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Bring repair kits next time. March 2, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.

Nice relaxed weekend this weekend.

It started off with a run through VP on Friday night. Anep was able to get his Inquisitor his Mythical and I was able to get Saynt’s as I mentioned last post. VP is still a challenge for us, but it’s getting much easier. We are taking longer to clear than we probably should, but I am honestly not the type of person to ever be in a rush through zones, so that’s fine with me ;) I think some of my guildmates are getting the itch to give Trakanon a punchintheface so, we may pull him tonight if the remaining mobs in VP go smoothly.

Saturday, we raided Tomb of the Mad Crusader (first two mobs only) and cleared Palace of the Ancient One of trash, in anticipation of doing the named this week I am assuming. Our regular MT was not able to raid this weekend, so we took it a little easier than normal.

I spent most of the rest of the day Saturday helping Aeyanna with his fabled epic updates. We got him up to his harvesting step. I know he finished that up Saturday night so I’m hoping the rest of SS was able to get him his epic on Sunday.

Saturday night found me tanking for our alts and lower level friends. The group was:

Saynt – 80 Pally
Dejavu (Sinnir) – 80 Wizard
Azznep (Anep) – 80 Inquisitor
Zelrina (Sass) – 70 Illusionist
Graybone – 70 Defiler
Danniel (Taylona) – 76 Monk

We ran Vaults of Eternal Sleep, Maiden’s Chamber and Chelsith. I managed to get them killed A LOT, LOT, LOT. Chelsith was especially rough, it seems like every other mob would AoE or Frontal and kill the lower levels, combine that with the Leviathor’s all having a massive AE and the poor sub-80s were dying over and over and over. (and over). They still managed to come out way ahead in XP and AA though, as well as a couple of pieces of nice loot. I have to say, Sass did an excellent job mezzing and keeping mana up. Castillion may be out of a job soon :p

I did feel really badly that I killed them so much. I think it was a combination of me tanking badly and them following a little to closely on the pulls. I would tell them to wait for pull, pull a mob turn around, and WHAM there they were, frontals killing them. I felt horribly by the end of the night. It was a little easier to bear since they all made at least one level and 4 or 5 AA, but still ;)

My DPS on Saynt is still much too low. I was expecting to see a nice increase in parse from the Mythical but it didn’t really show up last night. I don’t know if it was the group setup or what, but it was still awfully low. I know it’s not totally a gear issue, I am just not playing him the right way to maximize DPS. I have my casting order set to what I think is good for tanking (spacing out stuns, heals and threat) but I don’t think it’s doing my DPS justice. I’ll have to review this.

Sunday, Sinn and I took the night off the game and nerded out watching Lord of the Rings and playing Scrabble and Wii bowling (I totally owned face).

Tonight, back into VP to finish it up then, who knows!



1. Sassy - March 2, 2009

LOL, most of the time when i was killed it was my own fault anyways. I’m used to being an ass being right up front ready to poke the mob in th butt =P

2. Sassy - March 2, 2009

oh ya, and we got Aeyanna his epic last night, YAY! Gratz Aeyanna =)

3. Aeyanna - March 3, 2009

Yay, Gratz Me = ) But yeah thanks for all the help. I did actually finish harvesting Sunday morning though.

4. Sinn - March 3, 2009

YAY E! Woohoo!! And saynt did just fine tanking. Chelsith isnt the easiest of zones without the proper AE Blocker (hahahahaha) and being lvl 80! SO after all was said and done i think it was a great run. Assnep is gettin pretty good at the healing thing, now to get him to betray to a templar /scheme!


5. Kilanna - March 3, 2009

I like your thinking Sinn :p It is ALLLL about the Templar!!

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