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Hate. It’s a 4 letter word. December 11, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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So, raided AGAIN last night, Shard of Hate.

So, I head to the zone, and who do I see standing outside of it? Yes, the Avatar of Hate. I’ve seen him before and we actually pulled him once in my previous guild. He killed us all in about 5 seconds. So as my new guildmates slowly start to trickle to the SoH zone in (I always show up way too early, just because) and make comments like “Hey an avatar! Have never seen him, let’s pull him!”, followed by enthusiastic shouts of agreement, I silently chuckle to myself. The raid leaders quell the mob however and we zone into SoH.

Shard of Hate went super smoothly and we cleared through Sisters in about 1.5 hours. I was again amazed/impressed at how these guys just kind of zone in, pull all the mobs, and kill them without much ado. I was completely expecting the Sisters to buck this trend as that is actually a difficult encounter that usually takes some prep, but we rolled up on them, the raid leader told the brawler where to stand (the brawler was a pick up as we lost a guildie to LD :( ), and then boom pulled the Sisters. I wasn’t even paying attention as I assumed there would be SOME instruction/discussion as I’m used to 15 minutes of the raid leader talking before each pull. So, frantically, I started mashing buttons and the sisters died in minutes.

There wasn’t a lot of noteworthy loot. Demetrius dropped the nice shield that went to my PLP Stormraven, an SK in the guild. There was a VERY nice trash drop, Shuddering Earring, which is pretty much once of the nicest scout earrings in the game. I had been coveting it on Cilantro for months when the Swashbuckler was still my main. Sass has been coveting it too. Unfortunately, the earring dropped before we attempted the Sisters, who drop Lifespike…pretty much the best offhand weapon in the game for scouts. OMG WHAT TO DO! She was torn, roll on earring and miss rolling on Lifespike (we are a one and out guild, which is fair) or pass on rare super nice earring and hope Lifespike drops? DECISIONS?!? I think I heard her crying on vent while she pondered the matter. The stress, oh the stress. She ended up passing on the earring and the Sisters dropped the tank earring. Poor Sass. Next time though!

So, I assumed raid was over and was getting ready to call out when I hear the raid leader on vent, “OK everyone zone out we’ll pull the avatar for giggles.” Now, I have never minded dying, so I packed up my breakables and zoned out hoping there would be enough left of me after this to rez. We all zone out, find a nice spot to pull to (all the while I am laughing to myself because, really, we are all going to die before we even get him positioned) and the tank goes to taunt the mob. Squish, he’s dead. I nod knowingly to myself. They say “ok guys one more pull for fun then we can call it a night” So, again they pull him..but wait…the tank didn’t get one shotted. OK..the mob is actually getting into position. WTF is going on we were supposed to be dead already. We ended up getting him to 63% which, in my opinion, is awesome for an avatar that you just pulled for giggles. I don’t even know what all he did besides having a nasty knockback and an equally nasty AE. It was really fun though!

After the raid Second String formed up for a couple of instances. We had just enough time to hit the Daily Double and OOA for Sin’s shield before bedtime. The daily double was Mystmyr Manor.

Now, we tried Mystmyr the first few days of the expansion and were unable to clear the instance. We finished the instance, but there’s this one named in the instance that, when you engage him, the ceiling starts dropping and you have to kill him before the ceiling kills you. We put out 13k DPS as a group on him last time and could not kill him before the ceiling dropped, so it is a hard encounter. We’ve been wanting to come back here to get revenge on him anyway, so we cleared the zone to him and stood outside his door sizing him up. We think we need to put out 15k DPS as a group to kill him before the ceiling drops so, we give each other a few words of encouragement and engage. Whoops, he’s dead and the ceiling never moved? I saw the text for it but it didn’t drop and WOW did we kill him fast guys! Great job! Let’s have a look at that parse. HOLY CRAP 25k parse! No wonder he died so fast and the ceiling was scared to come down on us. 25k?!? We were really proud of ourselves. We’ve come a long way. It’s amazing what we can do when we set our mind to it.

No loot worth mentioning from Mystmyr, but 4 more shards in my bags are nice. I read somewhere that they may introduce new stuff later on you can buy from shards so I am banking what I have now as there’s no real upgrade for me at the moment.

We then cleared OOA but no shield for Sin :(. Taylona remains our only healer with a nice shield as he ganked the Veksar shield from Sin and then ganked the OOA nice shiny purple glowy healer shield too :) Poor Sin, poor poor shieldless Sin. We all feel for you, except Tay, he’s too busy polishing all his shields.

So, finally a break in the raid schedule tonight. We’ve been raiding a ton as we left the last guild right at the end of a weekly raid cycle and started with the new guild right at the beginning of their weekly raid cycle. I am looking forward to relaxing and hitting some TSO zones.



1. Kilanna - December 11, 2008

We barely killed that guy with the falling ceiling ourselves. We looked again at our group parses last night. The first time when he did kill us – we had a roughly 10,500 group dps parse. The second time when we BARELY killed him – 11,700 group dps.

I am wondering also if the group makeup for buffs/debuffs might make a difference regarding what dps you need to put out. We had Killys physical damage debuff, Pallys divine debuff (both Killy and Pally do divine damage), Mystic debuffs and Brig’s dispatch.

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