he died with little difficulty on the third pull.

While it felt less ‘structured’ and ‘controlled’ it also felt much less complicated.

After the raid, they decided to go give VS a shot. I had spent all weekend dying to him 40 times, I didn’t think another 20 would hurt ;). We went and pulled him a few times but never killed him. I would fully expect him to die on scheduled raid, which is actually next Tuesday, cross your fingers for me.

I held up on the parse much better than I expected to. I generally parse well, but I thought I’d lose a couple of spots moving to the new guild as their gear level is slightly higher on average. I didn’t though and I guess I was determined not to as I parsed better than I think I ever have. I was in MT group with the new guild as well which also surprised me. I am guessing thier regular coercer wasn’t in attendance. Sass was #1 zw so, all in all, Second String had a decent introduction.

Some slight drama remained last night after our split from the old guild. Sass posted a nice goodbye thread. I am not being sarcastic, it was actually sweet. However the guild leader tainted it with her discourse on why we left, then deleted the post and banned us all from their boards. It was fine with me as I hadn’t posted since we left, just seems a bit childish. They’ve definitely taken our leaving much harder than others (this isn’t the first instance of a group leaving). They booted all our alts and banned us, and all our friends, from their boards.  They’ve never done anything like that in the past.

When we left the old guild, we tried to do it the right way. We called the two guild leaders into a vent meeting to let them know we were leaving and give them a chance to comment or whatever they felt they needed to do. We didn’t just /disband and disappear. In retrospect, maybe this was the wrong thing to do as no one was really wanting to be ugly and tell the real reasons we wanted to leave as it could cause hurt feelings. So, everyone kinda sugar coated the reasons or focused more on the lesser reasons we left and the leadership got the wrong idea. Live and learn. This is why you sometimes log on to find your guildmate gone with no mention of anything to anyone.

Anyway, it should all be behind us soon.



1. Sassy - December 10, 2008

As far as the leader ruining my goodbye post, that was the turning point for me when i stopped feeling regretful for leaving. As far as I’m concerned, we did nothing wrong, its all on her.

Now I’m just nervous in the new guild and excited at the same time!

2. Kilanna - December 10, 2008

Enjoy your new guild guys… I hope you make new friends and it adds to your enjoyment of the game.

At the end of the day isnt that what it is all about? Spending your leisure time pursuing an interest that you enjoy with people whos company you enjoy?

3. castillion - December 11, 2008

That’s exactly what it’s about :) Thank you for the well wishes Kilanna!

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