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Kor-Sha (the instance) and more December 19, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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It’s Friday! Finally! I really look forward to weekends since I’ve started the new job. I love my job, but previously I worked  from home so I could stay up late and sleep in everyday, things are different when I have to actually go into the office ;).

Today is a bad day. I woke up this morning and discovered I’d lost all the money I had invested in my retirement plan. I don’t have any idea what I am going to do now, but it’s depressing. 4 dollars down the drain and I really thought I had picked the right numbers this time.

I kid!

Last night was not a raid night, and Anep was still 35 or so void shards away from being to get the upgraded set of legendary TSO armor, so I knew we were in for some instances. He’s upgrading the entire set at once as he doesn’t want to lose his set bonus upgrading a piece at a time.

So, as it was Anep, Sinnir and I from Second String as well as Elonias, a wizard from the guild who outparses me on raids but still wants us to twink him in instances. Bastard. Elonias only had an hour before he had to log, so we decided to hit Befallen: Caverns of the Afflicted as it is a nice and quick run. We hit up guild and got an 80 Berserker and then chat channel and got an 80 coercer (yes I am a coercer too, but, meh, it’s Befallen how hard can it be, right?) So we end up with 80 SK, 80 Coercer, 80 Coercer, 80 Templar, 80 Berserker, 80 Wizard. It’s not the most balanced group, but again, it’s Befallen right? Right.

We zone in and Anep pulls the first group of 38.6 mobs and we all die. WTF? We pwn those mobs! That must have been a fluke, Anep, go do it again. So, Anep pulls again and we die. Wow, we are not making a good impression on the pickups we have in group. I guess Snappe’s warlock AE DPS is useful after all because we are certainly missing him right now. We sheepishly apologize to the group and then clear the zone with normal size pulls…for the most part anyway.

Afterwards, Elonias logged and our pick up coercer ran away as fast as he could. We decide to reform as Second String and do OoA for Sinn’s shield. (Yes, AGAIN.) This time though, just to mix it up, we decide to try to 3 man it with Anep, Me, and Sinnir. That’s right, we’re bad. Rhesus, Second String 80 Warden logged in right as we zoned into OoA, so we invited him. We’re still bad if we 4 man it right? I think so. Then, right as we got to the first named in the zone Taylona, Second String 80 Fury logged in, so we invited him. Well shit, now we aren’t bad because there’s nothing special about clearing it with 5. Thanks for logging on and hanging out with us and ruining it, assholes.

We cleared the zone. I won’t mention the shield that didn’t drop for Sinn so we have to run this zone again.

So, now we have a group of Anep 80 SK, Me, 80 Coercer, Rhesus 80 Warden, Taylona 80 Fury, and Sinnir 80 Templar. One short of a full group…what should we pick up..we were thinking a chain healer because we were definitely light on healers……

Allright, well by most standards we may not have the perfect group set up. Unfortunately, Emperor Atrebe’s Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha, which is supposed to be a tough zone is the daily double (or single as it turns out). None of us have ever been there, but it’s rated as hard. Anep has only even tried the first named before and his group wasn’t able to kill it. We decide to pick up a DPS and try it anyway. We secure a swash from channel chat as we really didn’t need anymore heals ;) and head over to Atrebe’s Lab.

Emperor Atrebe’s Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha

Zoning in and getting a feel for the zone for the first time, it does have that “Kor-Sha” atmosphere that the raid zone has, and it has the same wandering Dog + Guard patrollers throughout. A neat little touch. It is a completely different and unique zone than the old Kor-Sha though and I was suitably impressed.

We cleared down to the first named. A HUGE golem standing in the middle of a room with no apparent exits named Sanedrac the Lost. This is the mob Anep has attempted and this is the mob that spanked his last group in here. We know that the mob has a nasty reflect ability, so if you debuff the mob, those debuffs transfer to the tank, at least that’s what Anep feels. We engaged and killed him after a long fight being careful not to cast debuffs/stuns/stifles/manadrains while we did. I did manage to drain Anep’s mana several times, but I filled it back up, so get off my back man.

We continued clearing through and stumbled into a huge room filled to the brim with Sarnaks. We were laughing and joking and slaughtering Sarnaks until there was one left, and man he was hitting hard…oh wait that’s a named, crap! That’s how we found the second named, Selgrak the Monster. He wasn’t too tough, but has has an AoE Stifle that your healers/casters need to be out of range from and he summons adds about every 20% that we just burned down.

A little more clearing brought us to the third named, Sannik the Unfinished. We had heard the strat for this named. Periodically, while you are fighting him he will put a ‘bomb’ like thing in your bags that slows you. You can avoid this by having full bags. So, we all split up our stacks of potions until our bags runneth over. He was pretty simple after that, although he has a hard hitting AE.

On to the fourth named, Guard Captain Kelkrin. He was just tank and spank, nothing special although he hits pretty hard. I think I heard Anep crying, but I tend not to pay too much attention to him. You can’t get rid of a tank if you pay too much attention to them, like stray dogs.

We were feeling pretty confident by this point. We hadn’t even had a death yet. Korsha hard? Pfft.

Then, we found the last named, Ka’El Ka’Vrish. We buffed up and engaged, BAM AE and we’re all dead. A few more deaths and a few more trial and error and we figured it out. He has a point blank AE that will kill melee that he tosses out occasionally, he has an AE elemental dot that has to be cured or it’s deadly, he has a huge nasty knockback that also does a shit ton of damage, and he hits like a truck. The strat we used was melee jousted his weapons AE, range DPS burned him down, curers had to cure the hell out of the group. We beat him but barely as I was the only real ranged DPS in the group. My suggestion would be to have at least two ranged DPS and two healers for him, stay at ranged and burn him down while healers spam group heals/cures.

He dropped a cool looking hat with 2 spell crit, 2 heal crit and some other nice stats which Taylona won.

Afterwards, we decided to hit the Crucible again because Anep wanted to (I suspect there is some piece of gear in there he wants). That went fairly smoothly although we were all pretty pooped by the time we got to the last named so we died a couple of times to him before finally getting him down.

It was a very fun night and our pick up Swashy ended up being a pretty cool guy as well. I’m looking forward to more tonight!



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