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VP and Guk: Outer Stronghold January 5, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Another fun filled and VERY productive weekend this weekend.

Friday night, as I mentioned, the raid was Leviathan. It’s needed for VP access and I have not had any luck at all winning this event. We hit the zone Friday evening and right as we zoned in, the zone crashed. The entire raid got saved to separate instances and we all got 30 min lockouts. Sweet, what a great indicator of how things were going to go the rest of the night. We waited out the 30 minutes and zoned in and began the fight. It was flawless and I am flagged for VP! Awesome!

The guild decided to go ahead and take us new folks into VP. I, and the rest of SS, was a little nervous having never been but boy were we looking forward to it. We zoned in and moved through the zone, wiping out the two first named with little issue and then heading on to Druushk. Druushk will get 2 of SS their mythicals, Sasspanz and Taylona.

Unfortunately we didn’t get Druushk down only having time for two pulls as we were already over raid time, but I have a good feeling we’ll get him down Tuesday when we go back. The raid was awesome though and I feel so fortunate to have experienced VP with our guild. They are a great bunch of people to raid with and lots of fun to boot. I am really enjoying our move to the new guild.

Sass is a freaking maniac on the parse. Without her mythical even, she is still blowing us all away. It’s awesome to see SS in the top 4 slots of the DPS parse and top 4 slots of the heal parse. I’m really proud of how far we have come. The days of breaking our armor twice in Maidens seems so far behind us now.

Saturday we logged on and headed to SoH for the raid. It was another quick run and we even gave the Maestro a good run for his money, although we didn’t take him down. We made more progress than any other guild I’ve been into SoH with though. I think with some more time and some more attempts, he’ll certainly die soon. The Wicked Wand of Malice that I’ve been coveting from the Sisters did drop, and I was a shoe in to win it, but our MT talked every other mage into rolling on it too. I hate you Callous (I mean that with love, well love-hate).

After the raid, most of SS logged and Anep was out of town, so I hit up Stormraven for a group. We decided to try Outer Stronghold of Guk again. Oh, yay, I could hardly contain my excitement. I love guk..soo..much…/wrists.

However, we actually kicked some ass in there, so I have some write up to do.

Guk: Outer Stronghold


Stormraven – 80 SK
Zahrn – 80 Brig
Kaflor – 80 Temp
Rhyanna – 80 Fury
Nefertity – 80 Coercer
Castillion – 80 Coercer (yes, two coercers but I’m really DPS!)

This zone is a total bitch. The trash mobs all hit hard as hell, have nasty AEs, and are mostly groups of mobs. Expect some deaths clearing your first couple of times in. Also, the first couple of named are timed ring events that totally suck. Our first two goes at the zone we did not even beat the first ring event.

The first named is Trogoldon Greck. He spawns after a ring event of 6 waves of mobs level 83 ^^, starting with 6 mobs and progressing up to 8 mobs. You have to kill each wave in 5 minutes or the even resets. It’s not a walk in the park by any means. Trogoldon Grek was actually just a tank and spank afterwards, and a breath of fresh air for the zone. Unfortunately, he dropped ornate, which turned out to be the theme of the night.

Trog is followed by another ring event although, in my opinion, an easier one. There are MORE mobs, but they are only ^ mobs and are much easier to burn down. This spawns Mrogold Minosk. Much like Trog, he is a burn mob, but he has a nasty AE and range DPS really helps. You guessed it, more ornate.

Killing Mrogold unlocks the door to two more named, well three as one encounter is two named. Gruuper Groo on the left and Lunchmeat and his buddy, Ferhustr Frupdor, on the right.

Gruuper Groo took a little bit of working to figure out his strat. There’s a clickable forge in his room that gives you a chaos spark when you click on it. We though this had something to do with the fight, it doesn’t, not this one anyway. When you engage Gruuper, adds spawn in the 4 corners of the room when he’s at somewhere between 60 and 40% health, I don’t remember exactly. The adds are bad asses though and have a nasty AE that will wipe out the tank and then your group. YOu can avoid all that messiness by positioning Gruuper directly in the middle of the room and having everyone crowd around. It keeps the adds at bay. More ornate.

We moved on to Lunchmeat and Ferhustr Frupdor. Now, I won’t spoil the scene, but it’s comical seeing these two named run around thier area. Now, I will tell you our successful strat for the encounter, then I will tell you how I think you are actually supposed to beat it. Ferhustr is immune to all damage when you engage, Lunchmeat is not. We found that if someone uses the Chaos Sparks, they can damage Ferhustr. So, after several deaths, what we did is killed lunchmeat and gave the tank the Chaos Sparks, then let the tank kill Ferhustr as we kept him alive. It worked, but took a loong time. He dropped ornate.

Now, this is how I think it’s supposed to work. When lunchmeat is alive he debuffs members of the group which will allow them to hit Ferhustr. So, I think the proper thing to do is to tank both mobs while killing Ferhustr when the debuff is up. We’ll probably try this next time.

The only remaining mob in the zone is the boss mob, but we decided to call it a night here and kill the boss the next day as it was incredibly late by this time. So we made a date for the next day and logged. This ended up being a bad decision.

When we all logged in the next day, we discovered all the gates we had unlocked in the zone to progress had closed and there was no way to reopen them. We figured we were screwed but all petitioned anyway. An hour later (don’t ask me how Kaflor got a GM so fast) a nice GM logged in and unlocked the doors for us so we could attempt the last named.

Warlord Zraxth. What can I say about this event? It’s a total freaking pain in the ass and we were never able to get him down. Zraxth is immune to all damage initially, however the tank can use the Chaos Sparks on him to damage him to keep aggro. Occasionally during the fight, random people in the group will get a noxious detrimental on them that dots them but also allows you to damage Zraxth. When the named is at 60%, 50%, 40% and 30%, he summons adds that do a massive AE and generally wipe the group if you are not positioned correctly. Also, if your priests accidently cure any of the gajillion detrimentals, then Zraxth will do a huge AE and wipe your group.

I think they key to winning this is no cures, stun/stifle Zraxth to keep him from summoning adds, keep everyone in the group spaced way apart (yeah, if you are too close this triggers an AE as well) and have a group that can survive a 10k AE. So, yeah, we never beat him. We’ll head back and try him again soon though.

The rest of the day found SS running through several instances, Obelisk of Ahkzul a million times (no shield Kilana, dont tell Sin if you DID get the healer shield haha), Mystmyr Manor, and the Befallen zones. We also ran Shard of Fear with Anep, me and Anep’s brother, Theonee 80 Wizard. Yeah no healer and no choker drop :p although I did get the Shard of Fear charm item if I can ever get the Shard of Hate.

Productive and busy weekend!



1. Kilanna - January 5, 2009

Nope – it wasn’t a healer shield that dropped *phew* I am safe.

For some reason I thaught Sin was a Pally too … didnt realise she was the most excellent class in the game till I looked up EQ2 Players !!

I looked on lootdb … there doesnt appear to be anything dropping in OoA that is better than the bucklers from SoH – so now I am intrigued with finding out exactly what Sin is after :p

2. castillion - January 5, 2009

She doesn’t have the SoH shield either. Her shield voodoo is not good.


3. Kilanna - January 5, 2009

Ack!!! No fair. Of the 2 in SoH, I have the Atremonous Omen on Kil – I had bad rolls on The Brace of Corporeal Darklight each time it dropped :(

Nice Leg buckler drops in old Veskar too off the Squallic Destroyer – 3 heal crit and 42 Wis – Buckler of the Douser.

4. castillion - January 6, 2009

Yes, Taylona won that one too.

I am telling you she is destined not to have a nice secondary!

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