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I’m scared. January 8, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Some big big changed to hate mechanics up on test in yesterday’s patch. I want to reserve judgement a bit till I can see some of the feedback coming in and perhaps do a test copy myself to see the changes firsthand.

I will tell you I am incredibly nervous about the changes though. This is a huge mechanic to go monkeying around with after 4 years. Also, unfortunately every one of my characters are hate transfer classes that will be affected by this change, Paladin, Swashbuckler, Coercer.

I will make a couple of uneducated comments on the test notes. Everyone else is doing it.

Area of effect spells and combat arts will no longer spread hate to encounter members when damage is applied.

I guess this is the biggest wtf? for me. I haven’t had a chance to read any feedback on it yet. Does this mean that you can no longer aggro mobs with AEs? This is good for warlocks and bad for AE tanks? I hope the encounter taunts really get buffed.

Paladin Amends:

The Redemption line now greatly increases your threat with the target instead of siphoning hate.

It appears to have been changed to another rescue type ability. This is a huge blow to paladins. I don’t disagree with Amends changing, but it doesn’t need to change to a way to get aggro back but still needs to be a way to maintain aggro. Paladins need the ability, or at least the chance, to hold aggro, not just get it back after they inevitably lose it. I am not going to flip out too much about this yet, as I would like to read more feedback about all the changes.

Swashbuckler Transfer:

The Swarthy Distraction line of spells has changed to be a short duration buff which greatly increases or decreases their target’s hate.

Wow. I mean, even if it meant it would be the EXACT same as the old Swashy transfer, one thing swashes don’t need is MORE temporary buffs. I mean, damn how many buffs should I be spamming before every fight? I already have 4 temps to use. This would piss me off more if I hadn’t really retired the swash already.

They are also merging many of the tank classes buffs into their defensive and offensive stances. I don’t mind this change so much except that you get the spell level of your stance. So, if they merge two buffs that you have at Master I level into your stance that is Adept I level, they all become Adept I. Ouchies. Unfortunately my Pally’s stances are all Adept III so I’ll be losing a couple of master levels. Oh well.

I am also seeing some changes to the Coercer that are not documented in the Test notes. This will have the most affect on me as the coercer is really my ‘main’ toon. It appears we’ve had some lowering of Enraging Demeanor’s transfer and a big change to Peaceful Link. I am really antsy to review these changes but unfortunately won’t be able to review them until tonight.

The suspense is killing me. I guess for the first time ever I am really considering getting onto test and poking around on these things myself. Now to figure out how to do that ;).

Let’s change subjects though, as these changes are still way too new and I am still way to uninformed about them to make any valid observations.

Last night was nice and calm. We formed up late as Snappe was doing something with his wife. I mean, Snappe, get your priorities straight man.

We hit ooa and Anchor of Bazzul for Sin’s update to the TSO signature quest. I think we’re all on the Palace part now.

No, there was no shield. I think Sin has finally developed a sense of humor about all this. Hey, at least it’s a chance for a master every time we kill that mob, right? Pardon me while I cry softly in the corner.

After that, It was off to Necrotic Asylum for the Daily Double. I still like this zone and I still like seeing Anep get so frustrated when none of us listen to him about the bridge keeper mob and we wipe. Poor Anep, we are going to give him an anurism. It’s not easy tanking for a group that is as competitive as ours is. We are always pushing ourselves and pushing each other and Anep is the one that has to work the hardest really. Every time one of us increases their dps by 500, Anep has to step up as well.

It’s a good thing he’s as patient and awesome as he is. I would marry him except I’m already married and, if I married him, I’d really have to rethink sex.

Tonight is VP! I am hoping we can push Druushk over and finally get Sass her mythical.



1. Snappe - January 8, 2009

“It’s a good thing he’s as patient and awesome as he is. I would marry him except I’m already married and, if I married him, I’d really have to rethink sex.”

Gayest thing evar.

2. Sord - January 8, 2009

Haha, that was pretty funny.

Anep, SK .. I have recently started in EQ2 and went with a SK as main hoping I can be tank or DPS as needed. Is this viable at the level of game you all are playing? Do you find the SK tank to make a good main tank, geared and AA’d properly of course? Can he switch to DPS and fill that role very well? Not sure if you will have an answer on the last question as he may never get the chance to try DPS. =)

3. Snappe - January 8, 2009

Some might disagree with SK as dps… but he’s never very far off of our parses (Warlock or Coercer)

4. castillion - January 8, 2009

In my opinion, Crusaders (SK and Paladin) are the best group/instance tanks.

At least I prefer a crusader (it’s just me I know).

They aren’t really accepted as raid main tanks though and, while Sks are great DPS, it’s hard to get a spot on a raid as DPS as a plate tank.

For groups though, there are none better.

For raids, I think SKs are great, it’s just sometimes hard to find raid spots anywhere as a plate tank.

Anep can tank AND dps though :p I have trouble outparsing him when he’s TANKING for us hahaha.

5. Kilanna - January 8, 2009

I do not call myself an expert in any sense – but my observations from experience.

Since TSO expansion went live, SK’s rock. They can push an incredible amount of DPS. One of the boys I regularly group with has played a SK since EQ1 days and is really loving his class at the moment. Despite my frustrations last night I do enjoy my Pally, and it is a pleasure to heal for Arisha.

As far as raid tanks – our raid tank is a Palladin (Arisha), and our MA is a SK. Arishas gear, MIT and Avoidance is certainly equal to the task. Aside from the fact he is one of my gang, I would still heal for his Pally girl any day. I have healed for some crap Guards/Zerkers.

As a healer, I am VERY nervous about changes to agro management. To completely change the playing field for a long established game mechanic sounds scary to me, but like you I will reserve judgement.

6. Sord - January 9, 2009

Thanks for the replies.

We’ll just have to wait and see on aggro management. Myself, I just do not have the time to spend on the test server to try them out … but my opinion is … it will either help or hurt. =)

7. g0thicicecream - January 9, 2009

The amends changes probably wouldn’t be so bad if sigil and amends were usable more than once an encounter. I can’t really recall anything outside of raids that takes longer than a minute to kill.

If your interpretation of AE and aggro is correct, there will be no picking up of adds any longer for a pally, or even be able to control group encounters.

I took a break from eq2, looks like I have no reason to come back at this point.

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