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They don’t even know.. January 29, 2009

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OK, I am not sure what happened last night. I expected a long night filled with deaths and disappointment. I mean, it was VS after all. Venril Sathir? That guy that has killed me at least 65 times? The update it took me forever to get? The guy I made two posts about crying?

Yeah that guy.

We zoned into Venril Sathir’s lair last night. We pulled him and 4.5 minutes later he was dead.

What a let down. We should have wiped at last 9 times so the guys who got the update last night would appreciate it. They were all like “Why were you guys dreading coming here so much? Seems pretty easy to me!” Grrr…if they only knew. Next time, I am going to screw up at least 5 times to make sure everyone gets their deaths in.

It’s not fair damnit.

We followed that up with Leviathan in CoD and made that also seem easy. Several guildies got their myth updates and flags for VP. I am going to try to sneak Saynt into the next CoD run to get him his flag.

Tonight is an off night and I’m hoping for some Second String action. We are throwing around the idea of clearing palace tonight then going back to try Varsoon later with a cleared zone. I’d be down for trying Outer Stronghold again too. I’d like us to clear that as Second String and get the last named down.

I’ll let you know what we decide tomorrow!


What to do, what to do. January 28, 2009

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Well, last night was an off raid night, so we finally had time for some Second String action.

We had a plan to help Kizzie, Snappe’s wife, with some of her fabled epic updates. She needed an update in Chardok and an Update in Sebilis, both of which we knocked out with little difficulty.

It was kind of nice to head back into Chardok. I used to love running this zone as my tank and pulling groups through it when it was difficult. It was something to say you made it all the way to the Queen or through the library with no deaths :p That has really changed now though. TSO has made Chardok very easy.

It was still kind of early when we were done with Kizzie’s updates, so Taylona had not logged in yet. We decided to take Aeyanna (SSG2 Troubadour, Alt of Eyanna) and Sussk (Snappe’s brother, whom I referred to as Sukss the rest of the night) over to RE2 for some leveling and loot. Unfortunately, nothing good dropped but Aeyanna did ding 73, one level closer to 80.

Afterwards, we wanted to head to Crucible. We got all the way to the zone in before Anep remembered he was locked out. Awesome. Since there’s still a bit of loot in Crucible that we need, I swapped over to Saynt to tank it and Anep swapped over to his dirge.

I have to say I was a little nervous about tanking Crucible for Second String. One, Saynt is an alt tank and would be tanking for a group full of mythicaled players. Two, we would not have a chanter for the Master fight, and I couldn’t imagine doing that without mez.

We totally kicked ass though with only one wipe during the zone when Taylona’s stuck his big ass into some adds and we got overwhelmed.

It was really nice for me to get to tank a zone like the Crucible again and do as well as I did. Saynt used to be my main and I was a raid MT in EQ1 for years, but I tank so little nowadays that I get a little nervous when I’m called upon to tank a zone.

I have to admit that I’ve been poking around with a guardian alt lately. The changes coming with GU51 have me a little worried that I won’t enjoy the pally as much anymore. It’s not the change to amends, I am really not worried about that at all. It’s that they are refocusing pallies from AE to single target tank. To me, the most fun I have on the pally is pulling a ton of mobs and then tanking them all while the DPS burns ’em down. I guess I feel like if I’m going to be a single target tank, I might as well be a guardian and enjoy all the benefits of the guardian class. Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe crusaders can tank about anything guardians can, it’s just I’m of the minority. The majority of the population of EQ2 believes that you have to have a guardian to tank anything outside of CoA.

Then again, the tank is merely my alt so who cares really. I don’t need to tank anything outside of instances.

On the other hand, it would be nice to have McMad in EQ2 :p.

I just don’t know. I know I don’t have the kind of time to level an alt that I used to have though, so I doubt he gets past level 30. I am just feeling nostalgic about McMad, and If I were to get him to 80 I would be able to outfit him totally in T2 gear right off the bat with the amount of shards I have saved up on Castillion.


I’ll probably just skip it and keep Saynt. I just don’t know if I have it in me for a 4th level 80.

Tonight we are going back to Cod for backflags and VS for some other epic updates. I will fill ya in tomorrow if I don’t gouge my eyes out during VS.

Time to build a better mousetrap. January 27, 2009

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Well, he was the last rat to get the cheese..

Congrats Snappe on your mythical!

Snappe is the last of Second String’s founding members to get their mythical. I still find it unbelievable. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet ;)

We cleared VP last night which saw my PLP Stormraven getting his myth, as well as the guild MT getting his.

VP third wing is slightly harder than second wing, with Silverwing being the real challenge. It took us a few runs at him to get him down, but we did. Outside of Silverwing, everything else on the third floor was one-pulled. The difficulty of VP is DEFINITELY Druushk and Nexona, two of the first dragons you fight in there. There’s no progression in this zone, it’s slam in your face with the hardest dragons in the zone right off the bat.

I’m not sure why SOE put such tough gatekeeper mobs right at the front, unless it was just to control the number of mythicals coming into the game. Anyway, it’s behind us now. All that’s left is the gear farming ;)

We now have a fully myth’d raid force, so I’m excited to see what’s in the future. We still have a lot of gearing up to do though. A lot of VP farming in our future!

I heard a rumor this morning that our wizard friend, Elonias, and the guild have parted ways. I don’t know the story behind it, but we’ll definitely miss him in Second String.

You know how to stay in touch with us Elonias ;) and if you know that CastillionBlackmoon probably has an email at gmail.com if you wanted to send him an email.

No raid tonight, so I think we are going to go test our mythicals out.

Until tomorrow!

Only one remains… January 26, 2009

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Well, as I alluded to in my previous post, Friday’s VP raid went incredibly well.

We one pulled Druushk which opened up the second wing of VP. A wing we, as a guild, have never been in. We then proceeded to slaughter everything on the second wing like it was our 50th trip there and we were all watching Natural Born Killers while blaring death metal at 11.

Yeah, it was a bloodbath.

We one-pulled every named on the second floor. So, between starting VP on Thursday and clearing through Second Wing on Friday, the guild saw 17 members get their mythicals. It was completely amazing.

Second String saw 5 mythicals of it’s own:

Anep AND Worknemangel

That leaves Snappe as the only member of SSG1 without their mythical.

That should be rectified tonight. We are heading back into VP to test out the third wing.

I hear that the difficulty ramps back up in the third wing, so it should be interesting.

VP is a little wonky with the difficulty. The first wing has two of the hardest freaking mobs in the zone. Then, once you break through the first wing, the second wing is like a breath of fresh air. It has some really fun and neat fights, but it is no where near as difficult as the first wing. Then, I hear, the difficulty ramps back up for the third floor.

This is kind of nice actually, at least in my opinion. You have some white knuckle fights, followed by some more relaxing fights where everyone can chat and joke around, followed by some white knuckle fights.

Kinda of nice to have a break in the middle, but I’ll know more tonight ;)

I will say this. Mythicals are amazing. I underestimated how much of a difference they make. Our raid force morphed into something totally different and WAY more powerful in one night with 17 mythicals. Our raid DPS jumped WAY up, healers heal better, tanks tank better, power issues are gone…

I expected to see a small improvement but it was really amazing. Saturday, we cleared through sisters in Shard of Hate in half an hour. It was pretty much just constant pulls with some named mixed in. It felt like CoA.

It’s going to be really interesting to see what we can do once everyone is outfitted with VP gear and a mythical.

Looking forward to it!

‘Nuff Said January 24, 2009

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I will make a post Monday about the raid, but for now:

My Mythical


He showers with it. January 23, 2009

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There’s so much big news to report today, where do I start?

Anep is a bad ass now. Second String now rolls with a mythical’d tank! Congratulations Sir, it is well deserved.

Man, we’ve come a long way.

Now just to get the rest of SS our mythicals…and we took a step closer last night…

We did it. We killed the beast. Nexona is dead.

Wow, what an epic fight. It’s been a long time since I’ve set on the edge of my seat holding my breath while watching the health drop….17%….13%…..10%…5%…DEAD.

It was awesome!

She dropped coercer gloves VP loot, which I did not roll on as it was a much larger upgrade for furies. Congrats Taylona! First SS VP loot. She also dropped another glove pattern and a kind of weak necklace for mages.

We then cleared the rest of the first floor up to Druushk. We pulled Druushk once and died and called it a night as it was incredibly late by that time and well past the raid end time. We were all super excited but I think by that time we were also all drained from the Nexona win.

The absolute best part? We had just reset our timers before zoning in last night so we have the FULL 9 day lockout to work in VP. That means at least 3 more raids in there.

I’m completely excited and I don’t know what to expect at all after the first wing. I am pretty sure that Taskmaster Nichok (the mob I need for Coercer myth) is fairly early on in the Second Wing, so hopefully we will get him sometime during this clear.

It’s so close!

It was really a fun raid last night and Second String has really meshed with the guild. There’s a ton more I wanted to write about today, but the excitement of the retelling of our Nexona win has pretty much pushed everything else out of my head.

Tonight we’ll push Druushk over again and head into the second wing. Wish us luck!

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? January 22, 2009

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Man I am in a good mood today!

We started the evening by helping Elonias complete is Mysterious Mark HQ and get his Dark Mail gloves so he can be as cool as me. He outparsed me on the last named by a couple of hundred DPS. I just wanted to mention to Elonias that I was not wearing my choker and would have outparsed him if I had. So, I laugh at you Elonias. I. Laugh. (Grats on the gloves sir.)

Afterwards, we headed to VP and back to smacking Nexona. She smacked us back, only harder, and we died a bunch of times. We did make GREAT progress though. Excellent progress. I am very excited about focusing on her more this week. We are very close to killing her.

I died about 20 times though. There’s a Coercer spell called Amnesia. It’s a mem wipe. I used to love this spell when I was farting around with Anep because I could mem wipe the mobs and then heckle him about not holding aggro. It has a dark dark usage in a raid though. Basically, when you know your raid is about to wipe, a Coercer can mem-wipe the raid mob and it’ll come over and kill the Coercer and then reset.

This saves the rest of the raid repair bills and makes recovering from a wipe much faster. That’s great, except that I am still dying…you know? I mean, I’m an evil character, why would I give my life so that others might live? I don’t even really like them, especially not compared to how much I like myself.

I’ll do it, but only because we recover faster and that’s faster loot for me. Don’t expect me to like it though damn it!

After the raid, I swapped over to Saynt and tanked OoA for Sin. THE SHIELD DROPPED!!!!

I’m lying. It didn’t drop. I just wanted to finally be able to type that. I feel empty and hollow inside.

I read something VERY interesting on the boards this morning. On test, there’s a new loot flag, heirloom. This tag prevents loot from being traded, but allows you to share the loot to other characters on your account via the shared bank.

Void Shards are flagged heirloom so you will be able to trade shards from your main to your alt and get them shard gear.

I know some people are up in arms about it, but I think it’s freaking awesome! I finally have a use for all those shards I’ve been saving on Castillion and I can outfit Saynt in some upgraded gear without having to ask my group to make sacrifices.

I am also hoping they will flag some of the rare /claim rewards I have on another alt that I created on release day then never played. I have some rare paintings and things like that I’d like to change to one of my real characters.

All in all, I think this is a wonderful change!

+50 seven letter bonus. January 21, 2009

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Well, nothing to report for last night. Several of us took the night off as a breather and the wife kicked my ass at Scrabble. I hoped she enjoyed her win because I only let her win once in a while.

Last night wasn’t one of those nights, she just kicked my ass.

I’m pretty sure she cheated.

As Snappe pointed out in the comments to yesterday’s post, there was no VP raid last night. I had my nights mixed. There IS one tonight and I am confirmed so far. It looks like we’ll be doing Druushk judging from the group set ups. I’m looking forward to killing him again and then putting in some good work on Nexona this week. It’s time for us to put that hurdle behind us ;)

I did do some parse work last night. I don’t know why, but I am parsing slightly higher with the %1 crit upgrade over the RE2 proc. So, goodbye RE2 gear, well outside of Usla’s bangle.

I’m really back in the mood of concentrating on the zones that carry gear upgrades for me. We haven’t really been doing that too much as Second String, just running around doing the instances we felt like visiting. I think it’s time we planned out group outings a little better though and put some focus on the zones that carry upgrades for us. That means a lot more runs through Crucible, Necrotic Asylum and Veksar ;)

Wish us luck in VP tonight, and I’ll update you tomorrow!

3 day weekends should be the norm January 20, 2009

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Well, after our full day Sunday, we were all tired yesterday so it was a fairly relaxed day.

I spent most of the day starting the Moors quests on my Pally, Saynt. I don’t know if I’ll do them all on him but I definitely want the run speed charm from the Bogstrutter quests. I was really missing that this weekend when I was tanking. I got the hardest parts done so just some easy running around and he’ll have it.

That was followed by a Protector’s Realm raid. I don’t know why we were in PR outside of S.a.G, but I went. We ended up with about three groups with roughly half of those being alts. So, there were a lot of deaths. We managed to clear it though and I even won a piece of raid loot! A +4 spell crit earring! However, after I got to playing around with it I was parsing lower than I was with my RE2 gear :-/ I really want to get rid of that RE2 set. I am going to do some work on the parsing dummies tonight and see if I can’t get that earring to fit in. I know I’ll wear it later on when I get the ring out of TotMC, but I’d like to wear it now.

Anep and Snappe were working on the Dark Mail Gauntlets quest and were needing to kill the last few named for it, so after the raid we ran around and wasted my time waiting on mail ;) We did get it completed for them, and congrats Snappe on the gloves as the caster set is about the best gloves you can wear at the moment (I’d congrats Anep too, but no one cares).

We then ran over to OoA for our daily dose of disappointment (no shield) and called it a night.

Tonight we are headed back into VP and I am not sure if it’s going to be a fresh instance or more work on Nexona. I’ll fill ya in tomorrow ;)

Hoh yeah! January 19, 2009

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Wow, full weekend.

The weekend started off with Veeshan’s Peak. We dropped Druushk again, but weren’t able to get Nexona down. I still think this event is going to take us a bit to work out.

BUT, we got the second Second String Mythical. Taylona got his update off Druushk and now he’s sporting the Fury myth, Wrath of Nature.

I’m really hoping we can spend some more time in VP. This zone is a huge commitment for a guild when you are breaking it and it’s just hard to progress unless you are putting the time in.

Saturday, we raided Tomb of the Mad Crusader, at least the first two named. It went super smoothly.

I, of course, lost every roll for raid loot. So, I’m still instanced out :p. It has to be coming soon though!

Saturday night, we followed the raid with Palace of Ferzul again. We’re still working this out but we have fewer and fewer deaths each time. That library event is a pain in the ass and we barely beat it scraping for power every time we do it. I don’t know if this zone is tuned for groups with better gear than us, but it’s certainly a challenge.

We followed palace up with Nizara. None of us had ever been there, so we figured it would be a lot of AA. It was about one and a half AA for me. Plus, we had a ton of fun exploring and burning through green mobs.

It was also nice to get to say Hi to Kilanna. Thanks for coming over and checking us out. I hope Sinnir behaved herself ;)

Sunday was instances. I metric asston of instances. I don’t think I can even remember all we did.

It started with me running a pickup group on Castillion. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a p.u.g. but I had a lot of fun on this one. It was a strong group and we cleared Deep Forge and Najena’s Tower easily.

The only issue I really had is it was one of those “how fast can we clear the zone” groups and I really don’t get into timing an instance. I’d rather take a more relaxed approach and clear it in 10 minutes longer but without having to sprint from mob to mob. I don’t know when it became a measure of how bad ass you are as to how fast you can burn through a zone. I’d rather take my time and enjoy the company ;)

We were able to form up Second String after this and everyone needed some shards, so we hit the instances. Sunday I ran:

Deep Forge
Najena’s Hollow Tower
The Crucible
The Anathema
Scion of Ice
Veksar: The Sunken Theatre
Deep Forge (on Saynt)
Najena’s Hollow Tower (on Saynt).

Yeah, it was a full day and a long and fun three day weekend.