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It’s for real this time. February 17, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.

Wow..busy day..

Very busy weekend in EQ2 too!

I had kind of an up and down weekend though. It just seems like it was overly full of people being rude, arrogant assholes for no apparent reason. I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately seems like chat in EQ2 is becoming more WoWified as people think it’s cool to see how much of a jackass you can be to your fellow players in chat. I generally can seperate myself from these types of people so I don’t have to deal with them and let them impact my gaming experience, but this weekend there were just a couple that were unavoidable.

Well, they are avoidable now once again for the most part.

I don’t really remember our raid on Friday, 3 day weekends have a way of ruining your memory. I believe it was Palace of Ferzul followed by some more pulls on the snake in TotMC. I am sure some loot dropped. I am positive I lost all the rolls on the caster gear. I am pretty sure we all had a good time ;)

Saturday, I do remember. I mentioned last week that we were running PR and Thuuga for alt updates and I was hoping to get Saynt in on them. I did get to bring him along, and I also got to MT! I have to say that it went fairly smoothly being my first (and probably only) time to raid MT. Saynt is pretty tough and can certainly take a hit. I had a little trouble in PR holding aggro against one of our main raiders, a mythicaled monk, but I held it really well after she died. In Thuuga, we switched it around so I had a really high DPS ranger in the group, so aggro wasn’t as much of an issue with amends.

The rest of the day Saturday we pretty much spent getting Anep’s new, freshly 80, Inquisitor his fabled epic.

Sunday was spent power-leveling Sinnir’s new wizard alt. We were able to get her to 80. I also tanked a couple of instances and chanter’d a couple more.

Last night, we headed back into Tomb of the Mad Crusader. We cleared the first two mobs with ease and spend some time working on the snake mob. We are just really having issues getting our shit together for that snake. The adds keep eating us up. We’ll get him soon though.

BIG HUGE NEWS: Sinnir won a nice new (albeit ugly as hell) shield in TotMC. OoA what?

We followed the raid by starting Sin’s Wizard’s epic. We should have it completed tonight. That is Sin’s first alt to reach 80, so she can finally say she is part of the cool multiple 80 toon crowd. Although, she’s still behind ;)

There was more I wanted to write about today, but I am running out of time. I’ll try to get it in for tomorrow.

Hasta Manana!



1. Shmooove - February 17, 2009

Just curious – how long is it taking to grind your alts to level 80 with mentoring? I just jumped on the Recruit-A-Friend program and honestly the levels are scorching by. Of course, I am only level 22 so far, but who’s counting? Well I guess I am .. but .. ah nevermind …

2. castillion - February 18, 2009

I’m not sure when Sinnir created her wizard exactly, but I think she had 8 days /played.

We can generally run alts up pretty quickly as we have a good support network. Plus Sinnir boxes my pally while I’m at work to level her alts.

The problem with powerleveling is it puts you behind the curve a little for AA and you have to work to get them up. Sinnir’s wizard had about 120 when she hit 80, so it’s not terrible.

3. Shmooove - February 18, 2009

Yeah 120 is not bad. Right now I am leveling an alt through the Recruit-A-Friend program and he is already 27 with only 15 or so AA’s. I blink and another level goes by. Keeping up with the AA’s will be a challenge unless I get the same bonus modifier after turning off adventure and quest XP.

4. Blavek - February 23, 2009

even w/o mentoring having an 80 on my account seems to make the levels go by. I started an assassin and I think in like 12 15 /played hours he is 25assassin 25 alchemist.. And I am trying to get some recruit a friend bonuses going. Pretty soon I think I will mentor my guard to it and go to town

5. Blavek - February 23, 2009

For the record I hate the snake and if I wasn’t so drunk on friday I may have been able to explain out my alternate strategy the trick is getting people to think outside the box of “that guild did it this way so we have to also”

6. Sinn - February 24, 2009

SS is bad news didnt ya get the memo blavek…./giggle…haha Yea i hate that damn snake too. A lot to it, just a matter of gettin those adds locked really. The snake herself doesnt appear to have a ton of HP.

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