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Today is..the greatest February 10, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Smashing Pumpkins is stuck in my head, damn you Guitar Hero.

Another exciting night in Norrath!

I logged in (after watching Troy – I know, I know, but it was on and I got interested) and was immediately swooped up on Saynt to go help Taylona’s Bersker, Tallons, with his fabled epic update in Sebilis. We 4-manned down to the labs with me tanking, Elonias kind-of dpsing, Anep healing on his Inquisitor, and Sin dpsing on her wizut, Dejavu.

It was nice to tank Seb again. It had been a while. I spent a lot of time in there on the pally helping out with udpates for other classes, as I had to get 40k Synod Reet faction for my fabled anyway ;)

After that, I had to run off to the raid. Sass and I had signed up to raid the new TSO zones, the rest of SS took the night off from raiding.

We hit Palace of the Ancient one, clearing the trash and the two named before Switchmaster. We then decided to head to Inner Stronghold.

Inner Stronghold is one of (if not the) toughest raid zone in the expansion so I am not sure why we went there. We ended up clearing all the trash and dying to the first named in about 2 seconds. We are nowhere near ready for this place. We have LOTS of gear farming to do before we can hit zones like this.

I know farming isn’t always fun, but it’s necessary.

We followed the raid up with some SS action:

Saynt (me) – 80 Pally
Assnep (Anep) – 77 Inquisitor
Taylona (Taylona) – 80 Fury
Dejavu (Sinnir) – 74 Wizard
Snappe (ass) – 80 Warlock

We decided to half alt 5-man Maidens. With no mezzer. Who’s idea is this?

Well, we did die 3 times to Sandstorm, but managed to clear the zone.

It was fun and reminded me of what it was like when we were just forming up SS. We must have died 30 times to Sandstorm trying to figure out maidens with no mezzer. Honestly, Sandstorm is the whole reason I made Castillion.

I ended up having a great time and it was kind of a nice end to an otherwise blah day.

Tonight? Who knows!



1. Snappe - February 10, 2009

Haha, ass.

2. Sassy - February 10, 2009

lol, sry I logged early but Guitar Hero was calling my name hehehe =P

3. Kilanna - February 10, 2009

We did Maidens without a mezzer on Sunday …

Sandstorm killed us because the adds went strait for Killy as the only healer. How did you go with the triplets?

4. Snappe - February 11, 2009

They used to run in and kill us so fast! Now they run in and just kinda run from person to person until Saynt grabbed agro. Since sandstorm goes invulnerable, I just started nuking them to try and get 1 down per stoneskin so we didn’t have 6 or so running around.

That fight has always been a little hit and miss. Random factors such as him stoneskinning on pull and whatnot.

5. castillion - February 11, 2009

Yeah Sandstorm was the toughie just because we usually got 4 adds before we killed him, and tanking Sand + 4 adds beats my pally up, even if he is uber twink :p

The triplets really didn’t pose a problem for us. Snappe just rooted D and we killed the other two with no issue.

6. Snappe - February 11, 2009

Triplets dropped wood, wtf?

7. Kilanna - February 11, 2009

Yeah they dropped wood for you too??? Bah Not fair cos it still is a nasty fight.

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