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New Year’s Drunken Exploits January 2, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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I hope everyone is feeling better today ;)

So, Second String lived up to it’s plans for New Year’s Eve. We planned on getting hammered and running some instances, and boy did we. We all got together in vent and toasted the New Year (several times). In fact, the guild made our own party channel we were could be as dirty as we wanted to be (thanks Wolf!) and we had members coming in and out of the channel all night. It was a great time!

Well, after about an hour of drinking and bullshitting in vent, our courage was to a point where we decided to do the Palace of Ferzul. Now, generally I have a write up when we try a new zone, but my memory of our first run at Palace is a little hazy, so I hope you all will forgive me if I just give a very brief description of our experience.

We zoned in, ran around and killed some trash. Anep broke my mez, let’s all do a shot. (Once I found out we had to do a shot every time someone broke a mez, I of course started mezzing everything). Hey a trash mob dropped an ornate chest, let’s all do a shot. We went through a portal and found Ferzul. I think we found the boss mob too soon and there are other named in the zone, so we decide to respawn at the beginning and look for other named. Oh yeah, time to do a shot.

We find another named. He seems to be fairly easy actually, you fight him and occasionally he becomes invulnerable and every member of the group has to click on something in the center of the room or he AEs and kills you all. That script is not too difficult and we can actually kill him. Yay! First named down, let’s all do a shot!

He dropped a nice cloak that I will provide a link to later, it was nice enough that I replaced my RE2 cloak with it. The legendary drops in this zone are very nice. (btw, I got loot so I’ll do a shot).

We run around some more. This is starting to become difficult as it seems the zone is a series of spiral staircases that have no railing. It was not easy to navigate after the shots. We come upon another named. I guess you fight the named and periodically you have to kill some books that are flying around the room, loot them, and use the looted item to prevent an AE. We got 3 books down and then died (woot do a shot), and it went downhill from there. We eventually decided we were too drunk to do any scripts and left for RE2.

I think we can actually give Palace a good run and make some progress in there. Expect to see a write up of a real try at it soon.

What about RE2 you ask? I don’t remember. We cleared it, some stuff dropped I am sure. I don’t think we died too often but, if we did, we had fun. There were several more shots, and I really started to feel the tequila ;) We left there pretty drunk and lost half of our group to passing out. We were thinking of giving maidens a run, but soon decided to just call it a night. We all ported back to the guild hall and hit the mender/vendor where Sin promptly sold a bunch of stuff she wasn’t supposed to (luckily it was still on buy back tab the next day when she looked at her bags in a more sober state of mind).

Yesterday, we were all feeling a little delicate after our New Year’s activities. Anep and Sass were out for the day, Sin was really tired and not up to grouping much, so that left me to my own devices.

I used to love doing Pick Up Groups. I was actually kind of excited to put myself out there again for the day. So, I hit up 70-79 channel, “80 coercer lfg, no lockouts!” and got a tell 2 seconds later “want to go to crucible?”. Well, of course I do!

So I join group. We have 3 people in the group with mythical, including the tank. I am thinking that this is going to be a quick run. I am a little concerned as there is only one shaman healer in the group and one healering The Crucible would be pretty difficult I would think. What do I know though, these guys are geared much better than I, so I am sure they know their limitations much better than I do. I should have listened to my inner voice though as I left there with broken armor and the last named was still up. Now, we usually do the Crucible with no deaths and super fast, so I was a little shocked to lose it with the level of gear in that P.U.G. I felt very bad for the one chain healer. I think it was just too much to expect him to single heal that zone. Also, I knew Anep was a superior tank when it came to aggro control, but last night was really a testament to just how good Anep is now. I pulled aggro and died constantly last night, as did the rest of the DPS in the group. I finally had to drop my pet and deaggro everyone. I really have to push it to pull aggro from Anep. Like, I have to try to pull it (and I do sometimes, just to keep his ego in check, you know how it is).

After that experience, I was a little down that no one from Second String was on. However, my PLP Stormraven had a group going and saved a spot for me. We cleared Najena’s Hollow, RE2, OOA (no shield), and Anchor of Bazzul and ended the night on a good note.

Tonight we try Leviathan again and if we win that maybe I will get my first foray into Veeshan’s Peak. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow ;)



1. Kilanna - January 4, 2009

OMG I was ROFLMAO reading this – sounds like SOOOOO much fun. *takes a shot*

I had ACT switched on last night when we ran Crucible. In truth I think that Kil could come close to solo healing that zone. The Three bad guys you have to deactivate for the 2nd last named would maybe be a bit hairy with the damage spike right at the start – and the last name is always a wipe if you dont burn those books/scrolls even with 2 healers. Almost 10% of my total zonewide heals came from that last named alone

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