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Another zone down.. February 2, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.

I’m still here!

Sorry, missed Friday’s update as we were out taking mini-Castillion to see the Doctor. The poor kid has a couple of rough weeks coming up :( Today has just been super crazy at work, so the update is a bit late.

Friday night we took a shot at a new instance of VP. This was our first shot at Nexona with a mostly mythicaled raid force. She dropped in three pulls and we managed to clear all of the first wing plus two of the named on the second wing in one night. I think we’re heading into finish it off tonight.

Saturday we formed up SS and decided to give Guk:Outer Stronghold a real go. I have cleared up to the last named in a non-SS group tanked by my PLP Stormraven, but we had not really given it a good SS try. We cleared the zone! That last named in there is a real bastard and I’ll try to give a write up on it later. Here’s the basics:

1. Don’t cure at all during the fight, ever, at all. Cures trigger an AE that will wipe the group.
2. Make sure the tank has all 10 Chaos Sparks from the forge. He’ll need these to be able to taunt the named.

3. At 60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 20% an add will spawn. Be prepared as they hit hard and come from the four corners of the room, starting iwth the northeast corner and going clockwise so the tank needs to be fast picking them up or someone needs to be able to tank them/put them on the tank. You can avoid the adds by stunning/stifling but this is kind of a crap shoot because of how you are able to damage the mob.

4. Throughout the fight, the named will AE and put a noxious detrimental on two randomw people in the group. This will change throughout the fight. Only people with the noxious detrimental on them can DPS the named. Otherwise he will be immune to your attacks.

When the planets align, and everyone dances while balancing a plate full of glass shards on top of their head, the named will die.

It’s not easy. at. all.

He did drop a very very nice and very wicked looking offhand sword though.

That’s another zone down. We basically have Varsoon left to kill and Lower Corridors to clear and we’ve beaten every instance in TSO. Hopefully soon ;)

The rest of the weekend we pretty much just chilled out and played some alts for the most part. My new guardian is 53. I still haven’t decided if I’ll get him to 80 or not, we shall see!

Tonight we are back into VP to finish it up. Updates tomorrow ;)



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