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Sometimes, it’s nice to die. December 24, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Good Morning and Merry Christmas Eve.

There’s not a ton to report today as I am sure many of us game bloggers will be saying. It’s that time of year where we all turn away from our monitors. I think tonight we’ll be wrapping the last of our presents, watching Christmas movies and drinking Hot Chocolate (that I forgot to buy yesterday damn it).

I did manage to finish The Means to an End HQand get my Dark Mail gauntlets, which are just awesome for a caster.

Afterwards, we got as much of the Crew together as we could, grabbed a guildie and a non-guild friend and ran through Najena’s Hollow Tower and The Crucible. The zones were easy and uneventful but we had a ton of laughs last night.

One of our regular out of guild friends, Xorlin 80 Wizard, is in an Uber Guild (ok THE uber guild on Mistmoore). That’s relevant to this story because we, in Second String, parse every fight and we enjoy a little mini-game of trying to beat each other on the parse. It kind of keeps old encounters exciting. Now, we do parse very well for our level of gear (no mythicals or hell Castillion isn’t even wearing any raid gear at all) but it’s incredibly hard to outparse a Mythical/VP wizard (although we did manage to do it, 5 – 10% of the time, but still hahahaha). So, as you can imagine, we weren’t having much luck winning our little mini-game.

We fought all the way down to the the dragon at the bottom of Hollow Tower that ports you around into lava pits as you fight. There, we conspired to beat Xorlin on the parse, and beat him soundly. We decide that Anep will FD Xorlin on the pull. We know he’ll just stand up and curse us but it will be good for a chuckle.

So, we line up in front of the dragon. Anep begins his incoming count down, “Incoming in 5…..4……3……2…..1… BAM! FD On Xorlin and we all engage the named.

5 Seconds later, Xorlin’s health is dropping like a rock (he was ported into the lava) and we hear him shout in vent “What the HELL!! I am stunned and can’t move and I don’t even have a detrimental on me!!!”

Of course, we fill vent with roars of laughter.

“Why are you guys laughing!!!” Xorlin screams into vent as the lava finishes him off. Then, ever so slowly, as realization begins to set in, “OH MY GOD YOU GUYS SUCK!”

We end up laughing so hard that the named wipes the group and he outparses us on the next pull anyway. It was so funny though.

I do apologize to our guild mate guest for all the deaths we had last night. All of Second String I think was just more interested in goofing off and laughing than actually getting too much done. Thanks for putting up with us though ;)

If I don’t see you guys tomorrow…

Merry Christmas!



1. rao - December 24, 2008

That is hilarious! Sounds like a good time.

Merry Christmas to you, Castillion.

2. Kilanna - December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas :)

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