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She’s a Brick……Hooouse January 9, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Sasspanz is now an assassin with her mythical weapon. Congrats Sass! It’s awesome and well deserved! I am scared to see your parses now :p

She’s mighty, mighty.

So, yes, we killed Druushk last night. It took us several attempts but we finally started clicking as a raid and down he went. It was an awesome moment for me and I was very proud of us and our guild. We got a couple of mythicals for the guild, Druushk also dropped 2 boot patterns (one was coercer, yes I lost the roll), a master, and a pretty nice weapon.

Wow, these VP mobs drop a ton of stuff. I hope they all do ;)

After that it was off to bed, so not much more to report there.

We are supposed to do Leviathan tonight for more flags and also give VS another go. I don’t even want to talk about VS right now. I’ll wait until we try him again ;)

I looked over the GU 51 changes for Coercer, and I have to say that I am really pretty pleased with them overall, just looking at them.

Enraging Demeanor (our hate transfer and hate gain bonus) has been lowered some, but we will be the only class remaining with a transfer. This solidifies out spot in MT group, which I was concerned about as, without transfer, might as well bring an Illy. So, this seems to be ok. It’s a nerf, yes, but that’s unavoidable at this point.

Peaceful Link has been completely changed. The hate position drop has been removed and instead now it decreases hate on non-fighters and increases hate on fighters. It also now includes a damage proc. This is a good change I think. I can spread around damage all over the raid, and use it to increase aggro generation on the tank, plus increase his DPS so help with aggro as well. I think, if this remains in it’s current form on test, this may turn out to be a great thing.

We shall see. I still have more research to do, and I should really do a test copy. I’ll try to get to that this weekend.



1. Sassy - January 9, 2009

Woooooot!!! I’m a big girl now!!! Can’t wait until the rest of SS is mythed up as well. We will be youber and you will go back to beating me on the parse, hehe.

2. Sord - January 9, 2009

Sassy, how close do rangers parse to you in raids? One that equiped at a similiar level anyway. Thanks.

3. Sassy - January 9, 2009

eh, i haven’t seen many that aren’t toward the middle of the parse honestly, but i also haven’t seen many geared up rangers either. I imagine if they had mostly fabled they would be parsing a lot closer to the top if not at the top assuming they were really good rangers.

4. Sord - January 9, 2009

So who as at the top? Assassin, wizard I’m sure. Who else?

fyi, I am back to EQ2 after years away and never reached max level then. Now I have a 73 SK and 72 conj (retired), looking at illusionist or ranger for alt, SK is main. I would like a high parsing ranged DPS.

5. Kilanna - January 9, 2009

WOOOT – Grats on taking down Druushk – and grats Sassy on your mythical

6. castillion - January 10, 2009

The lines are less clear nowadays, and a well played and well geared character can push the top of the parse.

Assassins are clear winners followed by wizards.

They’ve actually improved conjurors and necros DPS so that they parse at the top as well, alongside Swashbucklers/Brigands.

Then come chanters, although once again, a well played chanter can be at the top. I am generally in the top 4 and occassionally top.

I have to agree with Sass in that there aren’t many rangers that parse well it appears but, those that do, parse very well. I Don’t know if they are difficult to play or just difficult to gear or what.

I would put a list something like this:


Although, this is hardly set in stone and the order (outside of assassins who generally top the parse) can fluctuate.

7. Sinn - January 15, 2009

i dont see SK’s on there , which i have seen alot of them creaping up on the parse, /cough nerf /cough /cough! haha <3 ya assnep :)

8. Sinn - January 15, 2009

see i dont really consider them “tanks” per say, more like a wizard in plate w/ a sword LOL

9. Snappe - January 16, 2009

What about Warlocks?!? I’m 3rd/4th on the parse only after Assassin – Conjy – Then sometimes Swashy or Coercer!

The Assassin (Sassy) and Conjy are both mythed! I r not.

That’s not 100% of the time… just maybe ~75% in VP the other night.

Just saying, put Warlocks up there!

10. castillion - January 16, 2009

Doh Sorry Snappe, yeah I’d out Warlocks up there with Summoners/Scouts/Rangers or sometimes higher. Snappe parses really well.

Maybe I will make my next alt a warlock :p

11. Snappe - January 19, 2009

Dude you should! I keep struggling with what to make Snapples… I REALLY don’t want to heal. Maybe I’ll go Assassin Round 2. (my previous Assassin’s name was Skitch… though I’d like to keep that name too, next time they reactivate that account for free I’m gonna delete him and snatch it up.)

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