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Weekends are a blur. December 29, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Wow, busy weekend. So busy, I can barely keep straight what we did all weekend and what days we did it on. I guess I am going to have to start keeping notes so my Monday blog can be accurate for the weekend’s events ;)

We didn’t really try anything new this weekend. There were no raids scheduled, so we pretty much just ran shard instances.


Anep was back and gasp! so was Sasspanz! We had been missing her in Second String while she’s been away from the game. Anep had read my Guk: Lower Corridors blog and wanted to give it a shot. I will spare you the gory details, but it was almost a play-by-play repeat of my earlier post and we were unable to kill frenzy and the king. I will say this about Guk, and the Frenzy encounter specifically, I hate it. I don’t find it fun at all and not just because it is difficult. There are just too many hoops to jump through.

He ports to random member in group and AEs, so you constantly have to be moving around if he ports to you to avoid the AE. He is constantly jumping around the room so you have to use the item that you harvest in his room to stop the porting and, oh yeah, the item is one use so you constantly have to be harvesting this piece and timing the root. Assuming you DO get him rooted, you have 5 seconds to do any DPS before the whole thing starts all over again. It’s too much of a pain in the ass for me to enjoy. I like difficult fights but, good god, he stays rooted for 5 seconds? At least let us get SOME dps in before we have to do the whole thing again.

I am sure we will eventually beat this zone but I personally don’t care if we ever go back there.

So, anyway, after trying Frenzy a few times we decided to head to Necrotic Asylum and Halls of the Forsaken. I was excited as we had only been to Halls of the Forsaken once, and I remember enjoying the script and ambiance of the zone. We cleared through Necrotic Asylum pretty easily, laughing joking and drinking. Lots of Drinking. In fact, by the time we got to Halls of the Forsaken, the entire group was pretty..uh…unfocused. Poor Sass, she hit it a little too hard for her first night back from her break I think ;) We had a complete blast as always though.


Wow, we did a lot of stuff Saturday. I don’t even remember it all. I think that’s mainly because I was still hung over and because we stayed up till 4 AM Saturday night goofing around ;) I know Sass over did it on Friday as she didn’t log in again on Saturday or Sunday ;) (We miss you Sasser)

The day started early with a run of OOA (we did this so many times this weekend) and Anchor of Bazhul for my Chapter 6 and a chance at some loot for Anep and caster friends of ours. Then, Anep, Sinnir and I did a quick run through shard of fear for The Name of Fear HQ and some AA. I had never been in Shard of Fear on Castillion (although I have on my other 80s) so I was really wanting to get the AA. We killed Terror on his first run through and guess what he dropped? Right! The Bloodthirsty Choker , every DPS and healer knows what this item is ;). I had sworn I’d never get it on Castillion as it would end up jut killing me multiple times as I had seen it do to so many other people trying to win the parse….but hey it dropped so, what the hell right? Well…it did give me a decent jump in DPS and hasn’t killed me yet. That’s only because Taylona, Rhesus and Sinnir are such awesome healers though, I am scared to see what happens the next time I do a P.U.G.

Later in the day, one of the guildies organized a run on the RoK contested Domini. They were all up. So we saddled up and helped kill them. They all dropped pretty easily (barring one wipe on the KJ mob as they use a different strat for him than I am used to).

Anep was offline taking a break, and there were members of Second String wanting to group, so I dusted off my pally and we headed to Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken. Now, our group was Me 80 Pally, Sinnir 80 templar, Rhesus 80 Warden, Taylona 80 Fury, kizzie 79 Warden and Snappe 80 Warlock. Dps heavy….no we weren’t. 4 healers, 1 Pally and a Warlock. Yeah. That zone took forever…ever…ever…ever..

After that we worked on quests until Anep logged on later in the evening. We then did Evernight Abbey and a few other zones I don’t remember. I am sure we did lots of stuff though as Sin and I didn’t log off until 4 Am when we fell into bed.


Well, still being pretty tired from Saturday night, we made Sunday a pretty calm day.

We started with running Deep Forge and Najena’s Hollow Tower. Then, we finished up The Book of Thex HQ for Sinnir, Taylona and me. Afterwards we ran The Crucible and The Anathema and called it an early night.

I can’t tell you how many times we ran OoA this weekend trying to get Sinnir her shield. According to my ACT, we’ve killed the last guy in OoA 42 times and have seen the shield drop once. Poor Sinnir, I can’t even bring myself to poke fun at her.



1. Kilanna - December 29, 2008

Sounds as tho you had a complete blast!! I am wondering if the glass of red wine helped my tanking last night :p

/hugz for poor Sinner – why are SoE so cruel??? I want my healer cloak too!!!!

2. Something old and something new « Dwarven Runes - January 4, 2009

[…] Sunday night then saw me hook up with the boys, and we decided on a trip to OoA for the daily double.   Nice short instance, 2 shards and there you go!!,   The last named did drop a very nice looking shield *sheepishly hopes it is not the shield that another in our blogging community is after*.  […]

3. Anonymous - January 5, 2009

I agree with you on the frenzy encounter.. it really bites. Something to note about it.. the AE he does as he ports around the room seems bugged.. it hits right through my wards and reactives don’t seem to proc off of it either.

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