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NO, THE SHIELD HASN’T DROPPED! December 30, 2008

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Fun night last night!

We gather up with Sinnir, Me, Anep, Taylona, Snappe and Kizzie to hit a couple of zones.

We started with OOA. Sinnir is really getting frustrated with this poor shield. I told her it could take a while and that I had to run Maidens 200 times to get the Gi for my swashbuckler, but for some reason I don’t think that helped. I guess we’ll continue running this until she gets it, luckily we can 3 box it now and I think Sin and Anep have duo’d the last guy. It will drop eventually babe!

We then went on to Anchor of Bazhul as Kizzie hadn’t been there and Anep wants some boots or some other useless piece of tank crap. I can’t be bothered to remember. It was a nice fun run and Kizzie won her first master!

Snappe and Kizzie were supposed to log off after Anchor, but we are too much fun and they couldn’t resist so we headed over to Veksar as it’d been a while since we’d been there. Another nice uneventful clear, although the zone was greedy with the loot.

After that Snappe and Kizzie logged and Taylona decided to call it an early night as well. So we kind of idled and did some quests. I got a tell asking if I could come help some guildies and friends finish up Mystmyr Manor (yesterday’s daily double) as they were having some issues clearing the last couple of named. So I ran over there and we cleared the zone, although the ceiling got us a couple of times ;)

Once I finished up there, Anep, Rhesus, Sinnir, Me, Xorlin and an illusionist friend rand the Najena’s Hollow Tower to try for Rhesus’ charm item. Unfortunately it didn’t drop either, but it made Sin feel better she wasn’t the only one ganked out of loot for the night.

We then hit the last named in ooa again with Xorlin and I outparsed him…hahaaahahaha Xorlin . (Ok, so I’ve done the mob 45 times and I know exactly where to stand to weather knockback and exactly where Anep is going to pull and I probably got a 5 second jump casting on the mob, but I still outparsed you Xorlin!)

In all seriousness Xorlin still beats me soundly on the zonewides, but he should as he is a mythical’d wizard in VP gear or better ;) I am, however, very happy with how I am parsing and I pulled a 6700 DPS parse on the last named in OOA on the final kill last night. That’s not bad for a non-myth non-raid gear coercer. I’m really coming along with Castillion.

On Sunday, when we ran the Book of Thex HQ, I played Cilantro my swash to get an extra spawn of the named. It was sad really. Cilantro was my main for a long long time and has several pieces of fabled raid gear, but I still outperformed him on Castillion. It was kind of a kick in the ego as I always felt I was a pretty good swash ;). I always felt swashes were my calling until I started Castillion and now I know I could never play another class and get the same enjoyment that I get with the coercer. I guess it’s all about finding your niche.



1. Kilanna - December 30, 2008

/hugs Sinnir and empathises with lack of healer cloak for Killy :p

… and Coercers ROCK. I am not fast enough with my reactions to play crowd controll or adept enough with controlls to play a scout class … so hats off to you for playing each of those classes as well as you do!!

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[…] Sunday night then saw me hook up with the boys, and we decided on a trip to OoA for the daily double.   Nice short instance, 2 shards and there you go!!,   The last named did drop a very nice looking shield *sheepishly hopes it is not the shield that another in our blogging community is after*.  […]

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