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Weekend fun in Guk: Halls of the Fallen December 22, 2008

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Monday and back at the grind after a great weekend.

Friday night found us logging in and Anep wanting to get enough shards to finish out his T2 TSO legendary set. We didn’t try any new zones on Friday, but holy crap did we get a lot of shards. It’s mostly a blur of zones after zone, and I was drinking so that doesn’t help my memory.

Saturday afternoon we had Kor-Sha raid zone scheduled. We knocked it out faster than I think we’ve ever done Kor-Sha in just a little over an hour. We formed up Second String (minus Sasspanz who is still busy reading the Twilight series) and knocked out a few zones. We also decided to go back to Ravenscale Repository and try to finish it as last time we didn’t have time for the last two named. Refer to my previous post for our luck with the first few named, but I’ll briefly talk about the last two named here.

Ravenscale Repository

The pvp encounter is just hard. We were able to beat it the first pull on Saturday but we got lucky and only had 4 named spawn there. We did it the opposite of how we did it last time. I mezzed the DPS, we killed the tank, then the healer, then the DPS. Last time we tried leaving the monk till the end and I think he was just ripping us up.

T’Lon the Powermonger is the final named in the zone and he’s a total bastard. He sits back in the middle of a pit on his own little floating platform, which already hints that he’s gonna have a knockback to try to knock you off it and kill you. On top of the knockback, he also hits VERY hard, debuffs you, has a nasty AoE and mana drains. Oh, also, at 20% life if you don’t burn him in something like 15 seconds he heals to full. Fun Stuff. The strat we used was to cure the detrimentals, float back down to the middle of the platform when he knocks you back, and burn burn burn. It’s not an easy encounter at all, and it took us quite a few tries to finally get him down.

Anep did get enough shards to finish out his T2 legendary TSO set.

Sunday was kinda of a lazy day. Anep’s brother, Theonee 80 wizard, was back online after his recent marriage and itching to try out the new expansion. We took him through OOA (no shield, at all this weekend, it’s fair to assume we run it everyday) and the Crucible. Now, while we were doing the Crucible a VERY nice fabled robe dropped. Who do you think won it? The two who run these instances everyday, Snappe or Me? Or the guy who hasn’t played in two months, Theonee? I’ll leave it to your imagination. P.S. Theonee sucks.

Following the Crucible, we decided to run a zone we haven’t tried before. That pretty much only leaves the Guk zones, so we decided to start at the beginning and run Guk: Halls of the Fallen.

Guk: Halls of the Fallen

We were a little nervous with Guk as we have heard horror stories, and the other two Guk zones have whipped our asses pretty soundly every time we were cocky enough to zone in. I personally like the ‘feel’ of the Guk zones. I know they are not for everyone but, undead froglocks, c’mon!

We cleared down to the first named a lot more easily than I expected. The first named was a giant mushroom man named an Ancient Fungoid. This was a simple fight and he died pretty easily.

We continued clearing until we ran into the next named, our first named froglock, Rideepa the Prideful. He is also pretty easy. Adds do spawn during the fight but they aren’t really anything to worry about and you can ignore them or AE them down.

We roll up on the fourth named in the zone, Froppit the Everliving. I say roll loosely because in actuality getting to him is a little bit of a pain in the ass. You really can’t ‘clear’ to his area because the mobs constantly respawn. The easiest (only?) thing to do is train all the mobs down to the named area, have someone in group FD and then rez the remaining members of your group. I hope you have an FD class or a tinkerer in your group, otherwise it could be hairy. We then engage Froppit at the top of his little stairsteps. He has an AE that is relatively short range and spawns a METRICASSTON of adds during the fight. The strat is stay ranged if you can, AE burn the adds as they come, loot chest.

The fourth named mob was neat. Molinap the Destructor, a dragon sitting on top of a treasure hoard. why have we not seen dragons sitting on treasure hoards in EQ2 before? It should always be so! Now, clearing down tot he dragon we had clicked on a statue and been given a Shiny Golden Trinket. Anep, having been in the zone before, told us to click this every time it was available. He wasn’t sure why, just that he thinks is prevents an AE or something….ooookkkkkk, I generally do what the tank says though so, I clicked. It gives you a buff called “Goldlust” and you are supposed to keep it up the entire fight. We engaged and burned him down. I am still not sure what happens if you don’t click, but if you don’t tell Anep I won’t click next time and we’ll know.

Up to this point, I am wondering why people have said this zone was tough. I’ve been through enough of these new TSO zones to know that an easy clear on hard zones means that the last named is going to be one tough mofo,  so I’m starting to get a little concerned.

We cleared on down to the last named killing two minor named along the way Ghoul Ursurper, who we spawned by putting some Ghoul bodies on an altar, and a named crocodile who we had to pet pull from the bottom of a cavern. There wasn’t anything special about either of these named though and they pretty much died like the trash mobs.

On to the final named, Lord Kurpep. This guy is super tough. He summons adds during the fight, ports a random group member to a random spot in his room in the middle of a bunch of adds during the fight (His room is large and some of the spots he ports you to are VERY far away, casters will have trouble making it back alive), has a nasty noxious ae and mana drain, and randomly charms someone. Fun huh? We died about 10 times before finally winning. The strat is to have a tank that is good at grabbing AE aggro, burn adds as they come, have people who are ported run directly back to the tank, cure yourselves with nox pots and have healers curing charm from the tank if he gets charmed and hope you get VERY lucky.

I detest these kinds of fights really. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you are unlucky and your tank gets ported twice in a row then gets charmed, you lose. Period. A lot of this last named in Halls of Fallen is luck with getting the right people charmed/ported at the right times. It’s just incredibly difficult (impossible?) if your tank gets a port/port/charm and I don’t like encounters where they are unbeatable under the right conditions.

We did end up killing him and clearing the zone however. There wasn’t any real loot worth mentioning as we didn’t get any exquisite chests, but here’s to next time!

So, all in all a good weekend, ran/finished some new instances, got a few AA, advanced some HQs, raided, and generally had a lot of fun. We run Leviathan tonight so maybe I will be VP flagged by the end of the night. Here’s to hoping :)



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