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Pally Power! February 28, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.

Saynt's Mythical

Mythical Stats


Ferzhul owes me one. February 27, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Yeah, he owes me big time. Varsoon is not the easiest house guest to get rid of.

Yes! We killed Varsoon! I can tell you that this feels like a huge accomplishment. That fight is tough. It really shines a light on any weaknesses your group may have. Every member of the group is vital to winning the encounter.

I have to say, I actually like this event. Yes, it’s hard, very hard. However, it’s not hard in the Guk – Frenzy – boy this is stupid way. It’s hard in that it takes gear, skill, and teamwork to beat. I really felt a sense of pride and accomplishment in Second String last night. We’ve come a long way and we’ve really grown as a group. Our group last night was:

Snappe, 80 Warlock
Anep, 80 Shadowknight
Sasspanz, 80 Assassin
Taylona, 80 Fury
Sinnir, 80 Templar
Castillion, 80 Coercer

I have to give Second String a little love here. I don’t know how long we’ve been grouping together nightly now but it’s been a while, a long while. These guys have definitely made EQ2 what it is for me and I love them all. We’ve been going on so long now with only a few personality clashes here and there. I have to thank them for putting up with me and being the crazy fun bastards they are.

OK, now that that’s been said, I have really been lucky the last few days with loot. Last night was especially good to me. I have to say, I was feeling a little blue about the whole loot thing. Castillion just can’t seem to win a roll anytime for an upgrade or get items I am after to drop for him at all, couple that with Sinnir getting the +base damage belt out of Veksar2 on her alt that I have been after forever and I was a little blah. However, I finally got Hostage Master 1 Wednesday night (had to buy it but it was worth every plat), Last night though, last night, the loots poured in for me! I even beat Snappe on a roll!

Forgotten Ring of Souls

Robe of the Undying from Varsoon

I was also able to complete the TSO Signature quest, rewarding me with this:

Dagger of the Ethernaut Magus

It was an awesome night!

I will leave you today with a few screenshots.

New title!
Cast's new title. 

New robe from Varsoon that will henceforth always be covered with something in my appearance slot:
Robe of the Undying

Someone tell Varsoon I was just kidding. February 25, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Well…Varsoon still sits comfortably in Ferzhul’s palace…raiding his fridge, kicking his void beasts, watching skinimax, naked, and eating cheetos on Ferzhul’s new Suede couches…

Yeah, unfortunately we got kind of a late start last night so we didn’t get as many pulls on Varsoon as I was hoping. We DID get enough pulls that we should have killed him. We really don’t have an excuse. We were able to get him to the last room twice, and were just unable to finish him off and it got too late to continue.

We will get him our next time in the zone though (Thursday I hope). I think I can say that with confidence. We tried a couple of different strats, starting in different rooms and what not. I think I have to agree with the strat posted on wikia which says to start in the Blades room, then head to the Fire room, and end in the Life (or add) room. I say this because the Blades room has the most potential for screw ups, and you want to screw up early in an attempt instead of after you’ve already killed him twice and are all excited you are going to finish the encounter ;)

Plus, the Life room has fewer methods of killing the group, so you can regroup somewhat after the first two rooms.

Anyway, I think we have a good understanding now of how to do this encounter with our group, where to start, when to use abilities, etc. I fully expect to kill him in the first few pulls on Thursday.

Tonight, we are heading back into VP. Finally! We’ve been working TSO for the past couple of weeks, and I need a dose of dragon killing.

Hasta Manana~

Valdoartus Varsoon must die. February 24, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Busy days, the past few days, both in game and out.

We did a little TSO raiding on Friday and gave the snake in Tombs a few more goes. I’d like to kill that thing soon. I lost on the eye mounted ring again but I’ll get that damn thing one of these days. I still have yet to win one piece of raid gear. One piece. One.piece. It has to change soon, it has to!

Saturday, we ran all the T1 zones and Kor-Sha to get updates for people who don’t raid as much and for alts. Anep and Sinnir both managed to get alt mythical updates, Anep for his Inquisitor and Sinnir for her wizard. This means we should get 3 SS alt mythicals this week, Azznep 80 Inquisitor and alt of Anep, Dejavu 80 Wizard and alt of Sinnir, and my pally Saynt.

I am certainly looking forward to getting Saynt his mythical and seeing how different tanking is with it. He’s pretty much super twink at this point, which makes me happy as he was my main for so long.

Saturday and Sunday, Second String decided to stop slacking and continue progressing our mains. This means killing Varsoon as he is the only thing left in TSO that we have not killed. I am not going to write up a strat for Varsoon as there is already a great strategy for him on eq2.wikia.

We managed to kill Varsoon in all three of the rooms, unfortunately we didn’t do them in the same pull :p So..we still haven’t beaten the encounter yet. The plan is to go back into Palace of Ferzhul tonight and kick his ass. I really want to finish the TSO signature quest for the reward and I am hoping to have that tonight. We basically have the strats down for all three rooms, it’s just learning the order of the rooms that is best for our group, and pulling it together into one pull.

Plus, there are still a few pieces that we ALL want from Palace, so clearing it every couple of days is a good idea. I manage to pick up another nice piece this week, the Bangle of Portals, so that’s two pieces I wanted out of there. I would like the robe, the base damage ring and the greater void bane wrist out of there still.

Wish us luck!

Getting back to the mains. February 20, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Quick update today as it has been an incredibly busy day.

Last night was an offraid night, so we decided to stop our slacking in Second String and actually get some time in on our mains. We had wanted to clear Palace and give Varsoon a shot, but we were missing Snappe unfortunately. So, we picked up Aeyanna, SSG2 level 78 troubadour, and decided to kill the everything in palace except the big guy. I was skeptical that we’d be able to clear the library without Snappe’s DPS but we managed to pull it off.

As always some interesting drops in Palace, but nothing your local Coercer could use. We really have to give Varsoon a go. We clear palace quickly enough now. We’ve just really been slacking on progressing our mains lately.

We followed that up with a go at the Crucible as it was late and it’s fast. There’s also still a couple of pieces of gear from there several of us want. Like the Shard of the Codexicon Anep screwed me out of. Unfortunately the shard didn’t drop but a REALLY nice fabled healer secondary did drop. It went to Anep’s Inquisitor alt. Go figure.

Tonight we are headed to Tomb of the Mad Crusader and this weekend I am hoping to be able to get Saynt into CoD so I can sneak him into VP for his myth update.

We shall see!

Don’t care how, I want it now! February 19, 2009

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Started off the night last night with Stormraven bugging me right off the bat. He’s so needy! I still <3 him though.

He needed a 6th to fill out his group to give King Vroak Vripp in Lower Corridors a go. It was left over from the previous night. He had the nerve to say to me “bring some DPS miracles, we need it on this fight.”

I said to him, “Don’t ever speak to me like that again. Ever. I’ve got your DPS miracles. I’ve got them right here, buddy.” I’m kidding. I would never talk to my PLP like that. I simply said, “I am a DPS miracle. My blessings are upon you.”

A couple of pulls later and the King was Dead. I will always remember him before the jumpsuits and Vegas. He dropped a very nice caster necklace, the White Gold Necklace. I passed on it to the illusionist in the group as I have the choker. I really wanted it though as back up but there’s always next time.

After that it was raid time. We were hitting Palace of the Ancient One again. We breezed through the first event pretty easily and gave the Switchmaster a few pulls. We are getting closer but I think he may be just a little ways off yet. It was a fun learning event though and we are pushing the 100k raid parse watermark, spiking up to 98k I think once. I know the 100k mark is old hat for many guilds out there, but it’s going to be a great accomplishment for us.

That was our last active event for the night. We ended up staying on pretty late though, dealing with some BS drama. I don’t want to get into it all here yet, but I think you guys have probably felt me hinting at it the past week or so. I may get into it more later, but for now I will say there are a couple of SS haters running around.

I know I am about to come off as an egotistical prick, but I don’t mean to. I realize that we, as Second String, have a very nice set up having a set group everyday and being able to accomplish the things that we’ve accomplished. Some people will see a set up like ours and think to themselves “that’s a nice setup, I want to build something like that” and they will do as we did. They will make friends, they will make schedules, and they will reroll to appropriate classes if necessary.

Others will look at a set up like ours and say, “I deserve that too. I know I haven’t put the same amount of work in, or made the same type of sacrifices, but damn it I am entitled. I WANT IT NOWWW.” The Veruca Salt syndrome. (Oh yeah, I just dropped some Willy Wonka on your asses). These are the people that, instead of celebrating the success of others, begrudge them their successes.

There’s a storm a’brewin. Hold on to the elevator, we are going all the way to the top.

I want the world
I want the whole world
I want to lock it all up in my pocket
It’s my bar of chocolate
Give it to me

Pally Non-DPS February 18, 2009

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Last night was an offraid night, so we did a little bit of SS grouping.

I started the night off tanking on Saynt, and we kicked it off in Seb to finish up Sin’s new wizard’s fabled epic. Our alts are so spoiled, 80 one day, epic’d the next and usually bags full of gear to put on as well.

We then kept the group:

Saynt – 80 Pally
Dejavu (Sinnir) – 80 Wizard
Azznep (Anep’s Inquisitor, originally Assnep till he got petitioned)
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Taylona – 80 Fury (Tay originally started on his 75 monk, but our group was just not good enough to make it like that)

We started with an OoA 5 man. The zone went well, albeit slower than usual. We can 3 man OoA with the mains faster than we can 5 man it with the alts. No drops worth mentioning but it was fun.

We then decided to 5 man Anchor of Bazzul. We pulled it off, but Tay had to swap from his monk to his fury for us to get through it. Sinnir won the fabled caster hat from AoB. It’s an awesome hat and probably top 3 pieces for that slot. She’s such a freakin’ twink!

I am having a lot of fun tanking, but I’ve got some frustration mixed in as well. Saynt can pretty much tank anything the game throws at him. He’s geared and built like a…well…like a Sherman Tank. I struggle somewhat with aggro with mythical’d players, but I generally do ok there if my amends target is paying attention (that’s a bone of contention that will be fixed with gu51 I am hoping). Sin died a few times on her wizard last night and I lost aggro to Sass a few times as well but, generally, hate is ok. So, I can take a hit and I can hold aggro decently well….but…my DPS on Saynt is shit.

Now, generally I don’t care too much about my DPS if I am holding aggro, but my best parse is not 1/2 of what Anep can parse without really trying. It’s a pain because one of the primary reasons we can not do the same zones with me tanking is because I cannot tank and DPS like Anep does. Now, I know that he has 40 more AAs than I do, and he has his mythical and I don’t, but he parsed well before all of that. I just don’t have a clear idea of what I can do to up his parse without giving up so much of the tank gear I have.

I need to fix it though. Until I do, I don’t consider myself much of a tank. I know pallies can’t parse like SKs, and we are the lowest parsing tanks really of all, but damn I know I can do better. I just don’t know how yet. I think there’s a couple of pieces of gear I can swap out for more DPS without losing too much tanking stats.

I know getting Saynt his myth will help a little too.

I just need to figure out what it is so I can stop being frustrated.

I’m also jealous of the group Anep has, 80 Coercer/80 Assassin/80 Templar/80 Fury/80 Warlock all mythical’d. I wish I had that group to tank for :p

What a bastard!

We swapped over to our mains for a quick run at the Crucible.  It was fast and fun but no loot worth mentioning. Especially the Shard of the Codexicon that Anep stole from me last time we ran the zone.  That didn’t drop.

I hate you Anep.


SOE Fanboy February 18, 2009

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I have had a couple of opportunities to interact with SOE Customer Service over the past week. I have to say, I had excellent experiences both times. I don’t want to sound too much like an SOE Fanboy as, well, it was their fault I had to deal with their Customer Service in the first place, but damn it, their CS force was awesome and I have to give credit where credit is due.

First, I wrote earlier last week that I was thinking of signing up for a 3rd account finally so I could reap the rewards of the Refer-a-Friend promotion. I did sign up.

I followed all their directions. I signed up on my main account. I then waited on the email for my alt account. When I got the email, I clicked the link and followed the directions there to activate the third account. The third account received its rewards, but the status on the link page for my main account just said “invite sent” and my main account never received the mount or other rewards.

So, I called SOE. I got a very friendly CS person who took a look at my accounts. Since it was a new promotion, he also got his manager involved. They told me that it could take up to 30 days before I would see my rewards. Now, I didn’t believe this because A.) there were already mounts in game and B.) the status of my main account never updated past ‘invite sent’ but I let it go figuring I would give it a week or so then call back.

However, the CS person followed up after we had ended our call and found he was mistaken and I should receive the mounts immediately after my payment for the alt account clears my bank. He then sent me an email as a follow up letting me know his initial advice was wrong and I should call back in. That.is.awesome. He could have totally let it go and passed the buck off the the next CS person I talked to the next time I called in. I would have been none the wiser. He didn’t have to follow up on the issue or follow up with me but I am glad he did.

So, I called back in and got a new CS person to talk to. Again, I got a very professional and polite CS person. I could also understand him as SOE has not offshored their CS department. He initially gave me the “wait 30 days” line (again given to him by his manager) until I explained to him my previous situation and that CS person’s comment, that there were already mounts in the game, and that my main account does not seem to be updating status. He then took complete ownership of my issue. He researched it, checked my accounts and found that the two accounts were not linked. So, I had to cancel the initial account (which he requested a refund for immediately), and start a new one. He then sent me a detailed list of steps to follow in order to ensure your accounts are linked correctly. I followed the instructions and Saynt is sporting a shiny new mount now.

I just could not beleive the guy’s professionalism and his willingness to help me track my issue. Now, SOE really screwed up the refer-a-freind program. The process has misleading links, has to be done a certain way with no indication that you might be doing something wrong, and it seems the sun and moon have to align in order to get the accounts linked. However, for those of you that want the new mount as well, here’s the instructions you should follow to make sure your accounts are properly linked:

Recruit a friend step by step instructions

Later in the week, I mentioned that I tanked PR for Saynt’s myth update. Well, when we killed Imzok’s Revenge, his corpse fell in the wall and was not lootable. All of us that needed updates petitioned and I received a response the next day stating that the GM had reviewed the instance, saw where we had killed Imzok, saw that the corpse had remained unlooted and concluded it had fallen in the wall and updated my myth quest.

In both instances SOE’s response was prompt, professional and satisfying. Every company will have issues occasionally, I am very happy with the team SOE has employed to handle theirs.

It’s for real this time. February 17, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.

Wow..busy day..

Very busy weekend in EQ2 too!

I had kind of an up and down weekend though. It just seems like it was overly full of people being rude, arrogant assholes for no apparent reason. I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately seems like chat in EQ2 is becoming more WoWified as people think it’s cool to see how much of a jackass you can be to your fellow players in chat. I generally can seperate myself from these types of people so I don’t have to deal with them and let them impact my gaming experience, but this weekend there were just a couple that were unavoidable.

Well, they are avoidable now once again for the most part.

I don’t really remember our raid on Friday, 3 day weekends have a way of ruining your memory. I believe it was Palace of Ferzul followed by some more pulls on the snake in TotMC. I am sure some loot dropped. I am positive I lost all the rolls on the caster gear. I am pretty sure we all had a good time ;)

Saturday, I do remember. I mentioned last week that we were running PR and Thuuga for alt updates and I was hoping to get Saynt in on them. I did get to bring him along, and I also got to MT! I have to say that it went fairly smoothly being my first (and probably only) time to raid MT. Saynt is pretty tough and can certainly take a hit. I had a little trouble in PR holding aggro against one of our main raiders, a mythicaled monk, but I held it really well after she died. In Thuuga, we switched it around so I had a really high DPS ranger in the group, so aggro wasn’t as much of an issue with amends.

The rest of the day Saturday we pretty much spent getting Anep’s new, freshly 80, Inquisitor his fabled epic.

Sunday was spent power-leveling Sinnir’s new wizard alt. We were able to get her to 80. I also tanked a couple of instances and chanter’d a couple more.

Last night, we headed back into Tomb of the Mad Crusader. We cleared the first two mobs with ease and spend some time working on the snake mob. We are just really having issues getting our shit together for that snake. The adds keep eating us up. We’ll get him soon though.

BIG HUGE NEWS: Sinnir won a nice new (albeit ugly as hell) shield in TotMC. OoA what?

We followed the raid by starting Sin’s Wizard’s epic. We should have it completed tonight. That is Sin’s first alt to reach 80, so she can finally say she is part of the cool multiple 80 toon crowd. Although, she’s still behind ;)

There was more I wanted to write about today, but I am running out of time. I’ll try to get it in for tomorrow.

Hasta Manana!

3 day weekend! February 13, 2009

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It’s Friiiiidaaaaaayyyyyyyy! It’s also a 3 day weekend for me. I plan to get drunk, get naked, and introduce myself to the neighbors.

OK, maybe not. I guess those days are behind me now. ;)

Last night was another very slow night. I assumed it would remain so all night as only Tay, Sin and I were going to be on from Second String.

I logged in and immediately got a tell from Elo on his healer asking if I could come help them and tank the last named in AoB as they had lost their tank. I said I would and headed on over and he shot me an invite to the group.

This brought up an interesting situation for me. The group consisted of Elo, who I consider a cool guy and a good friend and who is an honorary member of Second String, there was also another friend in the group, a monk that I was once guilded with who I also consider a cool guy and who has been away from the game a bit, and a couple of people I didn’t know. The final member of the group was a guy that I can not stand and who I had previously decided I would not group with again.

I have run into him on a few pick-up groups on my other 80s, Cilantro and Castillion. I don’t think he knew me on Saynt. I just do not like the guy. I’ve always found him kind of prickish. Generally, if I don’t like someone and I am invited to a group and find them in it, I will politely decline and leave the group. There’s only a couple of people that I dislike strongly enough to refuse to group with them. However, since this was for friends and they needed a tank, I decided to keep my mouth shut and tank the mob for them. Luckily, I think he was mainly afk as he didn’t say much of anything and just dps’d as he should.

Anyway, it was two quick shards for one mob kill.

After that, I gave in. I logged out Saynt and went through the refer a friend process to set up a third account for Sin and I. I want the mount, Saynt is our powerleveler so him giving a bonus to people he mentors is a good thing, and we’ve wanted a third account for a while now.

I wish I could say the process went smoothly and Saynt has all his goodies right now, but I’d be lying. I sent the invite to myself and followed all the links therein to set up my third account. I then set up a free trial on the third account, logged it and and made sure the third account had all it’s rewards waiting for it when I activated it. Then, I logged out and activated the account, taking it off of the free trial and making it a regular subscription.

When I logged back into the third account I could claim all my rewards, including the refer a friend bonus pack of the potions and a cloak.

I then swapped over to Saynt to claim my new mount! ….It wasn’t there…. In fact, he had none of the bonuses he was supposed to have.

No problem right? I had read a post by Kiara that said I can just call Customer Service and they can fix me right up and associate the two accounts and viola I have my stuff. So, I called them up. I was told on the phone that it could take up to 30 days to get the mount…uh…there are already mounts running around in the game.

I didn’t argue too much though, I asked as many questions as I could and tried to get them to understand what I was saying. CS basically said wait 30 days and that is it. Bummer.

Then I checked my email this morning and they had emailed! They said I should a have my mount almost immediately on Saynt..then they threw in IF I HAD FOLLOWED THE PROCESS CORRECTLY…well…I followed the process as I was steered by their site and the refer-a-friend email my third account received. I can’t imagine where I could have wandered off the path they wanted me to go.

So, now I guess I have to call them again tonight when I get home and hope I get someone that can help me this time. Has anyone else gone through this process?

I spent most of the rest of the night playing the new scenarios in Legends of Norrath to get the loot card rewards. I won two new paintings, a turtle shell helm, and Guptan Illusion. I have 8 loot cards available to me that I have not claimed. I don’t know why but I am afraid I will claim a loot card on a character I end up not playing, so then the loot cards just sit and rot. I really need to claim them.

Tonight, I think we are back in Palace of the Awakened as our Friday night raid. Saturday we are hitting up the T1 zones for some alt updates I think. I am hoping to get Saynt on them to get his myth updates.