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Who designed Leviathan? December 23, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well. I am not flagged for VP. Damn it.

We were not able to kill Leviathan last night. We had enough suits/vials for two pulls on him. We got him down to 8% on the first pull and 5% on the second pull before the wheels fell off. There were issues both times with people getting suited. My frustration level was very high at the end of the night ;)

I think the real issue was that we, as a guild, took the event for granted. They have been used to one-pulling Leviathan without any real ceremony and winning that they really did not plan well for success last night. The communication and planning regarding who had suits and who was to use suits when was sorely lacking. On the second attempt, they had someone suiting up and going in that did not have any vials due to the confusion. Then vent got all crazy and unorganized and things just went from bad to worse after that.

I was really frustrated.

The funny part? We decided to farm more vials for an attempt next week. The whole time we farmed vials there were no miss-suits and we farmed for half an hour with no issues. Why couldn’t we perform like that when we were actually trying to kill him?

Did I mention I was frustrated?

We headed over to Protector’s Realm after the Leviathan debacle to get another Greenmist Orb for the next attempt. It literally took us less than 30 minutes to clear the whole zone. I mean holy crap that was the fastest clear I have ever been on and there were no issues at all.

So, why couldn’t we have our stuff together for Leviathan like that?

OK, I think the horse is dead ;)

It was actually probably a good thing. A wake up call to say, “Hey, we’ve had some changes in the guild and we really need to focus on our organization, planning and leadership in our raids.” Sometimes it takes a kick in the ass to remind us to get back to basics.

After the raid I spent some time talking to one of the other guild coercers about spell casting order, gear and raid buffs. It was a good conversation and I always like talking shop.

I did manage to almost complete the quest for the Dark Mail Gloves. I only have the instance left and we should be able to knock that out tonight.

BTW, do you think the game designers purposely design mobs to look like giant penises? Leviathan isn’t the only mob and EQ2 isn’t the only game that does this. I think there’s some kind of wicked agreement amongst graphics guys that there has to be at least one giant penis monster in every game.



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