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There is no shield. January 13, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well, last night was nice and relaxed.

We started with a Shard of Hate raid.

The raid went smoothly, I suppose. We killed everything through Sisters and left the Maestro alone. A very nice healer shield dropped, but alas a small mix up in loot denied it to Sinnir. It was a frustrating situation and hopefully one we can avoid in the future. Sinnir was pissed for a while about the shield, and understandably so, but a little time and a few more mobs and she was over it.

I just think she is truely cursed when it comes to shields. The game is conspiring against her ;)

After the raid, we were really wanting to do some Second String grouping. It was the first night in a while that we were all online and available, so we were looking forward to it. Anep wanted to get some shards for his dirge, so that left me tank duty.

I’ve been a little frustrated with the tanking lately. It’s just felt like we couldn’t accomplish anything when I was tanking. I agreed to hope on the Pally though and we formed up Me (80 Pally), Worknemangel (Anep’s 80 dirge), Sasspanz (80 assassin), Sinnir (80 Templar), Snappe (80 Warlock) and Taylona (80 Fury). We started with OOA for another shot at a shield for Sin with no luck.

Befallen Caverns of the Afflicted was next on the list and we blew through it with little issue. A very nice fabled rapier dropped that went to Taylona’s assassin alt.

We ended the night finding me refreshed about tanking again. I guess tanking for a real group, instead of 4 healers, makes a difference. We were actually able to kill something!

Now, with my interest in the Pally renewed, I am really curious what gu 51 is going to bring with the removal of amends. It was nearly impossible to keep aggro off of Sassy last night when I didn’t have her amended. Of course, she’s an uber mythical assassin and Saynt is merely an alt paladin, so I think I am ok with that.

Tonight, back into VP.



1. Kilanna - January 13, 2009

/hugz Sinn

I dont know if I will say this particularly well – but I am somewhat heartened to see that even experienced tanks have the same ebbs and flows as I have been feeling with little Nanytya. It was wonderful tanking a balanced (although underpowered) group through Chelsith after how awful SoF felt. At the end of the day it is all about having fun isnt it!!!

2. Kilanna - January 13, 2009

PS: If all parties are agreed – it is possible to /petition and maybe have that shield awarded to Sinn since there was a mix up…… SoE customer service have come through for plenty of folks I know.

Sorry to spam your blog with comments :p

3. castillion - January 14, 2009

I don’t mind the spam at all :p always nice to hear from you Kil!

And no, you are not the only one who has their tanking ups and downs. Hell, even Anep has them. Occassionally I have to remind him that our group is not easy to tank for and he does a super awesome job.

I think it’s just the nature of the position. The tank has the responsibility to know the zones, keep hate, and guide the group. It’s a big job and takes it out of ya ;)

4. Kilanna - January 14, 2009

One thing that I am very aware of, is that Leading/Tanking is actually at odds with my general nature. I certainly have a strong will (read stubborn) and definite views, but I am not naturally a leader.

My preferred MO is to work behind the scenes to implement the leaders direction – taking care of the detail. This applies to both my professional life and personal relationships in the real world. Sometimes I am finding it a stretch and somewhat awkward to be thrust into that role even though we are only talking about a virtual reality. Call me wierd huh :p

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