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Pally Non-DPS February 18, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Last night was an offraid night, so we did a little bit of SS grouping.

I started the night off tanking on Saynt, and we kicked it off in Seb to finish up Sin’s new wizard’s fabled epic. Our alts are so spoiled, 80 one day, epic’d the next and usually bags full of gear to put on as well.

We then kept the group:

Saynt – 80 Pally
Dejavu (Sinnir) – 80 Wizard
Azznep (Anep’s Inquisitor, originally Assnep till he got petitioned)
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Taylona – 80 Fury (Tay originally started on his 75 monk, but our group was just not good enough to make it like that)

We started with an OoA 5 man. The zone went well, albeit slower than usual. We can 3 man OoA with the mains faster than we can 5 man it with the alts. No drops worth mentioning but it was fun.

We then decided to 5 man Anchor of Bazzul. We pulled it off, but Tay had to swap from his monk to his fury for us to get through it. Sinnir won the fabled caster hat from AoB. It’s an awesome hat and probably top 3 pieces for that slot. She’s such a freakin’ twink!

I am having a lot of fun tanking, but I’ve got some frustration mixed in as well. Saynt can pretty much tank anything the game throws at him. He’s geared and built like a…well…like a Sherman Tank. I struggle somewhat with aggro with mythical’d players, but I generally do ok there if my amends target is paying attention (that’s a bone of contention that will be fixed with gu51 I am hoping). Sin died a few times on her wizard last night and I lost aggro to Sass a few times as well but, generally, hate is ok. So, I can take a hit and I can hold aggro decently well….but…my DPS on Saynt is shit.

Now, generally I don’t care too much about my DPS if I am holding aggro, but my best parse is not 1/2 of what Anep can parse without really trying. It’s a pain because one of the primary reasons we can not do the same zones with me tanking is because I cannot tank and DPS like Anep does. Now, I know that he has 40 more AAs than I do, and he has his mythical and I don’t, but he parsed well before all of that. I just don’t have a clear idea of what I can do to up his parse without giving up so much of the tank gear I have.

I need to fix it though. Until I do, I don’t consider myself much of a tank. I know pallies can’t parse like SKs, and we are the lowest parsing tanks really of all, but damn I know I can do better. I just don’t know how yet. I think there’s a couple of pieces of gear I can swap out for more DPS without losing too much tanking stats.

I know getting Saynt his myth will help a little too.

I just need to figure out what it is so I can stop being frustrated.

I’m also jealous of the group Anep has, 80 Coercer/80 Assassin/80 Templar/80 Fury/80 Warlock all mythical’d. I wish I had that group to tank for :p

What a bastard!

We swapped over to our mains for a quick run at the Crucible.  It was fast and fun but no loot worth mentioning. Especially the Shard of the Codexicon that Anep stole from me last time we ran the zone.  That didn’t drop.

I hate you Anep.




1. Loredena - February 18, 2009

Is he tanking in offensive stance? If so — expect his parse to drop. I have both an SK and a Pally, and the SK flat-out does more damage, no question, even when tanking. The pally is harder to kill though.

I built my guardian to tank, my husband built his monk to dps (we trio with the two of us and his fury). We went to test_copy and did some parses and let me just say which stance you are in makes a tremendous different to DPS, and it WILL matter with the taunt changes.

2. castillion - February 18, 2009

Well currently we both can tank in offensive stance.

He blows my DPS way out of the water in both stances.

I agree that my pally might be -slightly- harder to kill as far as incoming damage…but the SK has bloodletter and pools of blood. Bloodletter is a completely awesome ability, and well Pools of Blood, which gives you a couple K more negative health, is pretty awesome too.

I don’t think LoH offsets those really haha. I know Pally Divine Favor is getting a boost on test, but I don’t know what it is exactly yet.

So you have an SK, a Pally and a Guardian? I tried the Guardian but one blue AE was just…just…bleh. I definitely find crusader more ‘fun’.

Do guardians get more fun after level 60? (The highest I have gotten a guardian yet).

3. Loredena - February 18, 2009

I never tank in offensive — it hadn’t occurred to me to try due to how we were grouping (my husband’s monk is in offensive, and built for dps). I did try it out after the changes were announced to see the difference — it was surprising that I could still hold aggro without much trouble (and my dps did go up), but I decided not to change since it would just form a habit I’ll have to break in the future.

I started with the Guardian (77) and I love her — 1hander and shield tanking fits my image of Loredena (that’s what she was in EQ1 as well) and I focus on AAs that improve her ability to tank. I built her knowing I was building her to take damage, not deal it — that’s what the monk and the fury are for!

I enjoy tanking — I don’t particularly care for raiding (too time intensive and too much like herding cats) but, well, I admit I *like* being the tank, and being good at it matters to me, so it is tempting to try to be a raid tank just to see how I would do :p I don’t mind having only one blue AOE — in fact, early on when we were spending a lot of time in dungeons I didn’t use it much because we’d get so many adds, so I’m used to just using it to grab aggro on adds or to complete an HO.

Now, my paladin is 57 and my SK is only 41 so harder to compare — I don’t think the SK has some of the cooler abilities yet. I play them as using 2handers, and the SK took the maximize-healing AA line (as originally she was duoing with a scout). The paladin actually solos a lot, so I try to keep her fairly balanced. They do both use their AOEs a lot more than Lore ever did, and I admit it is fun :)

To me the guardian is just as much fun though in a different way , but that may be because I have a character for whom the guardian is just the ‘right’ fit — she and the paladin both live in other worlds too, and their current class matches quite well to their personalities and backgrounds.

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