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Newb Exploitation March 4, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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We had a pretty productive night last night with instance runs. The plan was to knock out a few updates for Taylona and Sasspanz to advance thier TSO Signature  quest.

We started off with an alt group run through Ravenscale Repository. The group was:

Saynt – 80 Paladin
Azznep – 80 Inquisitor
Dejavu – 80 Wizard
Elonias – 80 Wizard
Seeb – 79 Brigand
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Seeb before, but he is real life friends with Anep and Rhesus and therefore has been an honorary member of Second String because of the Friends & Family rule. Seeb is relatively new to the high level portion of EQ2 and the brigand is his highest level character.

This is not really the ideal set up for Ravenscale with no power regen, no crowd control, a single healer, and most of the group being alts. We decided to try to push through anyway and did fairly well with a few deaths until we got to T’Lon the Powermonger. We just could not beat him with that group set up. We got him to 10% with Sinnir swapping to her templar and Anep swapping to his dirge, but we were short on time so Anep, Sinnir and I all got on our mains and blew him up.

I’m pretty happy with Saynt’s tanking ability currently. Of course, there’s a whole new set of toys he will have to have once GU51 and the new shard armor hits. The loot treadmill never ends ;) It’s really tough to keep two characters current.

We decided to follow Ravenscale up with the Crucible, followed by Korsha: Atrebe’s Laboratory and Veksar. They all went pretty smoothly, although my belt didn’t drop.

We did have one notable event with Atrebe’s Laboratory on the last named, Ka’El Ka’Vrish. Occassionally, Ka’el will say he is summoning his weapons. The idea is to get the hell away from him when he summons his weapons, otherwise they make you dead, fast. Of course, we told Seeb that when he says he is summoning his weapons it is HIGHLY IMPORTANT that he is debuffed at that time, otherwise he continually heals to full. I know, we are evil. It was funny to watch Seeb run in and die in about two seconds then have us explain to him how important it is to get that debuff on him in vent. Then have Sasspanz “show him how to do it”.

This talk actually went on for some time after we killed the named until I finally broke down and told Seeb the truth. Yeah, we were just kidding about that whole debuff thing.

Good times, good times. Welcome to SS Seeb and grats on 80 ;)



1. Aeyanna - March 4, 2009

Lol, Seeb has been initiated, and Woohoo on his hitting 80 will have to remember to congratulate him.

2. Sinn - March 5, 2009

WOOT Welcome to SS Seeb, its official now! You’ve earned your death stars! muahahahah :) Grats on 80 now lets get that epic!!

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