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Valdoartus Varsoon must die. February 24, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Busy days, the past few days, both in game and out.

We did a little TSO raiding on Friday and gave the snake in Tombs a few more goes. I’d like to kill that thing soon. I lost on the eye mounted ring again but I’ll get that damn thing one of these days. I still have yet to win one piece of raid gear. One piece. One.piece. It has to change soon, it has to!

Saturday, we ran all the T1 zones and Kor-Sha to get updates for people who don’t raid as much and for alts. Anep and Sinnir both managed to get alt mythical updates, Anep for his Inquisitor and Sinnir for her wizard. This means we should get 3 SS alt mythicals this week, Azznep 80 Inquisitor and alt of Anep, Dejavu 80 Wizard and alt of Sinnir, and my pally Saynt.

I am certainly looking forward to getting Saynt his mythical and seeing how different tanking is with it. He’s pretty much super twink at this point, which makes me happy as he was my main for so long.

Saturday and Sunday, Second String decided to stop slacking and continue progressing our mains. This means killing Varsoon as he is the only thing left in TSO that we have not killed. I am not going to write up a strat for Varsoon as there is already a great strategy for him on eq2.wikia.

We managed to kill Varsoon in all three of the rooms, unfortunately we didn’t do them in the same pull :p So..we still haven’t beaten the encounter yet. The plan is to go back into Palace of Ferzhul tonight and kick his ass. I really want to finish the TSO signature quest for the reward and I am hoping to have that tonight. We basically have the strats down for all three rooms, it’s just learning the order of the rooms that is best for our group, and pulling it together into one pull.

Plus, there are still a few pieces that we ALL want from Palace, so clearing it every couple of days is a good idea. I manage to pick up another nice piece this week, the Bangle of Portals, so that’s two pieces I wanted out of there. I would like the robe, the base damage ring and the greater void bane wrist out of there still.

Wish us luck!



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