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Nexona has a grudge against me. January 14, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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So, we did VP last night and had our first pull on Nexona..


Yeah, Nexona is tough. I think we did ok for our first go at it but it’s an interesting event. There’s a lot of key positions that can wipe the raid if a shiny isn’t clicked, or an add isn’t killed in time, or a mob isn’t mezzed in time, or you do too much DPS to Nexona, or too little DPS to Nexona…yeesh

Right now though, I am on a high from beating Venril so everything else seems doable compared to that ;)

I feel confident that we are going to bang our heads against her for a while until we are all sick of it then WHAM we are going to win and much celebration will ensue.

I hope it doesn’t take too long because the last mob for my myth is soon after ;) Plus I know Taylona wants to kill Nexona so we go back to Druushk which is his last update.

I respecc’d my AA last night to get through the end line of TSO and get Psychic Blast. The other coercers in the guild are just getting way too close to my parse so I have to do something. Bastards are making me work. I have 172 AA on Castillion so I had to respec quite a few times to fill out my last line in TSO. I won’t tell you how much I spent respeccing or on collections to get to 172 AA but it was a lot.

The sacrifices we make for vanity.

The positive side of all the respeccing is I now have Enraging Demeanor (my hate grain and hate transfer buff) maxxed with AA and I maxxed Peaceful Link AA’s as well. So I am all ready for gu 51.

Tonight we have planned to get Second String together and give Palace of Ferzul a real attempt.

I will let you know tomorrow how that goes and hopefully have a write up for every named in there!



1. Sassy - January 14, 2009

eh, i wouldn’t worry about nexona too much… after all, we got druushk after only 2 nights of trying, and VS actually didn’t take too long to figure out either, so I’m sure with trying her all this week that she will go down this week. And you are still a yoober badass coercer no matter how many times you respec =P

2. Kilanna - January 14, 2009

I need Overking then Hoshkar for my mythical yet …. Must be so exciting for you to be so close *grins*

3. Stargrace - January 14, 2009

Thanks for the comment, hehe.

I actually already have a level 80 coercer, and an 80 illusi, so this is my 2nd coercer. I love them. :)

Congratulations yourself on the Eq2players link, I’m uh, not new to that at all *chuckles*

Pleasure to hear from you. :)
I read your site from my RSS as well, have been for a bit. ;)

4. Snappe - January 15, 2009

Maybe I’ll be famous too if I make a blog.

5. castillion - January 15, 2009


You blog would be the internet equivalent of a whoopee cushion.

Now, get back to work on SecondStringInc.

Thank you, drive through.


6. Snappe - January 15, 2009

Pft… you’re right… I’m only good at writing things nobody ever sees :(

7. castillion - January 15, 2009

Oh Please, you are so sensitive today!

8. Snappe - January 15, 2009

I’m sorry, I couldn’t read your last comment – my eyes were filled with tears and everything is blurry.

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