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Get back on topic! December 18, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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I’ve been reading articles about MMORPG addiction today and about recruiters being told not to hire WoW players because they are too ‘addicted’ and are never truly logged out of the game. I am an addict. My wife is an addict (although she’ll tell you differently). We joke about it and play it off but we spend way too much time online. Or do we?

We are, what I consider, normal people. I go to work everyday, come home and push the kid around for a bit, eat dinner and log on. We spend much of our free time on the weekend playing EQ2. I spend too much time when I am not playing, thinking about playing and things in-game, hence the blog.


Who or what am I hurting? What is the difference between playing an MMORPG or scheduling your free time around TV shows you want to watch? Standing around the water cooler the next day talking about who got voted off the island? The wife and I aren’t world travelers, nor could we afford to be if we wanted. We are middle-class workers trying to make ends meet while keeping ourselves entertained.

EQ2 is our social interaction and our chosen method of entertaining ourselves. Why do others think this is somehow worse than going to your neighbors to play bridge? Is it because we can do it from the comfort of our own home?

Would traveling to Europe be better for us as people? Sure it would. Seeing history and exposing ourselves to culture (hahaha, exposing) would be wonderful. Unless my readers are going to start funding a travel blog though, the only foreign soil I will be describing probably has troll poo on it. I am not going to Hong Kong for 15 bucks a month.

Maybe I will compose my thoughts on this and speak on it more in the future.

Anyway, the above poorly constructed and completely random wordspew did not contain enough in-game references. My hands are starting to shake….I..just..let me type EQ2 once more…oh my…that’s good..

Last night was a fun and productive night in the land of Norrath.

When I logged on Anep wanted to run a quick instance before the raid. We decided on Najena’s Hollow Tower. I like this zone. I had a whole write up about it, but my post was too lengthy so I got rid of that part. I’d be happy to discuss our strat for the zone with anyone in comments.

The raid planned for last night was Tomb of the Mad Crusader again. I think it’s good we’re hitting this zone as much as possible to get the fabled TSO loot, even if it is just the first two named for now. We wiped SEVERAL times on the first two named in the zone again. It’s a struggle every time for us to beat them, but we do beat them ;). The fabled bracer for Coercer/someotherlesserclasses dropped. I lost the roll, of course. I’ll get geared up whenever every other frickin’ mage in the guild is geared up with my damn dice. (OK I am totally bitching for no reason, while I may not wear any raid fabled I have a lot of fabled and Castillion is definitely luckier than most toons I know with winning his masters) A VERY nice healer item dropped as well, and the nice melee Double Attack/Melee crit item that dropped last week dropped again. Was a nice run all in all.

After the raid we took a guildie through Anchor of Bazzhul as it was the daily double and they needed the nice mage drops from there. Wow was he ever lucky, he got both the fabled mage hat and the fabled mage earring from the one run (I already had them both). He was already outparsing me on the raids (but he is a wizard and I am but a lowly enchanter so..) Now I will NEVER catch him. You owe me buddy!

After Anchor we did OoA for Sinn’s shield and, you guessed it, it didn’t drop. I wish the damn thing would just drop already so we can stop running that zone.

Then it was off to the land of dreams for me. The next two nights are off nights for raids although I beleive I will be helping Stormraven get his update in MMIS tonight or tomorrow.

Until the morrow!



1. Kilanna - December 18, 2008

Sounds like you had a busy night and a blast!!.

I love my MMO. My family dont get the interest, they say I am addicted too. I dont see much difference to someone else who spends the same time watching TV / DVDs either. Why is one social pursuit seen as more/less valuable than another?

I much prefer to hook up with the boys and have a giggle, than watch ANOTHER re-run on TV. I take care of my real life responsibilities, always have time for my family, hold down a job and am not hurting anyone just like you point out.

Could I walk away from Kilanna tomorrow? Probly not without some angst – but we all have to have something in our lives that we enjoy passionately right?

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