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Wednesday was my favorite Addams January 7, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well, No VP last night after all. Poor weather conditions created poor driving conditions which saw us missing a few key spots for the raid. Instead, we went to Tomb of the Mad Crusader, followed by a few more pulls on the Maestro in Shard of Hate.

Tomb of the Mad Crusader went well. We’ve still only pulled the first two mobs in the zone. Congrats Snappe on winning the bracer pattern and congrats Sasspanz on winning a set of awesome chain arms, and congrats me on losing the roll on an awesome wrist piece. I still have no raid loot. I blame Callous.

The Maestro was still a prick. We did make some progress in getting him down. I think we’ve started to get the event under control and got a few key parts of it figured out. I was newbing it up actually the first pull. I could not understand why I wasn’t able to cure my arcane. I kept trying and it kept stacking on me and I couldn’t cure it at all. Then I realized, yeah I had the mob targeted the entire time and was just curing the MT. So I created a macro to target myself and that fixed that. I was able to cure and use my tuning fork without issues, unless I was dead of course, which happened a lot. I think as soon as we can control his aggro and keep him from running crazily throughout the raid, we’ll win. Sounds easy.

After that SS was all back together. Snappe 80 Warlock, Sinnir 80 Templar, Castillion 80 Coercer, Anep 80 Shadowknight, Taylona 80 Fury and Sasspanz 80 Assassin. That’s not a bad little group there!

We hit up OOA (no) followed by the Fabled City of Korsha. We cleared both, but man Korsha felt tougher last night than it did the first time we went through it. It did drop some decent loot though, a couple of masters and a nice chain chest piece Anep took for his dirge. It was actually nice enough to replace the Gi of the Jarsath Swiftail from Maidens, so it was pretty damn nice.

It has also come to my attention that some of my guildmates and friends have stumbled upon my blog. I really haven’t announced to the world that I write about our adventures as a guild and make fun of people on here and I’m always surprised when someone in-game mentions that they read this.

Like..say…Elonias, for example. Yeah, the guy I wrote this about:

Elonias, a wizard from the guild who outparses me on raids but still wants us to twink him in instances. Bastard.

I would just like to state, for the record, that Elonias is a great guy and a better wizard and we love grouping with him. I was only being snarky in my above comment because he outparses me then comes and steals all my loots.

There. Are you happy Elonias? You can dry the tears and put the tissues down now. We like you.


(I’m totally kidding by the way, Elonias just mentioned he saw my blog and that I called him a bastard. He thought it was funny. I imagined the tears and drama, well, probably imagined them. I am sure he wasn’t really crying in real life. Probably.)

So, hello to all you Mistmoore people that read the blog. I need coercer masters, mainly Hostage.

Switching gears a little, I deleted my rat defiler last night (poor Twil) and created a new Barbarian defiler named Vyke. He’s already level 11 with 2 AA. Wow, that 30% XP bonus for having 3 level 80s really boosts leveling speed.

I have to spend some time planning out his AA paths now as I know very little about healer AA.

I’ll keep you updated in his progress. I’m mainly only making him so Sinnir can play an alt occasionally though, so we’ll see how long my altruism lasts. I doubt very long as I am a notoriously selfish person. Also, wow, soloing a defiler is already painfully slow, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in 30 levels ;)

It does feel good being a Barbarian again though.



1. rao - January 7, 2009

I always love that. Log on and a friend says, “Hey. I stumbled across your blog. I didn’t even know you had one. I really like it.” “Well thanks. That means a lot.”

“Now, let’s talk about the entry you made on June 11 a couple of years back where you referred to me as a ‘monkey-humping loot whore.'”


2. Kilanna - January 7, 2009

*giggles* I blushed a lot when one of the boys found my blog.

Re OoA *sigh* What starts as a joke gets real old real fast huh.

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