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Christmas in The Ruins of Guk: Lower Corridors December 26, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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So…late post…but I hope everyone had as merry a Christmas as I did!

I did manage to squeeze a couple of instances in over the holidays. We ran quite a few last night, starting with OOA (no shield for Sin), then Anchor of Bazhul, followed by our first real run of Guk: Lower Corridors (more on this later), OOA final named again (no shield again), and the Crucible.
That’s right, we were able do the last mob in OOA twice in one night. When we did Lower Guk, I was able to get my final update for Chapter 5 of the TSO quest. I zoned back into OOA to destroy the anchor and finish that step of the quest and imagine my surprise to find the last named up again. I assume there’s some bug with the quest and a cleared instance.

Guk: Lower Corridors

We had formed up a group to do some instances last night and decided on the Lower Corridors as most of us had not been in the zone before. The group was half SS (me – 80 coercer, Sinnir 80 Templar and Talyona 80 fury) and half guildmates (Zarhn 80 Brigand, Stormraven 80 Shadownight and Mizana 80 Illusionist).

I will preface this post with saying that this zone is tough and, while we killed several named in the zone, we were not able to clear the instance. We could not kill the boss or one of the other named. I welcome comments if anyone has a good strat for the king or the frenzy.

We zoned in and began clearing through the mobs. The trash does not seem to be incredibly difficult but they do have a wide aggro range and pulling is an exercise in patience. We cleared down to the first named:

The froglok Krell Vruup. He sits down below the entrance to the zone in the middle of a pool of shallow water. He’s a very simple tank and spank mob. There’s really no special strat to him and we just burned him down.

We continued clearing and stumbled upon the second named, Aruze Vleese. He’s a minotaur setting back in his own little cave. He has a nasty knockback AE and some damage AE, but with proper positioning he poses little threat.

We then fought a third named Gorscha Gahh, but I don’t remember anything about this named at all, so I am assuming he wasn’t anything to write home about. edit: the named is a troll sitting off in his own room. He’s not very tough and was just a burn fight outside of the fact that he likes to target the healers and try to kill them

Hoptor Thagglor was next. This is the mob needed to advance the TSO signature quest as well as quite a few other quests. When you engage him he spawns to hand mob adds, The Crusher and The Burner. We just mezzed the adds and killed Hoptor. I had expected him to be quite a bit more difficult than he was. Of course, at the time we mistakenly though he was the ‘end’ mob and was supposedly the hardest mob in the zone. Boy were we wrong.

On to the next, the Reanimated Hand. He’s kind of a bastard. He charms, fears, spawns adds, aes and is generally an asshole. We tried him a few times but kept wiping as soon as the tank got charmed. We finally got him down by starting the fight with a pet to eat the first charm, then burning hard while mezzing the adds and praying he didn’t charm the tank again.

That led us to Furdip the Frenzied Ghoul. This encounter is a total pita. He has a HORRIBLE ae and crazily ports around the room targeting random people in the group. To combat this, you have to harvest a piece of lichen from the blood alter in the middle of the room and use it on him when he says he has to rest. Supposedly this roots him in place and you can DPS him down. In practice it’s incredibly hard to time the root, harvest the lichen and DPS before he kills the group off through direct targeting the members or with his AE. We never got him down past 50% and I certainly welcome comments on his strat. We tried forming a circle around the tank, running the aggro back to him, while attempting to root him. It didn’t work obviously.

The last named was King Vroak Vripp. He hits pretty hard and constantly summons waves of 6 or 8 adds. We tried burning him while mezzing the adds, that just ended up with us having 25 adds and wiping as he continually summons them. We tried ignoring the adds, which just saw the adds picking off members of the group before we could get the king down. We also tried burning the adds but I think we were too like on the AE DPS to accomplish this as well as we could not keep up with the spawns. We eventually gave up on him as well and, again, I welcome ideas on how to kill him. We think we’ll come back with an AE heavy group and give him a shot.

That was my adventure in the Lower Corridors. It’s a very tough zone and I am thinking that it’ll be a problem till we can gear up with mythicals and raid gear, but we aren’t giving up yet ;)



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