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Twinkies are filling. February 4, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Well, another slow night last night. It appears to be a common theme amongst game blogs recently ;)

First, when I got home, I created my Guitar Hero band! McMad and the Battleseekers has been born. I rocked through the first few sets and made a ton of money and made my wife jealous because I rock harder than she does.

I then tried to venture off the easy setting to medium and was quickly reminded that I suck.

Crestfallen about my lack of a future as a Rock Star, I logged into EQ2. Sasspanz wanted to play alts, so we did! It was actually fun and I got my guardian to 55. We ran the instances inside Klakanon, I forget what it is called now but it’s a lot of fun. We then ran some of the new TSO zones mentored with was fun too. I tanked on the new guardian and spent most of my time complaining about not holding aggro to our 71 monk that was mentored.

I know it wasn’t a big deal to him but holding aggro is so ingrained in my skull that it’s frustrating to lose it even in a twinkie/alt group. Then I realized that I didn’t have my deaggro thing on him and it was much easier after that.

We cleared Deep Forge after a few deaths then headed over to the Anathema. We were not able to kill the big golem abominable guy though. It reminded me very much of Second String before we got our mains to the level they are at now. It was kind of fun to get our ass kicked but I hope our little group of alts can grow into something similar to what our mains are now. I don’t know though ;)

I love playing McMad, but I am not sure I love playing a guardian. I have not found a solution to my dilemma yet.

Tonight is a raid night and we are slotted to give Palace of the Ancient One our first go. I’ll fill ya in tomorrow!



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