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I’m hungry. January 6, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well, last night found us with Second String (minus Snappe) itching to do some instances. It was actually a pretty smooth and relaxing night, which is a good thing as I was pretty beat from work.

We started with…….OOA! No shield.

We then hit up Anchor of Bazzul as it was the daily double. I am now sitting with close to 100 shards in my bags. I can’t wait till they release some new stuff to buy with shards :p Nothing dropped worth mentioning in AoB, no exquisites at all.

Then we headed to Ravenscale Repository. Some of the guys had an open instance from the day before and they were not able to kill the last few named. We went in to clean it up and killed T’Lon the Powermonger and the pvp encounter. The PvP encounter is still tough, but fun and we got both of them down. Finally an exquisite drops and Taylona (who was on his assassin Tayterz) won Fatal Followup master. Also, grats Sinnir and Rhesus for completing The White Dragonscale Cloak.

Necrotic Asylum was next on the list. Anep hates this zone, so we love to run it. It went smoothly and Tayterz won another master, go go twinks!

We finished up the night with another shot at the last named in OOA. Yeah, we won’t go there.

I have been kicking around the idea of starting yet another alt. I still want a healer on my roster. I have an 80 pally, 80 swash, 80 chanter….need the healer to fill it out and I could pretty much fill any spot in a group.

I’ve played the healer role a lot in my MMO time. I used to travel around games with a group of guys and I was always stuck in the healer role. Someone had to do it haha.

I really prefer plate healers, but we have Sinnir’s Templar who is 80 amd we have 3 level 80 druids (and another one on the way, welcome back to the game Ohoh).  So, we really need a chain healer. I can fill Sinn’s spot when she wants to play a different class with a chain healer, plus there are some fights where a shaman is just a nice addition to have with the wards.

I have a very low level Defiler alt right now but it’s a Rat and I haven’t connected to it, so probably going to delete him and make a new barb. It’s sad because the rat is level 10 and has 400k status haha. He’s the leader of Sin’s and my alt guild and I’ve been feeding him status items to get the guild to level 10.

I don’t know. We’ll see. I really don’t now if I will be able to concentrate on an alt anymore, now that I have the coercer. I just love the class so much.

Tonight is our second time in VP and we should be attempting Druushk. I really hope we are able to get him down as it will complete Sasspanz’s mythical. The first SS myth! We are all very excited.



1. Kilanna - January 6, 2009

*sigh* It just isnt funny when you wait for so freakin long for a drop /hugz Sinn

GL with Druusk!!!

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