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Ravenscale December 12, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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So, thankfully, no raids last night. We should be back to our regular 3 day a week raid schedule now. Anep, our tank, is out of town this weekend so he was antsy to get some instances done and grab some shards. We decided to  hit a couple of the easier instances before all of Second String logged on to get them out of the way.

So we grabbed a new guildie and started with Obelisk of Ahkzul for Sin’s shield, no luck on the drop. Then continued with Deep Forge and The Crucible. Nothing outstanding dropped but we all got a lot of shards and a couple of people got a some new pieces with them. While we were finishing up with the Crucible Snappe logged on so we grabbed him up and decided to hit the Daily Double…

Ravenscale Repository.

We had never been there so we knew it would be interesting. We headed to Loping Plains, grabbed all the quests outside and zoned in. The zone is beautiful like all the of Loping Plains instances. I really love their style. We started the clear and the mobs were all Mannequins! It was pretty funny seeing the mannequins all dressed up, then we ran into some golems/contstructs that had some very unique looks. This zone is really cool visually.

I was tired so I don’t remember all of the names of the named mobs, but we rolled up on the first named mob and engaged him. We were expecting something tough but we pushed the first one over pretty easily, appeared to be a straight tank and spank encounter. It dropped an ornate chest that had cloth pants in it, 3 spell crit, 40 spell damage, 2 reuse…they were better than the fabled pants I was wearing so, new loots for me!

We continued clearing the zone and found another named mob and engaged it. Wow, harder than the last as it seems she spawns a 83^^^ add every few seconds. We just ignored them and tried to burn her down, bad idea ;) group wipe. We went back and I decided to mez the adds as they spawned and we engage. I dind’t think it would be too difficult at first as I mistakenly thought they were linked.

Mez add #1, no problems here guys!
Mez add #2, looking good burn burn!
Mez add #3, no sweat guys while remezzing #1 we are fine!
Mez add #4, while remezzing #2 and #3 it’s ok guys, how’s her health looking?
Mez add #5, while remezzing #1 and #4, uh guys, you ARE hitting her right?
Mez add #6, while remezzing #2, #3,
Mez add #7, while remezzing #1, #4, #5 and juggling #2 and #3, Seriously GUYS WTF?!?

Oh thank god she died, and dropped another nice piece of loot. A REALLY nice melee charm. The loot in this zone is looking very nice so far.

We cleared around some more, holy crap the zone is huge, and found another named standing in the middle of a big room full of mobs. I don’t remember his name but we just pulled him to the back wall and killed him with out much thought. He dropped another nice piece of loot, a nice caster belt that Snappe won.

We clear around some more and find another named, or rather, a whole group of named! All manneguins and all dressed in class appropriate gear and hats! OK, this is cool. Let’s kill them though. Kill healer, then maybe monk, then on to wizards and so on so forth. I’ll mez them all, will be easy.

Well, apparently they had the same type of discussion in their mob group as well because that’s pretty much the strat they used. They targeted our healers and me while I tried to keep them mezzed. They were super resistant though so was very hard to lock down. We had two wipes to the group without too much progress and decided to check out the rest of the zone as it was getting late and we were hoping to find some easier named.

So we continued exploring and and down a side hall we found another named. A hug bad ass floating guy chilling out on his own little floating pad that had a moving transport pad to get to him. A nice bad ass orange con. We assume this is the last guy in the zone and begin to say our prayers when Taylona says “Hey guys another named over here!” So we thank our lucky stars we can put off the bad ass boss man and go to check out Taylona’s find.

Oh great, it’s a HUGE orange-con Mannequin wearing a crown and pretty plate armor. Frying pan into the fire? Maybe, but we decide to try the plate wearer first as he doesn’t look as scary. We pull him and wow he doesn’t seem TOO bad. Yeah he hits hard, but Sin and Tay are awesome healers so that’s ok. We continue DPSing him down happily congratulating ourselves on choosing the right mob and we get him to 20%, BOOM ae kills us all. Wow, ok well now we are ready for it, let’s rez and pull him again.

Second pull, Anep pulls him to the wall opposite the group, we all get max range to avoid the AE. We start the fight, BOOM be puts some kind of debuff on Anep and he crumples like and empty beer can. Ok, didn’t see that coming, we’ll try to be on top of cures next pull.

Next pull, AE kills us.

Fourth pull, we decide to have Tay tortoise shell at 20% to block the AE while Anep tanks him. It blocks the AE from everyone but Anep and Sasspnaz because we are too far away and they die. We got the mob to 8% though, so it’s doable.

OK, let’s do this again. This time Anep decides we should all dogpile around  him so the AE prevent hits us all. It works like a charm and we win! I am so jazzed I don’t remember what he dropped but it was an ornate as well.

That was enough to complete the daily double and enough for us for the night so we called it. Very fun night.

First impression of this zone: Very tough.



1. rao - December 12, 2008

Mez add #5, while remezzing #1 and #4, uh guys, you ARE hitting her right?
Mez add #6, while remezzing #2, #3,
Mez add #7, while remezzing #1, #4, #5 and juggling #2 and #3, Seriously GUYS WTF?!?

lol. Classic.

I didn’t get a chance to try this zone last night, but I did speak to a couple of guildies who did it and they agreed with you… very fun but tough zone.

I hope I get a shot at it soon.

2. Kilanna - December 14, 2008

Sure as heck sounds like a fun zone :)

3. Sinn - December 15, 2008

hahahahahah /wipes the tears….hahahahaha /tinkles a lil …..hahahaha

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