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Back to our regularly scheduled programming March 18, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Ok, whew, what a busy couple of days but I managed to squeeze in some time in Norrath.

Monday night was our regularly scheduled raid night and we found ourselves back in Tomb of the Mad Crusader for some snake hunting. The fight went well and Thet-em-aua died again. We moved over to Palace of the Ancient One to give the Switchmaster some work and made some good progress. I do believe he’ll be the next raid mob falling to us.

So, it was late after the raid, but Second String decided to run Ravenscale Repository to do a fast kill of only the last named as Anep needed the TSO signature quest update on his dirge, Worknemangel. That means I was tanking. No worries, I’ve tanked him before, in and out, easy peasy. Oh yeah, and there was only 5 of us, still, should be fast right?

It wasn’t. T’Lon is a hard mob to 5 man without our main group. So, we skipped him and moved over to the big guy. The big guy that AE’s at 20%..that guy. Now we HAVE 5 manned him before with me tanking. Should be easy right?

Well, it wasn’t. We did eventually kill him but SOE really screwed us on this event and made it nearly impossible to beat. How you ask? I’ll tell you. A shiny spawned right next to the named mob. Sasspanz killed us twice trying to get it before we were buffed for the mob, and we died once laughing at her for it. I really, really, really, think Sasspanz has a real problem with shiny addiction. Not even shinies alone, if there’s anything clicky in her field of vision she must click on it before she can do anything else.

It’s a sickness that needs to be addressed. Please, for the rest of us, donate to Shinyholics Anonymous, you can send all donations to me. I promise to use it to buy booze.

Last night, we ran alts through Korsha and Atrebe’s laboratory for TSO updates. We made poor Taylona dust off his berserker and tank Veksar. It was fun, and I actually had to mez!

SOE is currently running promotion for Legends of Norrath where, simply for logging in, you can claim one free loot card per day for the next five days. It’s a great little promotion that you can get some cool illusions and items from. Unbelievably, someone was complaining in chat that had to log in to get the rewards. I swear, if money fell from the sky, some people would complain that their hands weren’t big enough.

Tonight we are back in VP to clear up the remaining mobs. It should be fun!



1. wonker - March 19, 2009

Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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