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Pimp my Pally! February 6, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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So, the update hit yesterday!

There’s a couple of changes that are cool, and I couple I am not sure I really care for ;)

I love the new character animation for gathering. The old ‘bend over at the waist, hands splayed’ gather animation had always bugged me. I love this new kneel and gather movement.

My bear mount casts spells along with me now. It’s annoying to be bouncing around even more in combat when I’m mounted. I guess I understand the reasoning behind it as the bear mount does add to my casting speed, but it’s just weird to see my mount casting his own spells. I will get used to it though. Hell, I might even start liking it, I didn’t really pay a ton of attention to it as I was on the pally most of the night, but some of his animations looked cool. The ‘call’ animation weirded me out though.

The biggest change for me was the heirloom tag. The first thing I noticed was that now I could pass my Void Shards over to my alts…..so I immediately logged over to my Pally, Saynt.

150 shards later…and he’s a completely new tank. He’s now sporting a complete set of T2 shard gear, well minus the boots as I prefer to wear the boots I got out of AoB for tanking. I still need to buy him the cloak/earring/ring combo for the shield block but I was 5 shards shy of getting the complete T2 set AND the jewelry and I want all the jewelry at once, because….well just because.

We then formed up a Second String alt run with me tanking, Anep on his 74 Inquisitor, Sinnir on her 77 Assassin, Snappe (he doesn’t do alts really), Rhesus (also no alt) and Aeyanna our up-and-coming Troub and headed over to Befallen: Caverns of the Afflicted to test out my new gear. It actually went pretty well and I am happy with my purchases. No buyers remorse yet ;)

This officially kills my stint with the guardian, at least for now. I will revisit him later on when I am feeling like I need to pay penance by punishing myself.

Second String went on to run Mystmyr, yesterday’s Daily Double, but I passed on my spot to let Aeyanna get a little more XP. I stayed on my pally and spent the next two hours at the barber. I’m such a chick. I still don’t have his looks exactly what I want but I woke up this morning knowing what I wanted to do so I’ll change it when I get home.

Tonight we are heading back to finish up VP and I think there’s another zone on the schedule too. I’m getting a little frustrated with Castillion not being able to win any raid loot. I just have no luck on the rolls. These are the times I miss having a DKP system, but our guild as a whole prefers NBG /ran 1000. It’s not a huge issue for me as it is, ultimately, just gear but as a regular raider I’d like to get some raid gear too :p

I apologize for missing a couple of days posting this week and the lack of real meaty updates here but I have just been slammed and have had no time. I am hoping next week I’ll be back to my usual wordy self. I guess some others already think I talk too much as is ;)

P.S. – I spent so much time and shards yesterday working on my Pally, SS members suggested the title ;)



1. Kilanna - February 8, 2009

OOOOH – well maybe not quite on the epic scale that you have gone … but I am going to pimp my Pally too. Have about 45 Shards so enough for a full set of T1 gear :)

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