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He showers with it. January 23, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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There’s so much big news to report today, where do I start?

Anep is a bad ass now. Second String now rolls with a mythical’d tank! Congratulations Sir, it is well deserved.

Man, we’ve come a long way.

Now just to get the rest of SS our mythicals…and we took a step closer last night…

We did it. We killed the beast. Nexona is dead.

Wow, what an epic fight. It’s been a long time since I’ve set on the edge of my seat holding my breath while watching the health drop….17%….13%…..10%…5%…DEAD.

It was awesome!

She dropped coercer gloves VP loot, which I did not roll on as it was a much larger upgrade for furies. Congrats Taylona! First SS VP loot. She also dropped another glove pattern and a kind of weak necklace for mages.

We then cleared the rest of the first floor up to Druushk. We pulled Druushk once and died and called it a night as it was incredibly late by that time and well past the raid end time. We were all super excited but I think by that time we were also all drained from the Nexona win.

The absolute best part? We had just reset our timers before zoning in last night so we have the FULL 9 day lockout to work in VP. That means at least 3 more raids in there.

I’m completely excited and I don’t know what to expect at all after the first wing. I am pretty sure that Taskmaster Nichok (the mob I need for Coercer myth) is fairly early on in the Second Wing, so hopefully we will get him sometime during this clear.

It’s so close!

It was really a fun raid last night and Second String has really meshed with the guild. There’s a ton more I wanted to write about today, but the excitement of the retelling of our Nexona win has pretty much pushed everything else out of my head.

Tonight we’ll push Druushk over again and head into the second wing. Wish us luck!



1. Snappe - January 23, 2009

WEWT! Yeah! Onward to wing 2, then wing 3!!! Man, if what everyone says is true, Nexona being the hardest of all the dragons… I don’t see why we couldn’t clear the rest of VP in 4 nights? That’s 2 nights per wing… But then again, I dunno… every step from this point is the furthest in I’ve ever been… you as well if I’m not mistaken.

2. Snappe - January 23, 2009

OH AND OMG… IF NEP GETS HIS MYTHICAL ON WORK WTF? That’d be nuts, 2 myths for him in one week rofl.

3. castillion - January 23, 2009

lol yeah that’d be funny as hell.

I doubt that we’ll realistically clear all of third wing this time. That’s high expectations considering that every mob from this point on is a new mob and a new strat to learn for the guild.

I will be really proud if we clear even the second wing.

4. Snappe - January 23, 2009

Don’t say that!!! Say you’ll be really proud if we kill the first mob in 3rd wing, that’s me!!! :)

I’ll be the last SS to get mythed out, but that’s cool… If we get Travenro in 3rd wing, SS will be fully mythed!!!

5. Sinn - January 23, 2009

WOOOOOOOT im so Happy! /dances. Took me forever to fall asleep lastnight my blood pressure was threw the roof LOL gawd i sound old sayin that . LOL Well now that we have nexona down i have no doubt we’ll be plowin thru VP w/ ease. Its all downhill from here !! WOOOOT!!

And Snap, i am sure i will be the last to see my mythical, sin suxxors when it comes to the loots :( HAHAHAHA./glares at Hoshkar

6. Snappe - January 23, 2009

Haha, Sin – It’s impossible! We HAVE to kill your mob before we can even get to mine :)

7. Assnon - January 23, 2009

Well from everyone that have cleared VP has told me that the entire 2nd wing is a joke. It doesnt get hard again till Silverwing, second to last mob in 3rd wing. So I have no doubt that the entire 2nd wing will be cleared tonight after Druushk.

8. Anep - January 23, 2009

WTF!! anon?

9. Snappe - January 23, 2009

WEWT! That means we might get a shot at friggin Travenro!!! Nep was that you anon? Call you Assnon…

10. castillion - January 23, 2009

Updated to reflect Anep’s secret identity

11. Snappe - January 23, 2009

Haha, rockin!

12. Sassy - January 23, 2009

Wooooot!!!! Gratz Anep, so proud of you, you earned that myth!! And Cast you will definitely be mythed by the end of this week (if we don’t get hung up on Druushk that is), but I think he’ll be relatively easy now that we have beaten him before and know the strat. Anywho… Rock on SS!!

13. Kilanna - January 26, 2009

WD WD guys. Grats on Mythical Anep!!!

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