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The Palace of Ferzul January 15, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well, some unexpected traffic yesterday!

I was linked from EQ2players.com. Now, I know to some this is hardly a blogworthy event, but being linked outside of our blogging community, and especially on the official site is exciting to me.

So, welcome new readers. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back.

Second String had plans last night to give Palace of Ferzul a real try. I am happy to report that we enjoyed some success, so I’ll outline our experience here as I normally do.

Palace of Ferzul

Group makeup:

Anep, 80 SK
Sasspanz, 80 Assassin
Sinnir, 80 Templar
Snappe, 80 Warlock
Taylona,80 Fury
Castillion, 80 Coercer

First, my general impressions of this zone. It’s tough. The trash hit hard, the named hit harder, and they all have some sort of script you have to figure out. It seems to be completely worth it though because even the legendary drops here are amazing. So far, every ornate chest that’s dropped has found someone using the piece as main gear.

The zone is set up as a series of portals that you can progress through as you unlock them. The first portal you’re able to access is a room full of trash mobs that you have to clear to unlock the way to the first named. Now, even though I used the word ‘trash’ to describe the mobs, don’t underestimate them. The trash in this zone all hit like dump trucks with dynamite wheels.

We moved on to the first named in the zone, Maldormous Exeter. This fight is actually not super tough and he’s the only named in the zone we killed on New Year’s Eve when we were just a little buzzed (Sass passed out later in the night, lighweight). Basically, every 20% of Maldormous’ health everyone in the group has to click on the structure in the middle of the room. I mean everyone, if one person in your group misses a click, there’s a nice AE that wipes the group out. Right, Snappe? Remember that AE last night Snappe? You have to click the thing, Snappe. We killed him with only one wipe, thanks to Snappe. Way to go Snappe.

This opened the door to the Library, or the second set of named. This has been our ending point to the zone as we were just not able to beat the encounter. It turns out we were doing it wrong, but I’ll first tell you how we did it and then tell you how I think we were supposed to do it.

When you enter the library you are faced with 3 linked named mobs, D’decill, Mewaye, and Llalortus. They are standing in the middle of the room and a whirling vortex of books are flying around them. The object of the encounter, we thought, was to tank the 3 named down so that they reach 0% health at the same time. While you are doing that someone (or someones) in the group (it happened to be me, yay) has to kill the books, loot them, and use the item they drop immediately to prevent a bomb going off in the room and wiping the group. It’s not easy and you pretty much need to be doing this kill, loot, use process every few seconds or the group is going to die.

We thought that, once you got all the named mobs to 0% health at the same time, the books would stop spawning and we’d be able to kill the named. So, everyone but me filled up their bags so that only I would get the item needed to click on to stop the bomb. Anep targeted the named mobs and Sass assisted through him. I targeted the books to kill and Snappe switched between assisting me and helping burn the named.

(As an aside, imagine explaining this event in vent to your group. Going through the entire thing for the one person that’s never done it before and finishing to silence. Then, 2 minutes later that person saying, “OK I’m back, what are we doing?” That was a good one Snappe ;)

We tried this set up quite a few times, and died several times getting the named mobs between 5% and 7%. Finally, we got the names to 0% all at the same time…sweeeeetttt!!!!…we are going to win FINALLY!! Wait…wtf…they just healed to full…crraaaapppppp…. Yeah, that sucked. We just kept killing the books till there were none left and then we were able to kill the named one by one. We still ended up winning, and wow that event is hard, at least the way we did it.

Now, after we won the event, I changed my mind about how you are supposed to fight the event. I think we made it harder than neccessary. I think what you do is this: Designate one person to be the item clicker and everyone else in the group fills thier bags. Tank tanks named mobs in the center of the room facing them away from the group so no one in the group is getting the frontal ae. The rest of the group burns down the books while the clicker uses the items looted from the books to prevent the bomb from going off. Once all the books are dead, then kill the named. That’s how I think you do it anyway, I’ll let you know next time if I am wrong.

They did end up dropping an exquisite chest that had a nice charm, and fabled wand and a master in it, so was well worth it. Sinnir won the healer charm because she gave Tay a guilt trip about her non-existant shield, Anep won the master and I won the VERY NICE wand that I will NEVER use because…hello…we have epic weapons. (I will skip the rant about fabled weapons dropping that we won’t replace our epic weapons with).

We then moved on to Ferzul. I would say he’s tough, but after the library event nothing would seem tough. Ferzul stands in his room over a pool of water that is surrounded by an energy field. You have to tank him in the energy feild and Anep said everyone in the group has to be inside the field, but he was wrong. Only the tank and mob have to be. Snappe and I ignored his instructions on the first pull as that is generally our modus operandi and we didn’t take any extra damage. You burn down Ferzul and at 25% a metric asston of adds join in the fight. We just saved all our big damage for 25% and burned him hard when the adds spawned and won the fight. The adds despawn upon Ferzul’s death. He wasn’t tough with our group, but I think you definitely need a good group for it.

After Ferzul you can zone into Varsoon’s room. It’s a huge circular room with 3 wings full of trash mobs and one really big, really ugly mob named Varsoon. We killed a few of the trash mobs (and got another ornate) and then decided that it was really too late to clear to Varsoon and give him a shot, so we called it here and ran over to ooa to try for Sin’s shield real fast (no).

It was a fun and productive night but I am ready to run some easy mindless zones and chill out for a bit ;) All this concentration is killing me.

Tonight we are back in VP and I think we’re going to kick Nexona in the shins some more.



1. Snappe - January 15, 2009

Just to clear my name – I wasn’t really afk. It was funny though. Man, standing there and not jumping around for 2 minutes was tough!!!

2. castillion - January 15, 2009

lol yeah Anep’s reaction was hilarious.

That’s why I love you guys, we laugh ourselves to tears almost every night.

3. Sinn - January 15, 2009

Got loots backwards sweetness :( Earring dropped from the library that Callous looted :) I got the charm item from the clicky guy snappe forgot to click ! HAHA /points and laughs at snappe

4. castillion - January 15, 2009

Yes yes, the order and appearance of loots is something I freely fool around with to make it fit into my account better ;)

This blog is only a little bit journalism. The rest is my feeble attempts at humor and to entertain myself.

So, unless it’s loot that I feel deserves some special attention, I don’t try to be accurate ;)

In fact, total historical accuracy is probably not something to expect here.

I’m lucky I remembered the names and strats of the damn mobs as I am usually spending my time thinking of ways to piss Anep off or to get back at Snappe for whatever he’s done to me recently

I claim complete freedom of timeline for each night so I can roll my little witticisms in as I see fit.

5. Snappe - January 15, 2009

As long as you admit you’re usually wrong I’m fine with it.

6. Kilanna - January 15, 2009

*giggles* You guys are an absolute scream. What server are you on again so I can roll a toon there :p

7. Sinn - January 15, 2009

Mistmoore FTW :)

8. Snappe - January 16, 2009

Fo sho Kilanna – but really we’re quite boring.

9. Sassy - January 16, 2009

SNAPE!!! You’re calling us boring??!! /shun! You are booted to SSG2!!!

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