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Numero Uno. (it’s bad when it’s on the dice) February 9, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Fun weekend.

It started out with us finishing out VP on Friday night, then heading over to Tombs of the Mad Crusader. We cleared down to the snake mob in Tombs, and pulled it several times. We didn’t get him down, but it felt good to be trying some new mobs. I feel confident we’ll have him down soon.

We followed that up Saturday with a nice smooth run through Shard of Hate.

The rest of the weekend I pretty much spend tooling around on Saynt powerleveling Sinnir’s wizard.

I did manage to get into a Pick Up Group or two as Saynt and had a great time. I used to love running p.u.g.s and, while I’ve had my share of bad ones, I’ve met some great people throughout the years. I may actually try to get into a few p.u.g.s a week just to keep things fresh for me.

Second String closed up the weekend with me tanking RE2. The group started out as me 80 Pally, Anep’s 76 Inq, Taylona’s 80 Dusty Berserker, Sinnir’s 73 Wizard, Snappe 80 Warlock and Sasspanz 80 Assassin. It took forever and I manged to kill us quite a bit. I felt pretty badly actually that it went so horribly horribly wrong. Tay eventually swapped out his Berserker for his fury and it went a little better in between me pulling way too much shit and killing us all.

It was fun though.

Tonight I think we are scheduled for another TSO raid. The last raid I rolled for loot on I got a 1. Wish me better luck than that ;)



1. Snappe - February 9, 2009


2. Kilanna - February 9, 2009

GL and OMG dont feel bad about RE2.

The mobs in their hit DARN hard for a poor 76 Inq to keep you up. Even Killy – my main – could never have solo healed that zone when it first came out. I still remember how good it felt the first time I solo healed the entire zone including Slamhammer.

3. Kilanna - February 9, 2009

Hrms… that last comment sounds a bit nasty actually /hugz sorry Anep. What I was really meaning is that the mobs hit darn hard and RE2 is still a good run for a level 80 healer – a super tough gig for when you are at 76.

*sigh* hopefully I didnt just make it worse.

4. castillion - February 10, 2009

OMG KIlanna you are so mean. What did Anep do to you?

I Kid! and I totally agree, we told him not to worry lol, that was asking a lot of him for level 76.

Tay or Sin couldn’t have solo healed it at 76 either.

Especially when the tank just pulls 4 or 5 mobs and says “Keep me alive” :p

5. Sassy - February 10, 2009

hahahahah, it was a funny sight tho =P But I have to give Assnep a lil credit, we did get pretty far with just him healing, but ya its just way too much especially when we were all alts ( except us two youbers, me and Snappe).

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