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December 14, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Friday night was a relatively uneventful night. We raided T1, clearing Protector’s Realm, Thuuga, and Pawbuster. These are not new raids to me, but they went VERY smoothly. I also think the guild and Second String are beginning to get used to each other as vent and raid chat were more lively.

This is good as we are a chatty bunch ;)

Following the raid on Friday I dusted off the pally as Anep is out of town. We ran through some of the easier TSO instances and drug some of the new guildies with us. I am definitely rusty tanking.

Saturday, We were scheduled to raid Tomb of the Mad Crusader, one of the new TSO zones. I had been in there once and totally got our ass kicked, so I was really interested in seeing how we ran this. These new raid zones are hard. A single trash mob can aoe kill the entire raid.

The first two named (all we were planning all pulling) are pretty much the same events. The named mob comes with two adds. The way we did it was Main Tank tank named while we all assisted off tank and burned down adds. It took us quite a few pulls, but we eventually got the first one down. He dropped a very nice melee wrist, Captain’s Moldering Flash Cord

The second named only took a couple of pulls as it’s pretty much the same event. Dropped some very nice loot though. I lost the roll on Eye Mounted Ring  and I sobbed and sobbed. Then Sinnir won a pattern! The Undying Bracers pattern dropped which is used to make the Fabled TSO armor. Sin used it to make the her bracers. First set of Second String TSO fabled. I was so proud, then I threw a stapler at her.
We grabbed up a guild tank and a few others afterwards and ran quite a few TSO instances. I have 37 shards in my bag, and I am saving up to 50 for the bear mounts they just released ;)




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