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Hump Day (really, that should be renamed) December 31, 2008

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New Year’s Eve!

Last night we eased back into our raiding schedule hitting RoK T1. We ran Protector’s Realm, Pawbuster, and Thuuga and cleared all three in under two hours. We even saw some of the rarer fabled pieces and a few people got upgrades. All in all it was a nice smooth run. I am looking forward to getting our raids rolling back to normal after the holidays and moving away from T1.

I still need VS damn it. We need to kill him. Hell, at this point I’d go with anyone but no one does VS more than once really because it sucks.

I’m not bitter.

I was really planning on just chilling after the raid and skipping grouping as I was pretty tired, plans changed though.

Sinnir and I sent all of Second String Christmas gifts. It wasn’t anything big and maybe I shouldn’t post it here….but what the hell! We sent them all shots of moonshine (don’t tell anyone). So, as luck would have it we were all on vent last night and we all toasted the new year.

Afterwards my belly was warm and my throat was on fire, so felt like a great time to do some grouping. We hit up OOA for Sin’s shield (No, it didn’t.) and then ran on to the Crucible as it’s nice and quick. No loot worth mentioning dropped, but doing a little more research on the zone and there’s some nice stuff from there. We’ll have to run it more.

It was a pretty tame night although I did move Castillion’s Citizenship from Freeport to Neriak and bought a 5 room house. Castillion needed it as he was still living in a roach infested one room in the Scale Yard. I wanted to spend some time getting things organized last night but didn’t get the chance to do anything but makes sure my moving crate had been delivered. On one hand, I am very excited to get a nice place for Castillion. On the other hand, decorating is not my forte by any stretch of the imagination. My paladin Saynt has a very nice 3 room in South Qeynos that was decorated for him by friends. I think I am going to dismantle it though so I can move some of the rare house items I have there over to Castillion’s new pad, plus I need furniture to fill it. I am hoping to get to that this weekend and the wife has offered to decorate, so I’m excited to see what it will look like.

Tonight, there are no raids planned, but Second String has plans ;) It appears most of us will be online except for Snappe, so we’ve all planned to get annihilated and run instances and ring in the New Year together. You know, times are changing. It’s like gong to a party at a friends and playing games and drinking there all night, but this way no one has to drive and we can all puke in our own toilets. I think I am loving this idea of a New Year’s party.

It should be fun!



1. Sinn - December 31, 2008

WOOT Second String New Years Party WOOT WOOT! /cleans the toilet

2. Kilanna - January 1, 2009

Happy New Year guys!!

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