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Guitarzan, he’s a guitar man. February 3, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Well, last night we trekked back to VP to finish it up. Well, that was the idea but Silverwing had ideas of his own. We cleared all the dragons up to him and called it after a few deaths there. We’ll go back in later this week and finish it up.

Monday raids seem to always be tougher. I think everyone is just tired from the weekend and distracted from being back at work. I think that combined with us still being on a high from our first clear and thinking everything was easier than it actually was.

I was pretty distracted myself. The wife and I went and bought a Wii and Guitar Hero World Tour yesterday and didn’t even have time to test it out before we had to get online for the raid….so we spent all night chomping at the bit to log off.

Guitar Hero is a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. Sasspanz has been telling us about it for a while now. The big push was, Friday when we were out taking the Crib Lizard to the Doctor’s we took him to Toy’s R Us afterwards for a prize. We ended up staying in that store for an hour playing the guitar hero they had on demo ;)

So, we bought it last night. We’d been wanting a Wii for a while anyway. Now the wife is at home practicing to kick my ass at it.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve spent quite a bit of my playtime over the last little bit leveling a guard. I’ve got him up to level 53 now and I just don’t know.

The guard is completely different from the Paladin.

If any of you guards are out there reading this…..

How do you hold aggro in a place like Outer Stronghold where there are tons of mobs pounding on the group? How do you hold aggro on 5 or 6 or 15 unlinked mobs?

With the Pally I have 5 or 6 blue AE’s…with the Guard I have 1….

I am going to continue leveling him for a  bit yet, but as of now the Paladin is winning out in the which tank do I like best race.

Tonight is not a raid night, so if I can tear myself away from Guitar Hero long enough to log in, I’ll fill ya in on the fun tomorrow ;)



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