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Busy Busy March 11, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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I had a pretty relaxing night last night.

The plan was to advance Taylona and Sasspanz’s TSO Signature quest to the point where they need Varsoon, so when we kill him again they complete the quest. That meant running OoA and AoB, I sat out while Anep, Sasspanz, Taylona, Dejavu (Sinnir), Tarsir (Rhesus) and Seeb ran the zones.

Graybone, an old old friend…as in we went to Kindergarten -> High School and eventually college together, then ended up both playing EQ1, was online. His main is a level 72 defiler so I logged on Saynt and took him to Karnor’s Castle to kill some named and get him some XP. It was a good time and a nice change of pace.

We all decided to head to the Crucible again after they finished up the updates. We run this zone pretty often as there still gear there we all need, but I still don’t mind running it. It’s just one of those zones that hasn’t lost it’s luster for me yet. I think it’s the staircase that erupts from the floor. It’s just so cool.

The rest of the week is shaping up to be pretty busy in-game. Tonight is a raid night and I believe we are doing some backflagging/epic updates then heading to SoH to give the Maestro a few pulls. Thursday, SS has scheduled Palace of Ferzhul to kill Varsoon for everyone’s updates and hopefully some good loot. We’ve arranged to have one of the guild conjurers, and one of the top parsers, to fill in for Snappe as Snappe is on sabbatical. He needs Varsoon to complete his TSO signature quest as well, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some nice gear come into the guild on Thursday. Varsoon is a tough nut to crack, so just because we’ve killed him before doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. ;) I don’t want to take it for granted quite yet.

Should be fun!



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