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VS is BS December 17, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well, I wish I had better news, but Venril Sathir still lives. He killed us countless times last night but we could not get him down. This event sucks and SOE sucks for making it a requirement for my mythical. I am quitting EQ2 now over this BS. (OK I’m totally not quitting EQ2, but from reading the Everquest II forums I think that’s the best way to get attention)

In all seriousness, the event is tough but I expect us to get him down soon. I feel more for one of the other coercers in guild who ONLY needs Venril to have her mythical epic. I am sure she wanted to throw her computer out the window last night. I still need Venril and VP updates so I can still be aloof and unconcerned with all of my deaths to VS. When I am in her position and VS is all I need, my blogs will be filled with more spit and venom.

We did run a few instances last night, starting out with a quick Veksar: The Sunken Theatre run before the raid. Wow, we really have this zone down now that we figured Garudon out. I didn’t even die during the run. We didn’t get any cool fabled gear but had 3, count’em 3 masters drop, 2 that our Fury could use and 1 that Sinnir could use. It was an awesome run for masters.

Obelisk of Akhzul was the daily double, which is good as Sinnir wanted to run it AGAIN for her STUPID purple shiny shield. So, we blasted that out right fast. Again, no shield and no other loot worth mentioning. However, as it was the daily double I got two shards and I got……

My new mount! The Dire Spell bear, 65% run speed, 3% reuse, and 250 power. It also actually looks cool as hell and I will magically edit a pic into here when I get home. It was 50 shards well spent.


After that we hit up the Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted instance for a couple more shards and called it a night.

It was a good night. :)

I hate VS.



1. rao - December 17, 2008

“This event sucks and SOE sucks for making it a requirement for my mythical. I am quitting EQ2 now over this BS.”

That totally made me laugh so hard that I choked on my morning Dr Pepper.

2. castillion - December 17, 2008

lol all in fun ;)

3. Sinn - December 17, 2008

Tay isa slewt kthx :) /stabs tay w/ a shiney purple candy cane! haha I WANT MY SHIELD!

4. Kilanna - December 17, 2008

*giggles* Fun and games. You will get VS on day!!

Sinn I feel your pain – no matter how many times I have run RE2 I STILL cant get my darned cloak :p

5. castillion - December 17, 2008

We can’t get healer cloak to drop either lol. We have gottn 4 scout cloaks, 2 mage cloaks and 2 fighter cloaks, but no healer cloaks at all :(

6. Sinn - December 19, 2008

o i have givin up on my healer cloak outta re2, ive lost count the number of times we’ve run it haha!

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