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SOE Fanboy February 18, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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I have had a couple of opportunities to interact with SOE Customer Service over the past week. I have to say, I had excellent experiences both times. I don’t want to sound too much like an SOE Fanboy as, well, it was their fault I had to deal with their Customer Service in the first place, but damn it, their CS force was awesome and I have to give credit where credit is due.

First, I wrote earlier last week that I was thinking of signing up for a 3rd account finally so I could reap the rewards of the Refer-a-Friend promotion. I did sign up.

I followed all their directions. I signed up on my main account. I then waited on the email for my alt account. When I got the email, I clicked the link and followed the directions there to activate the third account. The third account received its rewards, but the status on the link page for my main account just said “invite sent” and my main account never received the mount or other rewards.

So, I called SOE. I got a very friendly CS person who took a look at my accounts. Since it was a new promotion, he also got his manager involved. They told me that it could take up to 30 days before I would see my rewards. Now, I didn’t believe this because A.) there were already mounts in game and B.) the status of my main account never updated past ‘invite sent’ but I let it go figuring I would give it a week or so then call back.

However, the CS person followed up after we had ended our call and found he was mistaken and I should receive the mounts immediately after my payment for the alt account clears my bank. He then sent me an email as a follow up letting me know his initial advice was wrong and I should call back in. That.is.awesome. He could have totally let it go and passed the buck off the the next CS person I talked to the next time I called in. I would have been none the wiser. He didn’t have to follow up on the issue or follow up with me but I am glad he did.

So, I called back in and got a new CS person to talk to. Again, I got a very professional and polite CS person. I could also understand him as SOE has not offshored their CS department. He initially gave me the “wait 30 days” line (again given to him by his manager) until I explained to him my previous situation and that CS person’s comment, that there were already mounts in the game, and that my main account does not seem to be updating status. He then took complete ownership of my issue. He researched it, checked my accounts and found that the two accounts were not linked. So, I had to cancel the initial account (which he requested a refund for immediately), and start a new one. He then sent me a detailed list of steps to follow in order to ensure your accounts are linked correctly. I followed the instructions and Saynt is sporting a shiny new mount now.

I just could not beleive the guy’s professionalism and his willingness to help me track my issue. Now, SOE really screwed up the refer-a-freind program. The process has misleading links, has to be done a certain way with no indication that you might be doing something wrong, and it seems the sun and moon have to align in order to get the accounts linked. However, for those of you that want the new mount as well, here’s the instructions you should follow to make sure your accounts are properly linked:

Recruit a friend step by step instructions

Later in the week, I mentioned that I tanked PR for Saynt’s myth update. Well, when we killed Imzok’s Revenge, his corpse fell in the wall and was not lootable. All of us that needed updates petitioned and I received a response the next day stating that the GM had reviewed the instance, saw where we had killed Imzok, saw that the corpse had remained unlooted and concluded it had fallen in the wall and updated my myth quest.

In both instances SOE’s response was prompt, professional and satisfying. Every company will have issues occasionally, I am very happy with the team SOE has employed to handle theirs.



1. Snappe - February 18, 2009


($cs == ‘good’) ? ‘I am happy’ : ‘/tears in my eyes’;

2. castillion - February 18, 2009

I don’t know what that means. I am assuming it means something like “If CS is good, then I am happy, else /tears in my eyes”.

Young Whippersnappers.

3. Kilanna - February 18, 2009

You know I could not agree more.

I have had a couple of issues myself – and the responses have been prompt, helful, and right on target at resolving the issue.

Credit where credit is due!!

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