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They’re coming to take me away, or Necrotic Asylum December 16, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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/yawn One of these days I am actually going to go to bed early instead of playing video games all night and waking up as a zombie in the morning. Oh hell, who am I kidding, right?

Last night when I logged in after work, Anep was having a hissy fit and wasn’t online. (OK he was still tired from his weekend activities and wanted to rest, but, meh, who care what his reasons were. ATTEND TO MY NEEDS DAMN YOU) So I bugged Stormraven until he invited me to his group. The Daily Double was Veksar , so we decided to hit it again for the shards.

The zone clear was nice and quick, if you’ve cleared Veksar with a coercer, then you know what I am talking about. We killed Garudon again although we still wiped to him twice. He dropped an exquisite though! Yes! It’s the BELT! WOOT!!!…..DAMN IT!!! IT’S NOT THE BELT!!! SHIT!!!…..OH IT’S A COERCER MASTER!!! WOOT!!!! So, yes he dropped a new master for me, Shock Wave, which I did not have.

Afterwards, Anep had woken up from his nap and logged on, so we decided to for up a second string group to hit NEcrotic Asylum. We had me 80 coercer, Sinnir 80 templar, Taylona 80 Fury, Anep 80 Shadow Knight, and Snappe 80 warlock. “Wait!”, you say, “Where is your 80 Assassin Sasspanz?!” I shall respond, YEAH SASS WTF, WHERE WERE YOU!? We had to grab a pick up ranger from channel chat as everyone in the guild was busy. He was a very cool guy but wasn’t putting out 1/4th of the DPS as Sass usually does so we knew the zone was going to be more difficult than we found it the first time through ;)

We rolled up on the first named, Captian Hamyr the Expedition Leader, and engaged. He’s got a neat little script that encases random members of the group in crystal and AE’s the piss out of everyone. We got him down eventually though. I do guess that being the leader of a cave exploration team must have some outrageous requirements cause that dude is tough for a spelunker. (How often do you get to use the word spelunker in a post? Spelunk)

Next, the guardian of the bridge, Vauth the Suffragan.

He asked us, “”Who’s that tramping over my bridge?”

We said, “”It’s us! The Second String!”

He roared, “”Now I ‘m coming to gobble you up!”

To which we replied:

“Well, come along! We’ve got two spears,
And We’ll poke your eyeballs out at your ears;
We’ve got besides two curling-stones,
And We’ll crush you to bits, body and bones.”

(That’s right bitches, Three Billy Goats Gruff reference. Envy me.)

Then he proceeded to kill us many times over. This is also a neat script of a fight. You engage the mob on the bridge that he paces on. On each side of the bridge are 4 mobs that will blast anyone who gets between them. They move back and forth and pause right before they nuke. The trick is to fight the mob on his bridge (you have to or the encounter breaks) and move him back and forth so you are not standing between the side mobs when they nuke. It’s not THAT tough of an encounter once you figure it out, but still takes some doing to get the timing down every attempt. We dispatched him after a few tries.

The next named is the Coagulation of Good and Evil. This room is so evil. There’s a big Golem standing in the room next to a pit surrounded by a green glowing orb. Now, there’s a grate covering the pit and nasty evil hands reaching up through the grate. Occasionally an NPC will walk over the grate and get draggeddown through it with nothing remaining but a pile of gore and goo. Nasty (I love this zone btw). Now, last time we fought the Coagulation, we just burned his ass down and moved on. We felt pretty confident so we just pulled him as before. Wipe. “Huh”, we thought to ourselves, “that was weird.” We pull him again and attempt to burn him, wipe again. Ok, so missing Sass’s 5k+ DPS means we have to figure out the script for this mob haha. We eventually figure out you pull him over the grate in the middle of the green orb to kill him. That worked fine.

On To Dr. Horr…I mean Wilhelm Horrorbile. (as an aside, if you have not seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along BlogYOU MUST GO WATCH IT NOW. It is so funny.) I don’t know if there’s anything special to this named other than the adds, but we just fight him where he stands and burn him down. He has a chance to drop a nice caster item, but he was stingy last night and dropped crapola.

A few trash mobs and a few deaths later (learn how to pull Anep), and we were at the final named. Dread Exarch Mordek. This guy is tough. He’s orange con ^^^ with two ^^ guards. The strategy is such:

Mordek stands on his dais with his guards. You MUST engage him where he stands. At the bottom of the Dias is a pool of green slime, this is important.

The group engages the named on his dais and a green glow surrounds it. You must stay inside this glow as if you step out of it you get a nasty dot on you that kills you in 10 seconds. Whenever someone attacks Mordek, you get cursed. The curse lasts 40 seconds and if you let it run it’s course, will blow up and kill you. When you get the curse, watch your detrimental window, when the curse starts flashing you turn around, jump down into the pool of green slime (this resets the timer on the curse) and then hall ass back up the stairs and re-engage Mordek. You only have 10 seconds to jump down and get back inside the green aura, or you’re dead.

It’s best to have two curers in the group, one curer cures the other on initial engage. That healer/curer never does not do ANY damage at all to Mordek and they will not get cursed again. Then that curer cures himself when cure curse is back up, the the two healers alternate curing the tank. Everyone else in the group has to do the run out and come back as recasts on cure curse will not allow anyone but the tank to be cured.

Kill his adds, then kill him and you win. He dropped ornate too, was not a good run for loot, but that zone is fun.

That was it for last night. All-in-all a good night and I am now only 4 shards away from my new bear mount.

Tonight we have VS again! Wish my luck on my mythical update. I owe that bastards some deaths (like 60 of them).



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