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Don’t care how, I want it now! February 19, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Started off the night last night with Stormraven bugging me right off the bat. He’s so needy! I still <3 him though.

He needed a 6th to fill out his group to give King Vroak Vripp in Lower Corridors a go. It was left over from the previous night. He had the nerve to say to me “bring some DPS miracles, we need it on this fight.”

I said to him, “Don’t ever speak to me like that again. Ever. I’ve got your DPS miracles. I’ve got them right here, buddy.” I’m kidding. I would never talk to my PLP like that. I simply said, “I am a DPS miracle. My blessings are upon you.”

A couple of pulls later and the King was Dead. I will always remember him before the jumpsuits and Vegas. He dropped a very nice caster necklace, the White Gold Necklace. I passed on it to the illusionist in the group as I have the choker. I really wanted it though as back up but there’s always next time.

After that it was raid time. We were hitting Palace of the Ancient One again. We breezed through the first event pretty easily and gave the Switchmaster a few pulls. We are getting closer but I think he may be just a little ways off yet. It was a fun learning event though and we are pushing the 100k raid parse watermark, spiking up to 98k I think once. I know the 100k mark is old hat for many guilds out there, but it’s going to be a great accomplishment for us.

That was our last active event for the night. We ended up staying on pretty late though, dealing with some BS drama. I don’t want to get into it all here yet, but I think you guys have probably felt me hinting at it the past week or so. I may get into it more later, but for now I will say there are a couple of SS haters running around.

I know I am about to come off as an egotistical prick, but I don’t mean to. I realize that we, as Second String, have a very nice set up having a set group everyday and being able to accomplish the things that we’ve accomplished. Some people will see a set up like ours and think to themselves “that’s a nice setup, I want to build something like that” and they will do as we did. They will make friends, they will make schedules, and they will reroll to appropriate classes if necessary.

Others will look at a set up like ours and say, “I deserve that too. I know I haven’t put the same amount of work in, or made the same type of sacrifices, but damn it I am entitled. I WANT IT NOWWW.” The Veruca Salt syndrome. (Oh yeah, I just dropped some Willy Wonka on your asses). These are the people that, instead of celebrating the success of others, begrudge them their successes.

There’s a storm a’brewin. Hold on to the elevator, we are going all the way to the top.

I want the world
I want the whole world
I want to lock it all up in my pocket
It’s my bar of chocolate
Give it to me



1. Loredena - February 19, 2009

I had weekly set groups in EQ, for pretty much the entire time I played. Since they were once a week, for a long time we were enough lower than the bulk of the guild that it didn’t raise eyebrows very often, but there were times were someone leveling an alt would see us on and want in on the group. It’s always a bit awkward, but unless someone happened to be MIA that day, no, we really didn’t need/want another. (Both groups started at level 5 — by the time we quit the two groups had merged into one main group, ranging from 60-65).

2. castillion - February 19, 2009

That’s pretty much how we operate in every game we play. We make a little circle of friends that play at the same time we do and who’s company we enjoy, and we hang out and have fun.

This kind of drama is not new, in fact, it very very old ;)

But yeah it’s a little weird when you know someone is going to be on late and you pick up a 6th person to fill it out, then after that zone they are all like “Hey want to do something else?” and we know we have to pick up the 6th SS person for the next instance.

That’s why we usually end up doing things with less than a full group. It’s to avoid that sometimes awkward situation..

3. Loredena - February 19, 2009

It didn’t end up working that way in EQ2, I mostly duo with my husband and occasionally a guildmate joins us, which is too bad as I miss the steady group. But, the (real life) friends we grouped with in EQ got us to go back to WoW for over a year by promising a steady weekly group. It was fun during the leveling phase — at least up until we got into shouting range of Burning Crusade and they went into a leveling kick for the gear upgrades, and we didn’t. Looking back on it, I’m actually amazed we kept a weekly group going for close to 6 years — hard to imagine doing it again!

I do enjoy reading about your group, and some of the other weekly groups out there :)

4. Good times, Bad times « … and my boy Earl said “Shmooove” … - February 20, 2009

[…] I rarely get to group with anymore. He has one of those “nightly group setups” that people seem to hate so much now a days. Man … those people really are bastards for having fun and suceeding in the game – […]

5. Kilanna - February 22, 2009

You raise an issue which has been close to my heart for a while.

For a year and a half I have had pretty much the same group of friends to hang out with in game. We have similar play times, a good set up of characters, and enjoy each others company a whole lot. There is the added complication that over time we have all become officers in the guild.

I have been made to feel like I need to apologise that I have developed a circle of friends, and I have been made to feel like I am not worthy as an officer in the guild because of it.

It is not my fault if we have already grouped up and started doing things an hour before other people log in, or once most other people are already out in instances. As an officer (read guildmate) it is my place to help people feel settled in the guild, but it is not my responsibility to make their fun for them.

Grrr for people with their heads stuck up their own asses spoiling your game time.

6. Sinn - February 23, 2009

yea i hate that feeling Kilanna, i went through that in our last guild :( Although to be honest I was never “truelly” happy there. Was a great atmosphere but when I got down to it i didnt feel my fellow leaders shared the same passion for the game as I did. My only salvation was my bestfriends and regular groupies we now call “Second String.”
We all pay for the game out of our own pockets, and the way i feel about it, you pay the bill and ill play for you but until then suck it up buttercup :P lol !
I look up to people that take the initiative to do things for themselves and strive to improve everyday, rather than park their azzes in the guild hall spamming guild chat with mindless chatter or not grouping and being bored. If only they would exert that energy in a positivive way, think of what they could accomplish. Heck even when SS is offline, im working quests (solo), crafting, researching new and exciting loots/quests.
Everyone can do the same as we do, many are just too damn lazy to do it, or just soo frickin negative they drive everyone away.

7. Shmooove - February 23, 2009

Tricky situation when you have a group of people who regularly grouped together turn into the leaders of a guild, Kilanna. My last guild was very much like that and from the outside, it could indeed appear that those leaders were snobbing everyone else. Now I personally play my own game, PUG when I can, and make changes that are within my power, but I have seen other friends and/or guildies take offense to those leaders not helping out newer members or go out of their way to promote what, _in their opinion_, should be a “fair and equitable” membership. C’est la vie, I suppose. It is just a freaking game – stop all the drama and PLAY it or LEAVE it. Simple equation in my mind.

Oh and to you SS peeps – heard a bit about your issues the other night. Hope it all works out for the better. In the meantime – *enjoy yourselves*!

8. Kilanna - February 24, 2009

I hear you Shmooove – but the boys and I are always the first to help if anyone needs it – Heck Killy was one of the last in guild to get her fabled Epic since she was helping everyone else get theirs.

We never snob anyone and never exclude. We make a point of grouping up with and helping guildmates. I pay my sub – I am not going to apologise for how I enjoy my game time – It is OK for me to want to do something for me too sometimes eh!

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