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One is the loneliest number (but two sucks too) March 9, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Sorry for the lack of update Friday. Mini-Castillion went in for surgery so that was foremost on my mind.

It was a good weekend in-game. I missed Friday’s raid obviously, but Saturday we raided Shard of Hate. The Hood of Dark Dealings dropped and I rolled a 2. I am paying large amounts of plat for new dice. I might even throw in a Mini-Castillion rental, he can be a founding member of the FPFA, or Future Plat Farmers of America.

Anep was out of town, so that left me tanking all weekend. Saturday we ran quite a few zones and they all went pretty smoothly, Anathema, Caverns of the Afflicted, Halls of the Forsaken (the DD), Deep Forge, a couple of other zones that I don’t remember now. We ended up with a lot of shards in our bank, but we were all pretty tired by the end of the night. I was fairly pleased with my performance tanking but I am still concerned with my DPS.

Last night, we ran RE2 with me tanking and Azznep solo healing. It was tougher than all of the TSO instances we had run the previous night ;) I don’t know what it was, but it took forever. We finished it though.

I think I am just going to have to bug one of the other Paladins I know on the server to figure out if my parse is ok, or if I just suck. Hopefully someone will be able to either A.) reassure me that I am ok or B.) help me stop sucking.

We raid again tonight, I’m not sure what the target is yet, but I’m sure we’ll have fun! (I’m trying to be more positive, after all eventually I will win something, even if it’s by default).

I am hoping that SS can put in some time on our mains this week. I want to hit Palace and just have some good times burning through content.

I hear rumblings that gu51 may be released this week, that’ll be even more content to keep us busy.



1. Sinn - March 9, 2009

FPFA hahahaha…as long as i get my cut we’re good!

2. Kilanna - March 9, 2009

Hope Mini Castillion is OK.

3. castillion - March 10, 2009

Yes, he’s recovering very well. Tough little booger :p

4. rao - March 10, 2009

I feel your pain on the dice. Mine suck too.

Happy to hear Mini is doing well.

5. Grump - March 10, 2009

Rune Etched Helm (and Hood are both) rare and extremely elusive and I have lost my rolls on REH each time. We’ve seen two of each REH and HoDD since SoH was released, our guild runs an alt raid and a main raid completely through on the same day once a week to increase our chances on REH and other nifty items in the zone that are not replaceable.

If I see another Marrow’s song or that stupid bow I’m gonna flip.

6. castillion - March 10, 2009

All we ever see is the bow or that useless range item lol. We’ve NEVER seen a Marrow’s song and our bards are sad bards ;)

That was the only second time I have seen HoDD drop. We’ve seen REH a few times and I believe Sinnir has it. I know she has the gloves.

7. Kilanna - March 10, 2009

Oh wowz should I be happy that my girl has both the REH and gloves then? Are they really THAT rare??

We had HoDD drop last night and our coercer won YAY!

Our bards DESPERATELY want Marrows song

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