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Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? January 22, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Man I am in a good mood today!

We started the evening by helping Elonias complete is Mysterious Mark HQ and get his Dark Mail gloves so he can be as cool as me. He outparsed me on the last named by a couple of hundred DPS. I just wanted to mention to Elonias that I was not wearing my choker and would have outparsed him if I had. So, I laugh at you Elonias. I. Laugh. (Grats on the gloves sir.)

Afterwards, we headed to VP and back to smacking Nexona. She smacked us back, only harder, and we died a bunch of times. We did make GREAT progress though. Excellent progress. I am very excited about focusing on her more this week. We are very close to killing her.

I died about 20 times though. There’s a Coercer spell called Amnesia. It’s a mem wipe. I used to love this spell when I was farting around with Anep because I could mem wipe the mobs and then heckle him about not holding aggro. It has a dark dark usage in a raid though. Basically, when you know your raid is about to wipe, a Coercer can mem-wipe the raid mob and it’ll come over and kill the Coercer and then reset.

This saves the rest of the raid repair bills and makes recovering from a wipe much faster. That’s great, except that I am still dying…you know? I mean, I’m an evil character, why would I give my life so that others might live? I don’t even really like them, especially not compared to how much I like myself.

I’ll do it, but only because we recover faster and that’s faster loot for me. Don’t expect me to like it though damn it!

After the raid, I swapped over to Saynt and tanked OoA for Sin. THE SHIELD DROPPED!!!!

I’m lying. It didn’t drop. I just wanted to finally be able to type that. I feel empty and hollow inside.

I read something VERY interesting on the boards this morning. On test, there’s a new loot flag, heirloom. This tag prevents loot from being traded, but allows you to share the loot to other characters on your account via the shared bank.

Void Shards are flagged heirloom so you will be able to trade shards from your main to your alt and get them shard gear.

I know some people are up in arms about it, but I think it’s freaking awesome! I finally have a use for all those shards I’ve been saving on Castillion and I can outfit Saynt in some upgraded gear without having to ask my group to make sacrifices.

I am also hoping they will flag some of the rare /claim rewards I have on another alt that I created on release day then never played. I have some rare paintings and things like that I’d like to change to one of my real characters.

All in all, I think this is a wonderful change!



1. Taylona - January 22, 2009

You’re fricken hilarious Cast! Can’t wait for the next time we do Nexona. Just like you said; we’re getting close and it’s just a matter of time before we get her down. That’s awesome news about the shards being tradeable. Hopefully that comes soon so i can gear out my alts lol.

Great blog man…keep it up; we all love it!

2. Kilanna - January 22, 2009

Sounds like another fun evening in Norrath for you guys.

Like you, I am very excited at the prospect of being able to share lewtz between my various girls. It is super when you are part of a good regular group. Imagine if something drops Anep does not need but flagged heirloom – you can pick it up for Saynt and vice versa.

Once I take my Pally through zones for the aa … it will be nice to go back to my beloved Killy – and yet still be contributing to the Pallys developement so she can tank for the group sometimes. After all I am still putting in the effort of doing the zones on one of the girls – I am not getting something for nothing.

BUT …. if you usually do a lot of PuG’s, then that would essentially mean you are competing with not only the 5 others in the group for Lewtz with this flag, but also all of their alts. I wonder how significantly that would reduce the impetus of people to group with folk they dont know?

Overall though I am excited and think it is a GREAT idea if implemented with care.

3. castillion - January 22, 2009

oh I don’t regular droppable loot gets flagged heirloom

4. Sord - January 23, 2009

I would sure hope loot goes to group members first over alts of group members. I PUG a lot and seems like everyone always asks before they need on something for an alt. But they are PUGs afterall, and I have had my share of jerks in them as well.

5. castillion - January 23, 2009

I really don’t think dropped loot will be getting the heirloom tag. I think it’s more going to be /claimed items, quest rewards/void shards, and maybe LoN stuff.

6. Snappe - January 23, 2009

Maybe there will be:

Need for Alt

And I wouldn’t put it out of the question for dropped loot to be heirloom… I dunno, I could just see it happening.

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