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Monday should be weekend. December 15, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Yay for sleepless nights! I am exhausted today.

Sunday found us logging in without any real plan as most of Second String was off and Anep wasn’t due back until sometime late into the evening. I got a tell from Stormraven asking what I was up to and if Sin and I wanted to run an instance. Seeing as no one else from SS was on, we signed up.

Now, Stormraven and I had been talking a few days ago and he was bragging about clearing the Korsha instance. I told  him that was nice but if he wanted a real challenge he should try Guk’s Outer Stronghold zone. We had tried it the first night and had been beaten to a bloody pulp. Little did I know at the time that he would recruit me for his first attempt at it.

I won’t go through the whole thing, but 15 deaths and a mender bot later, Guk 1, Bloody Pulps 0.

Once we were done banging our heads against the cold stone floor in Guk, some of Second String had logged on and Sin and I decided to hook up with them. No disrespect intended to anyone in our Guk group. It was a fun group and we definitely gave it our all in there. Excellent players and fun in vent :) We had a blast.

So we formed up a Second String group and grabbed a tank friend of ours and headed off to find trouble. We decided on the new Veksar zone. Now, we have run this zone a few times and have never been able to kill Garudon, the last boss. His AE always kills us. We went armed with some new info this time, his AE is rear only and as long as we stay in front of the mob we will win. Well we cockily tore through the zone till we got to Garudon, winked knowingly at each other and wondered what kind of loot he would drop.

10 deaths and another mender bot later we were still wondering.

I could not figure out WHY THE HELL this guy gives us so much trouble. I know plenty of people that have beaten him, what the hell is going on. We know to stay in front of the dragon but he knocks back and spins and dances around and we eventually get hit by his AE. I was frustrated lying on the ground waiting on my rez, looking around with my camera when I saw a nice little corner and it dawned on me, corner him duh. Years of tanking in EQ1 and in EQ2 and I never thought of cornering him? Man I felt like a moron.

We pulled the mob, cornered him and killed him. I felt pretty stupid the rest of the night. Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest things to see.

Anep logged on after that and we grabbed him up as our tank was leaving. Was good to see him back in game and back in our group again. We hit up some easy instances to get a few shards and ooa for a chance at Sin’s shield. Her shield didn’t drop, poor girl. I did get the crested Roman Cavalry Galea (the helm with the horsehair crest appearance) for my Paladin!

So, up to 40 shards in my bags now, 10 more and I get a new mount :)



1. Snappe - December 15, 2008

Heck yeah I can’t wait to do Veksar again now that we got the strat down. Man Garudon was CAKE in that corner.

2. Sinn - December 15, 2008

WOOhooo Veksar is the DD today :) /prays for humpy chest!

3. Kilanna - December 15, 2008

ZOMG… Tell me where you tanked him :p He smooshed us last night.

4. castillion - December 15, 2008

Hi Kilanna :p

When you are facing Garudon, right past his archway on the left is a nice corner. Just have the entire group including tank pile up in that corner and tank him there with dragon facing the group. So much easier this way.

Let me know how it goes!

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